Published On: Thu, Apr 22nd, 2021

Returning the Census questionnaire to sender – Updated

[Originally published, 10:01, 22nd February, 2021].

On the day that Boris Johnson tries to impress the country with more sleight of hand, appearing as a good shepherd inviting his flock to volunteer into a “road map” out of the economic blockade (lockdown), this piece is to demonstrate that Boris Johnson, nor any other criminal in UK Government, is not in control of any agenda. Moreover, the law is hereby laid down to the criminals, as an example of the power that every free citizen has in his possession.

Sunday 21st March, 2021, is census day. However, it is a stanchion of the scheme for a population aspiring to liberate itself from the tyrant that is UK Government, and to disempower it so as to bring it to justice (as discussed in the FBEL article, Action To End The Interminable Unlawful Lockdown), to deny access for UK Government – which means non-cooperation with its agencies that seek to harvest information, which is of course an essential component in the apparatus of UK Government control.

As such, any paper-based material from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to the author’s household (which as a general rule is merely ignored), that is sent in regards to the Census 2021 will be explicitly returned to sender. Any ONS foot soldiers (“field officers” – as if they have any authority) who visit the author’s household to “encourage… complet[ion] of the census”, won’t have the door answered to them, primarily (or else sent away thoroughly discouraged themselves†).

Needless to say, the author’s household will not be completing any online questionnaire.

Please expect a fuller article on this matter in due course.

† Update 22nd April: A month later, the ONS has not had a Census response from the author’s household. The final strategy that has been decided upon is to avoid speaking altogether to the Census “officials” when they visit (as they have been), because all the literature indicates that there is a reliance, by those wanting this data or looking to prosecute if it is not forthcoming,  on the Census non-responder volunteering himself into a position of liability. The ONS starts on a footing of not knowing any details of the householder (to whom their correspondence is addressed), and it’s not entirely clear what they can do if that information is never volunteered (so one never talks to them).

If the ONS can prosecute a nameless entity, or if it can obtain the knowledge of the relationship between the name of an individual and a property by other means, it might not be possible to put up indefinite resistance, because the £1000 fine is not the same as a Covid-19 one to be shrugged at, and nor is the accompanying criminal record (the avoidance of which is the avoidance of being at a disadvantage to UK Government). However, the hope is to hold out long enough for the State, once again, to demonstrate its true authoritarian colours. As the body of this piece says, there will be a fuller article, and this is where there will be a report.

[Please note well, this is not an incitement for others to act in emulation of the author, but (as should be self-evident) a report on his own activity in this matter].

Update 13th May: At this time can report everything all quiet: no visits from the ONS for 2-3 weeks, and no notice of prosecution received through the post.

Update 18th July: Still nothing (which matches the experience of an FBEL reader who didn’t participate in 2011, and didn’t suffer from it). It does begin to look as if this is a true case of becoming liable by volunteering into it.

Update 6th January, 2022: Nothing has been heard from the ONS in all this time. (And this experience is something to bear in mind when one hears about threats of compulsory “vaccinations”).

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  1. nick wilson says:

    Like many people, my ‘household’ is a houseshare. We get many letters addressed to ‘The Occupants’ or ‘The Householder’ etc etc. they just sit in the junk mail pile along with pizza leaflets because there is no desire to nominate onesself as the house Secretary. I expect the Census letter will join the same pile

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