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Corporate-media operatives bitch and whine, make empty threats about “vaccine hesitancy”: UK Government must be losing

Further to the previous FBEL article bringing its readership the good news of “Covid-19 vaccine” refusal in good practical numbers (see footnote 1), it now appears that UK Government is indeed perturbed about its “vaccine” rollout missing its real target; i.e. the younger people who would have to live a long time with “vaccine” injury. The sign of this is the appearance in corporate-media – on a concerted effort basis, one should not doubt – of pieces and presentations that are intended to psychologically manipulate people into voluntary “vaccine” take-up by making threats about limitations, or not, to future freedoms based on receipt of the “vaccine”.

Now, the reader should remember that the menace to intimidate, and the warnings, and the noises made to frighten that are emanating from corporate-media at this time do not represent a real outcome that one should expect; it’s just perception shaping. This doesn’t lessen what the corporate-media thugs are doing, of course, and there is no mitigation that these fiends will benefit from when due process and justice finally catches up with them – as it must after we have stayed our true course to reach it – just because they are engaged in psychological warfare rather than anything physical.

In the meantime, naturally, names should be noted, and their misdemeanours and crimes catalogued.

Someone called Sarah Vine is a columnist for the Daily Mail, although she might as well be a bed-time story teller – such is the quality of corporate-media. In what one suspects would otherwise be a little noticed area of the internet, she declares that “We can’t let selfish idiots who don’t want free Covid vaccines that scientists worked around the clock to develop hold us hostage” – although she doesn’t appear to expound upon how holding “selfish idiots” to account was to be achieved.

The author suggests that her guardedness, dear reader, would be due to how she knows that she is engaged in an activity that is at the head of a process  that starts with stigmatising a minority of people for the purpose of demonising them so that they can be persecuted, if the tyrant UK Government so wished. However, she is also not making threats that can’t be delivered; if there is 30% of the people in Britain who won’t take a “vaccine”, this is a lot to turn into implacable sworn enemies of the UK Government by forcible detentions and whatever draconian measures that one might read controlled opposition alternative media assuring its audience will be on the cards. Harshness by government creates rebellion and the desire to retaliate (especially in an uppity population that is convinced of its right to liberty), and the UK Government doesn’t want to drive people, and forever more of them, to the things that they need to do so they can, at last, stop being preyed upon (see footnote 2).

So, just as it has been, for coming on 300 years, just as it will be in future: psychology, or government-by-hoax, is what to expect. And it doesn’t have to be very good – not when the population is relentlessly exposed to it.

The central thrust of the Vine woman’s piece is old fashioned appeal to authority, followed by assertion of the potential danger of not heeding it:

When it comes to the coronavirus vaccine, it’s funny how many otherwise intelligent people I know have become borderline deranged about it. Endless paranoid WhatsApps and links to bonkers Facebook posts.

‘You won’t catch me putting that poison in my arm,’ they say. ‘I’m not stupid. I don’t want to be part of the evil plans of [insert sinister global organisation here] to [insert outlandish conspiracy theory here]. Oh no, not me. I’m not falling for that.’

Sorry, but no. You are stupid. Weapons-grade stupid, in fact.

A killer virus that has paralysed the world, brought the economy to its knees, cost millions of people their lives and livelihoods, driven us all half round the bend with fear and grief, and you don’t want to have your free immunisation that scientists have worked around the clock to develop in record time so you can avoid becoming a statistic?”

There is much to remark upon [the appeal not to refuse a free thing that experts sacrificed for is verging on being of  technocratic religiosity, and ridiculous beyond comment], but analysis will be limited to key points. Again, reader, notice the good use that is made of the straw man content produced by hysterical alternative media that people who should know better, somehow, will not reject even though they are shown, over again, how this stunt works. “Conspiretardedness”, to use a term on the rise, means that real points of opposition, that would be self-defeating to engage, can be ignored by the likes of Vine, and an argument – or an assertion – can be set up against the straw man that can be made to appear to overcome it. This extract, in fact, is an exemplar of the method.

On the contrary, in the face of real facts, this paid propagandist and criminal could not talk about a “killer virus”, because no such thing exists (see footnote 3). Moreover, a “virus” hasn’t caused economic destruction and psychological terror – these are products and aims of the warfare waged by UK Government on the British people. This is the truth that Vine and her villainous ilk are afraid of – as well they should be.

