Published On: Sun, Mar 21st, 2021

Huge defiant crowd takes a long walk through London; Metropolitan Police and UK Government powerless to stop it

The author is not a fan of street protest movements, as any reader who has been acquainted with this site for any length of time will be aware. But he admired the event that took place in London yesterday for being supremely effective where other sorts of demonstrations could not be.

It wasn’t a protest that took place in London yesterday, and it wasn’t a rally – it was a more effective form of activity than any of that, and as such it indicated a significant development in the thinking of the people who took part, and whoever sowed the seed of the idea to make it happen, so that they all have become folk who know how to be dangerous to UK Government.  It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon promenade through central London, with no destination apparently in mind.  There didn’t seem to be any intent to come to a final assemblage, at a landmark place to hear speeches from the usual suspects (by which the happening could be discredited by corporate-media)†. Getting somewhere evidently was not the point. The point was to have exist the phenomenon of a large, moving crowd. If it disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared, although along the way it  could count thousands of people amongst it number, then it didn’t matter. It would have had existed; it would have constituted a mass of people doing something normal all together in defiance of the “stay at home” diktats. It was simply a huge crowd walking in the streets, and living in their liberty, and it was lethal.

All images captured from Subject Access live stream

The author thinks that it could have been the biggest crowd in London since the protests against the Iraq war, and although the corporate-media didn’t touch it with a barge pole, it didn’t matter like it did when corporate-media ignored a protest in August 2020, featuring “star” speaking attractions that would serve to fuel and form the focus of any mainstream disparagement (as discussed in the article, The Trafalgar Square Turd). On the contrary, this local grand promenade, like the smaller one that was held in Manchester (there may be more that the author doesn’t know about), was about local separatism from central government, and defying the local enforcers of central government decree. It was about local people (and “local” to London might be a broad definition) going about their business in their community – and this is the sort of stuff that doesn’t have to get on national news to be important. Or put it this way, the empowerment of the people would be happening irrespective of whether rolling corporate-media news was covering it or not.

The line of police wasn’t much longer than is shown, and had a distinct air of defeat about it. A few members of the crowd were berating the cops fiercely.

It was activity that qualifies as Action to End the Interminable Unlawful Lockdown: a phrase which is also the title of a September 2020 FBEL article, hence the italics. The following is from that piece:

What is required is for people to organise so that they can become a crowd at a location where the central government is looking to persecute individuals, through the local enforcement agency…, in the name of coronavirus legislation. The idea would be to prevent persecution by spoken persuasion reinforced by physical presence – just being a dumb obstacle in the way, in numbers, means that police have to allocate more resources than they otherwise would have to. There is no need to offer violence. The objective would be to exhaust and demoralise police…

We’re talking about protecting people in their homes and when going about daily business in their local communities.

It would be stupid indeed to claim credit for the adoption of the principles of civil disobedience applied to mass  demonstration in a sophisticated development from 2020 to 2021, this site being so little (overlooked, ignored, hidden) and all. Let’s just say there clearly is a connection here with the zeitgeist – and this site is an invaluable asset in a serious movement to end government-by-hoax.

Government-by-hoax, of course, appears to be a term coined on these pages. It was expressed as “the Establishment’s rule-by-hoax” in 2013 in an article where it was simply explained as being how:

The Establishment manages to cling to power by continually running hoaxes through compliant and conspiring corporate-media.

Sometimes, of course, the UK Government needs physical assets by which to power a psychological operation, and so any particular hoax incident where this is the case is less insubstantial, but yet still remains an elaborate deception. And the reason why this segue is pivoting on the mention of government-by-hoax is because there was another occurrence of it at the tremendous occasion in London yesterday. First of all, the Metropolitan Police apparently decided to arrest a number of people at the commencement of the event so that as early as 13:20 The Sun could report clashes between police and protesters.  At the end of the outing, two squads of police marched into Hyde Park where a handful of people were evidently winding down, and apparently made more arrests. The following is from the Mirror:

Officers in riot gear were confronted by large groups calling for restrictions to be lifted in ugly scenes in the capital.

Bottles were hurled as tempers frayed in Hyde Park before demonstrators marched towards Westminster.

The Met Police said 33 people had been arrested by 645pm, mostly for breaching Covid regulations.

As an aside, the reader will note the use of the number 33, but please do not get agitated. It’s obviously come to the point where this number is used, irrespective of any truth in it, to provoke people into talking about certain numbers – citing numerology – as evidence of nefariousness, instead of talking in terms of demonstrable, tangible facts, and it is intended to have “conspiracy theorists” invite ridicule. It’s a ploy that invariably works, if the author is honest, and his advice to people who bandy around 33 as automatic proof is that they should also, at the same time, provide full explanation as to why the number of degrees in certain freemasonic orders is significant, and why the whole issue should be of concern to anyone who has never before come across the subject, and in that way actually make a useful contribution.

But the point is this: according to the live streaming (by the Subject Access YouTube channel) that the author watched for three hours until about four-o-clock, the mass promenade through London was all too evidently peaceful, and it made the police look impotent, because they had no power against it (by common law), and in fact the police did not look happy at all (demoralising the police is an objective of the self-defence which the demonstration represented). So, it’s all too likely that an incident was provocateured at the commencement of the demonstration so that corporate-media could create a tale about violence and have that perceived as being the whole story by its incurious audience – who would perceive all the participants of the demonstration in a particularly negative way. Moreover, the arrival at Hyde Park of two units of police who literally marched in formation to pick on a crowd of less than 50 people, besides being laughable, was clearly theatre to create a perception, when it would form imagery in mainstream media reporting, of potency and power after a whole day of being shown to be weak and ineffectual in the face of an act of public self-defence. Thus, the corporate-media consuming moron would have their world view reinforced: a perspective whereby the government and its agents are capable, and in control and are defending their interests against a radical minority.

The truth is that the visibility of government-by-hoax is inversely proportional to weakness of government. One only has to inspect the gutter press accounts of yesterday’s demonstration, and see all the lying in it, to appreciate how exceptionally weak UK government must be.


† Piers Corbyn did feature for a moment in the footage the author was watching, talking through a loud speaker, but it looked very incidental and he was addressing a gaggle of people who had gathered around him.


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  1. Theguvnor says:

    Imagine if that colossal band of walkers just happened to pass by Broadcasting House and make a ‘donation’ of an of old disused radio wrapped in a TV licence as a symbol that they were no longer listening to or viewing the miasma of state propaganda. Good show down in SW also today.

  2. John Aspray says:

    A group of five should each have adopted a Police officer and befriended them. This would have disrupted their tactic of grouping together to assault an individual. The new friends of the Police officer should keep their hands behind their backs.