Published On: Mon, Mar 29th, 2021

Audience numbers and work to come into Spring 2021

It’s about time for an FBEL audience numbers  bulletin and a list of material planned to appear on the site in the not too distant future.

Because this is the only place outside of research papers where you’ll find any discussion of the subject (for reasons already explained, involving the alternative media being controlled), and to maintain the unique service, very soon to appear will be a report on yet another study recognising ACE2 levels as central factor in Covid-19 outcomes. There’s going to be development of the idea that real Covid-19, as opposed to the catch-all “Covid-19”, is a phenomenon that doesn’t stem from a pathogen that can be spread, because of the apparent difficulty in ingesting an airborne so-called virus, and the seemingly contradictory apparent fact that this virus must be delivered directly to the lung. Central to this subject is the inconvenient truth of ACE2, and related to it is the nature of SARS – so low-lying that it was somewhat ridiculously declared dead and gone (SARS is Covid-19, folks).

The “vaccine” monitoring will continue, and there are two ongoing series of articles: the one on “Covid-19 Vaccine” Adverse Reactions and the one on MHRA Yellow Card data reporting. There will also be a return to the Prohibition and Covid-19 series which will be pertinent to increased coverage of the impact of the economic blockade by UK Government against the British people (lockdown).

Speaking of the ongoing war waged by the governing class in the UK on the people who (despite my best efforts) suffer it to govern them, there’s going to be an extension of the articleOnce, Collect Scrap Metal; Now, Wear A Mask: When Is UK Government Going To Pay For Its Crime?, and a note taken of the hint given by Orwell in Nineteen Eighty Four, and there’s going to be a look at how UK Government appears to have attacked its own people during the so-called Blitz committed by the Luftwaffe.

In the same vein, there will be continuation of old Kryrpteia cases in the Police Cover-up series: infamous crimes that assets of UK Government carried out – and still carry out. The Everard case, of course, is one that looks very much as if it could fall under this category, and there will be at least one more article on this subject before the trial of Wayne Couzens commences.

In April, of course, the inquest into the Fishmongers’ Hall incident will take place, and there will be coverage further to that which has already taken place. This case is particularly interesting because it involves a couple of determined families (of the two victims) who want as full disclosure from MI5 as they think is necessary, and of course the Krypteia is resistant.

There’s also lots of work to be done on, because over the last year the audience for it has grown – by not very much [compared with the size of an audience that wastes itself, its time, energy and wealth on controlled alternative media (because what might be called the outcome of  Sunstein and Vermeule’s Cognitive Infiltration has to be so very thorough)], but enough that I recognise that more and new material must be provided. So, the plan is to continue with the series that are already ongoing (the Mystery Christianity, Borough Market, and Chichester Cathedral ones) as a priority ahead of other bits and pieces that may have been announced in the past for inclusion on the subscriber-only site (see here for how one can register). Incidentally, in case current subscribers hadn’t noticed, the Woolwich book is now fully reinstated (although it probably needs editing and rewriting in places).

If this place goes a day or two or three or four, or even seven, over the next few weeks and months, without a new article, it will be because I will be working on material, and also working towards a number of phone apps (and learning the Android-particular Java, and the advanced components specifically, is going to take a while). [I’m not against the technology as long as one can control what is disseminated to a device, and as long as one can guard, as best as one needs to be able, against information being harvested]. So, this might be a good time to encourage people to have a good look around this site beyond the top half of the front page (using the search facility, or clicking on the category headings, on the pages or in the menus), because there’s lots that isn’t current event specific and hopefully makes useful reading.

There are two graphs this time. The first is of the usual sort that shows the number of visits to this site that lasted more than 30 seconds, and also lasted more than 30 minutes. The second graph shows the duration of visits in hours. Please note, the numbers used are conservative, because the duration categories that are used to calculate them range from a lesser to a greater figure, and it’s always the lesser figure that is used. For instance, there may have been 500 visits in a month that lasted between 15 and 29 minutes, and this will be calculated as 500 x 15, even though all visits may have lasted 29 minutes.



By the way, the last three days in March are not accounted for in these graphs, and they’ll be updated later (although it won’t make much difference).

As always, thanks.

P W Laurie

Update, 01 April, 2021: The charts are now updated for the whole of March – which proved to yield the second best performance in the 8-9 year history of the site.

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