Published On: Fri, Nov 13th, 2020

The Pfizer vaccine’s meaningless 90% effectiveness, and the circus surrounding it

It’s odd that the announcement of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine efficacy percentage was triggered when 94 test subjects had fallen ill with Covid-19 (at least, as is claimed). It’s odd because it is such a random number.

If the reader is not aware, it appears to be the case that in all of these Covid-19 vaccine trials, whether they be by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, or anyone else, the test subjects are either inoculated or given a placebo (which is not what it seems – a test subject on the Brazilian AstraZeneca trial died after being given a meningitis jab), and then they are all left to their own devices to contract any illness they will, or not, as usual.

Then, when a certain number of people on the trial contract the illness that the vaccine is supposed to prevent, the trial is terminated and a percentage determining the effectiveness of the vaccine is got from the results. The percentage is a ratio of the number of people who got ill and were given the vaccine against the number who got ill and were not.

Evidently, 90% efficacy in this case indicates that no more than 8 of the 94 people who got ill with what is being called Covid-19 were given the vaccine. According to a report from Reuters, Pfizer is going to continue the trial until there have been 164 “Covid-19 cases” in total. If the reader already knows that there were 43,500 test subjects in the Pfizer trial, he would be sure to be astonished and bemused by how the effectiveness of a vaccine can be rated when it evidently makes so little difference to so many people who didn’t and won’t get ill with the illness that is supposed to prevented (such a major point, easy to overlook, is that the claim that a vaccine is intended to stop the spread of a disease is completely undermined when only 0.4% of trial participants need to contract the illness). Apparently, this is par for the course in the production of vaccines, but the Covid-19 vaccine is redundant in a very particular way that puts it on another level of pointlessness, as we shall see.

For the time being, the present question is why did Pfizer announce the vaccine’s efficacy when the trial hadn’t finished, and at such an apparent random moment in its lifetime. A clue to the answer could be the incredible spectacle in which media across the English speaking world has been engaged in a concerted effort to gaslight Joe Biden into the office of the President of the United States. The Pfizer announcement came at about the same time as this operation was at a zenith, with the likes of Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, and Boris Johnson sending congratulations to the “president elect”.

So, the Pfizer announcement could have been a feature of a campaign to shape perception in respect of the effect of a Biden presidency on measures for global social engineering. Compound this with the fact that there is an anti-Trump talking point that accuses him of bungling the American response to Covid-19, it could be that, to create tension heightened beyond anything that has gone before in Trump’s first term, there is a plan afoot to bring another pincer of attack against Trump as President, if and when (as it looks like it will) he is adjudged by courts to have won the election. It can be said of him that he crushed the hope of the Biden salvation. It’s all nonsense, of course. And a Trump presidency would not make any difference. But there would be a perception that he is a blocker of returning to normal, and in this way he would inspire more contemptuous hatred, and then a reaction to it from his supporters on the other side.

The splitting of people into two frenetic camps that loathe each other is divide and conquer fundamentals. And it has been recognised here at FBEL before that the controlled schism of the nation – manipulated to the point where it won’t hurt the interests of those who rely on the States remaining unified – through investment of wasted energy and belief in ineffective totems (presidential candidates), is such an effective weapon for US Government that the many false flag mass shootings that there have been are not about gun control, but dividing people violently on the issue. “Americans”, as it was written hereabouts, “have been living in a tyranny for a good many years, and gun ownership has made no difference to its coming on”. So, just as it is the case that the point has been reached where a mass shooting in America doesn’t have to be remotely believable, it is also the case that neither does a presidential election. (Of course, even if Biden is installed as president – because the genie bottle has been rubbed hard enough – there’s going to be the same sheer division, exacerbated by the belief on one side that Biden is a fraud).

As a supplement to the main effect, and further disruption, of a Trump win, and with his claiming credit for the Pfizer development (it was made on Trump’s watch), the chaos that we are seeing now could be a way of building acceptance of a vaccine in people who would be more likely to reject it. Fanaticism for Trump, with entire personalities subsumed by determination to see him installed as President, are bound to create an automatic loyalty for Trump’s vaccine versus Biden’s. So, the vaccine would be bad if it was Biden’s, but good if Trump was the man in the White House – and the author has seen a bit of this already in the most popular anti-lockdown (fringe corporate and definitely controlled) media in the UK.