Of course, there are degrees of culpability, and this must be reflected in the lawful punishment. Take Sean O’Grady, for instance, writing for The Independent (via MSN news). Here is one feeling brave enough to attach the “or else” condition to his threats:

No jab, no job; no jab, no access to NHS healthcare; no jab, no state education for your kids. No jab, no access to pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, stadiums. No jab, no entry to the UK, and much else.

Naturally, and the big flaw with this threat-making is that people made into the UK Government’s sworn enemies by being thrown out of a job won’t care about trivialities like going out for a meal. There will be bigger fish to fry. Life will have that sharp-edged meaning that it never had before. The cinema will not compete with the visceral experience of struggle. Every little defeat that can be inflicted on UK Government and its agents will be a feature of lifestyle that will be so much more satisfying than the previous synthetic living. Indeed, segregation will present an opportunity for a resourceful people to prosper alongside, outside of the system, as an “Israelite” class amongst “Egyptians” suffering pharaonic rule  (see footnote 4 for a full explanation of the analogy).

The prospect of such empowerment occurring in millions of individual’s lives cannot be one that would be very appealing for UK Government, and that’s why “or else” threats from pip-squeak propagandists are especially empty, and especially contemptible.

Moving to a much more subtle piece of psychological manipulation, we turn now to the work of someone who may have had a lot of people fooled – which wouldn’t be a tremendously difficult thing to do. Needless to say, Alison Pearson did not fool this author – or to put it another way, given previous form (see footnote 5) he was not surprised to see the following [please note, money was not paid to The Telegraph to obtain this extract, which is nevertheless presented here to record culpability for posterity]:

This is a family newspaper and your columnist does try not to swear, but if the Government intends to withhold precious freedoms after June 21 from 66 million people – from you, from me, from everyone we love – on the strength of a coachload of Lancashire vax-refusers, you can take the four-letter words as read.

I don’t believe vaccination should be compulsory, but if you are an overweight South Asian male with hypertension or diabetes, you are a sitting duck for coronavirus. That’s just a medical fact. I’m sorry, but people in high-risk groups who choose not to get the jab must live with the consequences. (The hospitals can cope.) The rest of us, who willingly ran whatever small risk is associated with the vaccines to get our society back on track, should not suffer as a result of their stupidity.

Is the Indian scariant being used to terrify a reluctant minority into the vaccine queue? I wouldn’t be surprised. Not only is such manipulation unethical, it ignores the untold psychological harm done to the rest of the population who, once again, feel happy and excited only to see their hopes dashed.

Yes,  indeed, this is offensive because it plays up to what must have been an intention of UK Government when it invented “Indian variant” (or at least any danger from it), so that there can be a falling back on the brown people crammed into a Datsun-cum-charabanc stereotype. Now, it’s not that the author is upset by stereotypes, because there’s a good laugh to be had at many – it’s the dangerous intent behind the usage that is the problem, and of course the misuse. “Vaccine” refusal in Britain is not limited to a particular northern demographic. It’s young people, very sensibly concerned about the risk to their health, who won’t take it: the data, as presented here at FBEL, says so – but Pearson, being a propagandist for UK Government, won’t concern her own stupid readership about that.

Moreover, the medical fact that this devious wench is looking for is that it is drugs for hypertension (which may also be used to “treat” diabetes) that create susceptibility to a disease – a rare disease to boot – that is currently called Covid-19 (see footnote 6). Pearson is not unusual in that she won’t even go near that explosive truth (because it destroys the mythology concerning the supposed spread of a pathogen).

Indeed, this creature is such an operative that she knows damn well what “scariants” are for – and that the operation would not be complete without the likes of her-cunning-self blaming the “unvaccinated”, and thus requesting her readership to espy the fault coming from the same unprincipled, irresponsible (as she would assert) quarter, for the ills of the economic blockade by UK Government.

Pearson’s contribution, of course,  is another wave and a variant  of the act of desperation that saw another stinking evacuation of credibility for the execrable Hitchens (see footnote 7), and that’s why, ultimately, UK Government is losing. Nothing says that UK Government is losing more than when its operatives are filling airtime and column space with bitching and whining about how UK Government is not being obeyed by insolent, impertinent, courageous and free people. Don’t forget that, reader.


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    Good article. Thinking ahead and not to be confused as thinking like the ‘sheeple’ what becomes of us on the usurping of our inhibitors?

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