Published On: Fri, Jan 1st, 2021

Janus Day (01 01 2021); A Report

Another Horusfest† over, and if you are one of those people, reader, who has been told that Boris Johnson cancelled it (or that he is some kind of Christmas-banning incarnation of Oliver Cromwell [a device by which to vilify the very reasonable notion of Commonwealth, which UK Government these days feels newly threatened by]), I could have told you that denying you your Horusfest would be the last thing that Boris Johnson would ever want.

It was about time for a brief report on FBEL viewing figures, and also, for a change, instead of what is coming article wise (I am working on the Woolwich book today) what has been going on in terms of personal activism along the lines of the methodology for exiting Babylon that is discussed in these pages (Exiting Babylon: The Only Way To Escape Being Prey For UK Government In Perpetuity linkAction To End The Interminable Unlawful Lockdownlink).

To beat the economic blockade implemented under the cover of the coronahoax, people must defy it. There is nothing like having a cattle whine about one’s non mask wearing while in a shop to make one feel like a human being. Generally, that enough have, and do defy the coronahoax and the blockade, it would seem, is why UK Government is always floundering. “Covid-19” is now a phenomenon that is fully of the realm of presentation. This is for UK Government to occupy a position of weakness. Moreover, UK Government appears to be on the verge of putting a good deal of the obedient middle class permanently out of business (and alienating them), while it still has outstanding objectives to be met, and too many people on the loose, as it were, who would thrive in an alternative system of their own making (which we are making).

No one who is against the economic blockade implemented under the cover of the coronahoax should be paying the TV licence, and I am delighted to say that the Laurie household is into its second decade of not paying it.

Anyone who is against the economic blockaded implemented under the cover of coronahoax should consider not paying Council Tax. As far as the Laurie household is concerned, in this financial year, there has not been one instance of robbery by the local council, which it achieves by claiming emergency powers (so we knew what UK Government was capable of a long time before the vast majority of people had the scales removed from their eyes in 2020). This is the longest that Government has been denied. Whether or not a legal retaliation can be mounted in 2021 remains to be seen (back story).

After a court ruling against us, which nevertheless denied a cost claimed by a utilities company in respect of the use of a debt collection agency, we are investigating if we can launch a money claim to recoup all such charges against the same company. The ramifications of doing this, and winning, could be far reaching.

A defensive legal fight also continues against another utilities company, which I won’t report on because developments are imminent.

Here are the latest viewing figures. Thanks to everyone who came and read, and an especial thanks to those who made a helpful contribution, one way or another.

I am confident that people are increasingly starting to think in the fundamentally different way that they need to, and as such people will become equipped and self-organised so that in the coming years UK Government will face the severest challenge it has ever faced.


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