All of the above doesn’t rule out that the premature Pfizer announcement could be related to the fact that the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, sold 62% of his stock in the company after the announcement, at a time when Pfizer stocks had climbed by 16%. The stock market was evidently already buoyed by the projection of Joe Biden as President, so it could just boil down to plain old criminal tendency.

The one sure thing that is known is that the announcement of the efficacy rate was done for the effect, and this would be completely in keeping with the fact – and it is a fact – that a Covid-19 vaccine, whoever is making it, is pointless. It is for the show in itself, because it can’t prevent Covid-19 – and it isn’t meant to. We’ve already brushed against the subject of 99.8% of Pfizer trial subjects not contracting an illness being called Covid-19, and thus been introduced to the idea that the Pfizer trial merely confirms Covid-19 vaccine redundancy. But there is a lot more to it.

Not so long ago, John Rappoport happened across and reported a New York Times opinion piece by the associate editor of the medical journal, BMJ, and a research professor of molecular medicine, that was discussing the protocol of the Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine trials. It was said – and this is indirectly from the original article – “a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death”. Rappoport duly noted that there is no need for a vaccine that reduces mild cases. The reader should also refer to the FBEL article, UK Government’s pointless Covid-19 vaccine; the ultimate in vaccination for the sake of being vaccinated.

Of course, anyone knowing what has been rooted out at this site would also understand why success of a vaccine would be determined in the way revealed by the eminent Times opinion piece writers. Mild cases of Covid-19 are not Covid-19. They are other things, misdiagnosed. They are cold, flu – perhaps even anxiety. In that case, the “Covid-19” vaccine – because now we can put it in quotation marks – might as well be another shot for flu.

Getting Covid-19, the sort that isn’t in quotation marks, is an on-or-off affair: there is no grey area – it would seem. Contracting Covid-19 depends on the presence of ACE2 in the lung, with SARS-COV evidently delivered to it through the respiratory tracts. This is what has been discovered by the author. If the reader doesn’t know about any of this, it’s because it has been carefully hidden, even by supposed anti-lockdown alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media.

If a host is ripe for the plucking through his ACE2 situation (although how this is the case remains in dispute), then he’ll get a lung condition. If he isn’t, and the vast majority of people are not, then he won’t. The “Covid-19” vaccine, then, would not be expected to stop this full blown, and proper Covid-19. In fact, preventing Covid-19 is an entirely different kettle of fish than one involving a vaccine, and the reader will be able to find lots on the internet about ways that researchers suggest there could be medicine to prevent SARS-COV from binding with ACE2. Ultimately, all this means that in a healthy person, who isn’t going to develop the lung condition, and ultimately the pneumonia (and complications from it), the SARS-COV can leisurely be dealt with by the immune system. The virus (let us be lazy and accept this characterisation) can be present, but it won’t do anything. Thus, whether or not a vaccine hurries up an immune response is a moot point.

We will notice, of course, that none of the 94 who were ill in the Pfizer trial have reported as having been hospitalised to deal with the pulmonary fibrosis, and the pneumonia. Ergo, the illness that has been contracted is the sort of “Covid-19” that belongs in quotation marks. Nevertheless, whatever else the illness is, it will have been verified as official Covid-19 by the PCR test, which is now so truly discredited that it is an absolute joke that the legal system, the medical establishment, and mainstream journalism hasn’t got the thing consigned to the trash can. But then, these arms of government are all in on the scam.

We do know a little about some of the Pfizer trial subjects: The Telegraph presented limited case studies after Pfizer made the announcement. One, a man called Bryan, from Georgia – no surname provided – had not had the vaccine, and developed what he said was Covid-19. He didn’t describe the symptoms, which is very convenient, but crucially he did not report having to have been hospitalised. The other two had the vaccine, and both had side effects. Glenn Deshields, a lobbyist from Austin, Texas, felt like he was having “a severe hangover”. Carrie, second name not given – but who works in publishing – from Missouri, said she had experienced “a headache, fever and aches over her body – which were comparable to a flu jab after her first shot, and more severe after the second”.

Incidentally, Bryan took the opportunity to fire off a broadside at the incumbent in the White House:

I’m embarrassed by how the US president has handled the pandemic…

But I’m hopeful now because in addition to the good news with the Pfizer vaccine, we have a new president-elect and I’m sure he won’t ignore scientists, he won’t downplay the virus, he won’t make fun of people wearing masks – so combined I think it’ll save a lot of lives.

