Published On: Fri, Jun 4th, 2021

Did the under-50s “Covid-19 vaccine” refusers defeat “vaccine passports”?

Now that it has become quite clear that, for anyone deranged enough to partake of it, the “Covid-19 vaccine” is rather like the loaded revolver used in Russian Roulette, the articles on MHRA Yellow Card reporting, previously published fairly regularly at this site, showing simple statistical evidence for a connection between first doses and adverse reactions, would be somewhat redundant if they were to be continued. Regardless of that, still planned for the future – as promised – is a piece (or a number of pieces) on specific adverse reactions of the same breed as that of another previous item, MHRA Yellow Card Data To 28th February: Clues For Case That Vaccines Damage The Nervous System. Having perused it in review very briefly, it seems the older article will be something to draw upon in the newer one(s), where there will certainly be an interest in examining the now notorious and deadly blood disorders in possible relation to auto-immune response, but also to investigate the idea of spike proteins, introduced by the vaccine product intervention, being somehow the direct cause – as appears to be said of it by a loud contingent that is evidently readily appealing to those always expecting (and perhaps enjoying the thrill of) apocalyptic explanations†. In an examination of the idea, of course, there would be a need to understand where any SARS-COV mimicking spike protein would “land”, given its evident specialisation in relation to ACE2.

In the meantime, Public Health England released its latest weekly summary of “Covid-19 vaccine” take-up [to 30th May] yesterday, and there is good news in terms of the prediction made in these pages that between 15 to 18 percent of under-50s in England would not take a first dose (see Millions Of Under-50s In England To Refuse “Covid-19 Vaccination”?).

In the group of people aged 45-49, which is the one that is as yet the most defiant,  83.77% have received a first dose of any vaccine product. This will not improve very much for the final analysis because the week on week percentage increase for take-up in this category stands at 1.4% (i.e. the cumulative total of first doses administered had increased by 1.4% of the total of the previous week), and will undoubtedly fall into flat line territory (i.e. fractions more than zero) next week. The percentage for vaccine product recipience in 40 to 44 year-olds is looking like it will stop growing at just over 85%, but the exact figure depends on whether the percentage increase (currently 3% [with 84.86% having received a jab]) drops off completely next week – which is not impossible.

Being filtered out from an under-40s super grouping in the figures this week was the 35-39 year-olds category. Thus it emerged that 2,549,269 people in this demographic had received the first dose. Representing a percentage of 68, there is cause to believe from looking at the patterns already established that this group will behave in a medium way between parameters set by the 40-44s and the 45-49s, as the percentage increase falls off, so eventually there might be a chunk of refusal of around 16% – although it is still early days. Having said that, however, there is a chance that these trends are being seen and appreciated, but with horror not glee, in the halls of power: in this very past week, UK Government – and in quite a low key way – signalled that plans to legislate so that “vaccine passports” would be a condition of entry into “mass events” (i.e. music concerts and football matches) have been dropped, and that other designs to restrict access to places hosting smaller social events and gatherings would have been bridges too far.

Being cited as a reason for this development are “ethical” concerns – primarily, it seems, for those who would be medically exempt from having a “vaccine”, and who would find themselves being treated unfairly. However, the reality has to be that an apartheid, in which (approximately) 15% of under-50s won’t take the first jab out of principle, with potentially anything up to 20% of the entire population in the UK (extrapolating from the English figures) who won’t take the full two doses of a “vaccine product” (because there are signs of growing refusal of the follow up jab [more on this in the future]), would have to be enormously problematic for UK Government in terms of potential for national disunity, and legal and political turmoil. Certainly, UK Government will therefore no doubt hope that a universal scheme will grow out of measures deployed by private companies at their own (incentivised) initiative – but this must be a pipedream, what with the public, in the future, increasingly having to live with, and witness the reality of “Covid-19 vaccine” injury – and it becoming a scandal – combined with what will be the emergent reluctance of business, which won’t see any advantage in being associated with the risk of maiming and killing that must be faced in return for what can only be a relative triviality.


† There might be a connection between this capacity and the surprising candidness of the medical authorities regarding the existence of obvious vaccine product related illness (with the whole constituting a strategy for creating displacement activity that will backfire spectacularly).

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