If the piece subsequently suggests itself as propaganda, then the author suggests that Bryan, and indeed, as it turns out, his whole family (all of whom recovered) had political Covid-19 – because it was Trump’s fault. On the other hand, the author is willing to believe more reports of headaches as side effects of a “Covid-19” vaccine. Headache was a feature of the side effect that the British AstraZeneca volunteer suffered from – please read about it in the FBEL article, The Oxford-AstraZeneca trial illness: one that only appears to have been caused by the vaccine? This woman, whose case has somewhat been brushed under the carpet, ultimately suffered from transverse myelitis, and perhaps also paralysis.

Anyway, it looks very much as if Glenn and Carrie were in the group of participants who received the vaccine – and indeed, both believe they did receive it – and so in this small sample, even though it has clearly been produced as pro-vaccine propaganda (because both Glenn and Carrie take the opportunity to use “war is over” language), there is a %100 adverse reaction to the medicine.

Apparently, neither Glenn and Carrie were the slightest bit concerned – at least, nothing of the kind is mentioned – but this would be because the piece is meant to condition its readers to expect side effects, and to think nothing of them. Indeed, it very much seems that there is a culture in the Church of allopathic medical orthodoxy of doublethink concerning (what the uninitiated might think is) the serious symptom of a headache as a side effect, while at the same time treating it as not being significant. Any dissonance seems to be solved by the fact that a headache from a vaccine goes away – although there is no understanding that it could have signified damage while it lasted. What puzzles the author very much is how side effects are rationalised as the body building immunity, and this is why headaches are rationalised as an aspect of the side effects of other vaccines, even though headaches are not a guaranteed component of, for instance, flu or cold.

Speaking of vaccine damage, there’s a lot on the internet by people who are worried about the capability of a “Covid-19” vaccine to hack DNA. The author hasn’t looked into the subject, but even if it were true, the vaccine is already bad enough without any of that. And the vaccination project doesn’t have to be about genetic modification, as these people are inferring from their information. Indeed, it needn’t even be about societal control. Remember, the lockdown is an economic weapon. Vaccine could just be about the provision of yet another superfluous death industry service for the siphoning off of tax payers money into private coffers – which has already happened even without a single dose being administered in anger.

In fact, the only reason that pharmaceutical companies would need to see vaccines delivered into populations would be so that stock being held by governments depletes and needs to be replenished. In the Reuters article linked to above, the German health minister is quoted as saying that between 55% and 65% of “the population” (presumably the German one, but the number would apply in any case) would need to be vaccinated to “break the dynamic spread of Covid-19”. If this needs to be done every year, that’s a lot of business.

But what we can take from the German health minister, because the spread of “Covid-19” is an unknown phenomenon due to the fact that PCR tests conjure the disease out of nothing, that his figure of 55% to 65% is one that represents the numbers of people who governments could expect to vaccinate up to the point that there is refusal. And measures that are already being floated, and that do look alarmingly like prototypes of a clinical passport, or a device for an individual having to have permission from government to do certain things, could just be a way of acclimatising people to the vaccine, and incentivising as many people as possible to provide a sink hole for a product.

This is why we are seeing the likes of this:

The Premier League is close to agreeing a blueprint with the Government to add Covid-19 vaccine records to a digital health passport which may fast-track the return of crowds next year.

This approach to vaccinating people, of course, is completely sly, and it totally betrays the confidence trick that is the “Covid-19” vaccine: instead of being foisted on a work force as a condition of having a job, for instance, the vaccine is being dangled to a lot of idiots so that they can look at men in short trousers (and now, as ghastly as it is, women) kicking a ball around a field. At this juncture it would be helpful to remember that the word “fan” comes from another: “fanatic”. A fanatic, or an extremist, or someone with irrational, unreasoning enthusiasm, might in some circumstances be a positive thing to be, but never when it comes to activity that only a child should be interested in. The danger in this extremism comes from being diverted from adulthood.

If there’s one thing that Britain still makes as good as it did a hundred years ago, then it has to be fully grown babies with arrested development, and obviously, UK Government thinks that the national glut of the especially pathetic type that have been bred into the 21st century are going to be entirely susceptible to being suckered by a slick operation†, and why would it be wrong? Fortunately, for adults – as few as there may be – when it is revealed that the expected quota for the vaccine sink hole is going to be determined by cunning and exploitation of inanity, it serves as an indication that we should not expect a mandatory programme of vaccination in the foreseeable future


† A case in point:

One thousand fans went through anti-Covid disinfection pods before being allowed to watch Northern Ireland play football tonight [12th November].

Every supporter was asked to step through one of the pods before the crunch showdown at 7.45pm, which welcomed Slovakia to Belfast’s Windsor Park for the UEFA 2020 Play-off finals match.

The machine, built by 4Ur Protection, helps to limit the spread of coronavirus by firstly taking a reading of fans’ temperatures using an infrared scanner.

If all the measurements look normal, they can proceed to the next stage and move forward into what is called the ‘sanitising tunnel’.

UV light is then used to kill off any other germs on the person’s clothes or belongings and then air-sanitising and purification spray is deployed.


People, e.g. LockdownSceptics readers, will no doubt react to this asinine activity by grieving about the never ending machinations (that are reliably reported on daily, without any solution offered, to maintain the sense of dread, and to motivate parting with the coin to no good end), and the ever new escalation of intolerable encroachment upon freedoms (which have long since been eroded, but this never registers); the complaining is of course aimed at those who institute the measures. However, what this overlooks is that the suffering of the abuse is entirely voluntary; in fact, the willingness of the British to volunteer into lockdown – helped to it enormously by their choice of media – is why there is no let up.

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  1. John Aspray says:

    Hi Paul, it’s been a while !
    I concur with most of what you have said, but may I throw 5G into the mix.
    When the virus cases were first published, I noted that the highest figures were in areas of historically poor air quality and recent 5G roll outs. The only exception was Hants, which confused me for a while. Then it dawned on me that perhaps most of the cases were on the commuter belt, where people go to London for a 5 day dose.
    There was a very good study suggesting that the 5G frequencies could cause coronavirus activity.
    When Boris introduced the 3-tier lockdown system the high areas matched those as I mentioned, except Hants. I will send you two very indicative maps.
    We are in for a rough ride, with the food supply disruption kicking in after the new year, albeit it has started already.
    This is all about ‘population optimization’ in readiness for the grand solar minimum and problems for agriculture.
    Best regards,

    • P W Laurie says:

      The 5G talking point is for creating the impression of a major health emergency – you provide your own example: “When the virus cases were first published, I noted that the highest figures were in areas of historically poor air quality and recent 5G roll outs”. The virus cases you refer to (UK ones, by your mention of Hants) are bogus. They can’t have any place in a pattern of cause and effect because they are not real.

      This article is the latest in a long line at this site explaining that there is not a major health emergency. The truth of the matter is a hoax hung upon a rare disease that is caused by SARS-COV binding to ACE2. Unless anyone can show me that 5G is connected to SARS-COV to ACE2 binding, then I will remain satisfied that 5G does not have anything to do with Covid-19. (And if any FBEL reader is finding it difficult to buy enough to eat, because apparently food supply disruption has already started, then I would be extremely surprised to hear from them to let me know. I don’t, however, need to see maps matching tier-3 lockdown areas with 5G roll out – for the reason already stated. Besides which, I would say that the criteria for choosing local lockdown appeared to be a matter of choosing areas where causing an increase in enmity for the Tory executive was an affordable sacrifice to make).

      In fact, I was loath to publish your comment, because I am not on the UK Government’s pay roll, and so I especially do not see any good reason why UK Government should be able to have its disinformation shared here.

      For more on FBEL’s stance on 5G, please read:
      The 77th Brigade must go to jail: Part One

      Despite what alternative media says, being a victim of 5G isn’t guaranteed

  2. Great work as always PW Laurie. On-point, factual and (re: fanatics) hysterically funny – never a truer word said. Its an Alice in Wonderland world out there and people are locking themselves up, throwing away the key and exercising their cognitive dissonance when we who are awake tap on their windows and dangle the key in front of them. Toby Young – total and utter fraud, like Hitchens, but with charge of the whole filthy rag!

  3. Mara D says:

    I particularly like “the incredible spectacle in which media across the English speaking world has been engaged in a concerted effort to gaslight Joe Biden into the office of the President of the United States”. Spot on, as always.

    They’ve even created a totally fake “office of the president-elect” which the “fully grown babies with arrested development” in the US accept without blinking.