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Archive: The Lee Hazledean hoax (captured in two articles)

Considering the spectacular data provided to ‘Lee Hazledean’ by G4S

By P W Laurie

First published at Luikkerland, Fri, 29 Jun 2012

Recently an interview was given by a G4S security worker to BCFM’s Friday Drivetime host, Tony Gosling, (neither of which I had heard of, unfortunately) and apparently caused a bit of a stir on the internet. ‘Lee Hazledean’ – not his real name – also calls himself an undercover reporter who has infiltrated G4S and, from his perspective as security operative at the Olympics, claims to be able to ‘blow the whistle’ on the inadequate training that he and his colleagues have received, along with the really bad service that G4S is going to provide.

If this was all that ‘Lee Hazledean’ was able to tell, then we wouldn’t be learning anything that we didn’t already know. It doesn’t matter if the security provision at the Olympics is shocking because there is no real threat – the only real requirement for G4S to fulfil at this stage in the game is to be there and to exist as theatre so that Britons get used to jumping through hoops for shouty men in uniforms.

However, ‘Lee Hazledean’ made some other claims that caused a lot of interest – and, subsequently, I have my serious doubts.

When I listened to his initial interview (he did a second one yesterday on the Alex Jones Radio show) it occurred to me that what he was expressing as his major concern was his discovery of the pervasive, unconscious stupidity which is a national characteristic, and the slap-dash approach to training and learning (non) skills – and then the operation of them –  that has become standard in this rotten stink-heap of a country. G4S didn’t vet applicants; promoted people who didn’t deserve it; had instructors who couldn’t teach. The G4S management and training personnel crammed 4 days training into 2; didn’t follow procedures; didn’t make common sense decisions about obvious security breaches; etc, etc. All of these things are to do with the corruption of society mastered from the very top; the deterioration of the minds and degeneration of the hearts of the general population which means they cannot marry cause and effect let alone read a book or just understand their own inherent value.

That Olympics security is a joke is not big news. In the middle of this last week, ITV reported (1) the results of an investigation that told the same story; their informants, apparently, had been sacked already ‘and have tribunal cases against [G4S]’. I wonder when ‘Lee Hazledean’ will get the sack, because I think he must have given enough detail about himself in his radio interviews to let G4S know who he is. Because I listened to both, I know about what ‘Hazledean’ does for G4S, and about what is on his resume, and about sections of his work history; I’m sure G4S management, being of the low cunning type that I imagine them to be, can figure it out. Remarkably, in both interviews, ‘Hazledean’ was still suitably concerned about being recognised enough to sketch over his credentials as a journalist. Strangely, he was able to tell Alex Jones stuff that he wouldn’t reveal in his first interview because of how it had been certain to identify him.

But this is not really the reason why I am suspicious. ‘Hazledean’ claimed that he couldn’t take his story to corporate-media because they were uninterested. I don’t understand this. The Daily Mail and the Huffington Post are usually all over bad Olympic security stories. Maybe the corporates like Channel 4 refused the story because of the way ‘Hazledean’ has obviously over-egged the pudding with what the mainline folks would consider to be too wild – conspiracy theory. ‘Hazledean’ sounded to me like the sort of chap who buys into the official War on Terror narrative, and so what does it tell me that he has ventured into the woolly areas as if he knows very well that there is an audience for it? My guess is that he either doesn’t realise that casket liners have generally come to indicate anticipated mass death (therefore, government attacking its own people)  – which would mean he could have been deliberately fed misleading data by his ex-military G4S instructors – or he is a knowing agent of disinformation.

You’ll notice by the two rather negative options just given that I am rather sceptical about the veracity of the more spectacular information ‘Hazledean’ has become privy to by working with G4S. Let’s get into that now.

A military doctor who has one job with G4S, and another at Woolwich Barracks told ‘Hazledean’ that thousands of foreign troops were being airlifted to that military facility before being deployed and stationed throughout London. According to ‘Hazledean’ this doctor is a major, and furthermore G4S is run by majors and colonels, all ex-military. This doctor might be a reservist, which could explain the state of affairs, but he is still a serving major, and I am concerned about how realistic it is that someone of a rank that means he pulls weight, not only in the service, but, by the sounds of it, in G4S, is giving operational details to a civilian. Isn’t that just a little bit too unlikely?

Another of ‘Hazledean’’s big news was that he was told, during a training session, that in the eventuality that London had to be evacuated, the G4S Olympics detail would help do it.  Apparently, this was discussed for two hours, and yet ‘Hazledean’ gives no other details except his own rationalisations for why the authorities might be planning for an evacuation – a biological attack, I think it was, which would drive Londoners out of the conurbation. When asked if it was possible to evacuate London (of its millions), ‘Hazledean’ replied in the affirmative and pointed to the foreign troops as the reason why there would be enough manpower to achieve it. Can you see, reader, that this evacuation idea depends on the premise of foreign troops. However, there is no proof that US and German troops, in particular, are coming into Woolwich. ‘Hazledean’ elaborated on Alex Jones’ show and said that the foreigners were being transported by helicopter under the cover of night, but from what I gather, helicopter flights in the vicinity might be a routine thing. In 2009, in the comments section of an Andrew Gilligan article(2) on helicopter noise nuisance, someone wrote this:

For the last few months we are blighted any time from 10pm to 1pm to helipcopters flying over our houses. Usually just a you go off to sleep!! The occassional one would not be too bad but we get regular flights going I would assume to Woolwich Barracks.

The final piece of information that could be considered as worthy of discussion is that casket linings – coffins for mass burials – were being delivered into London. It wasn’t clear if ‘Hazledean’ had also heard this during a training session, but as even he himself pointed out, there is no need for him in his position to know anything about the objects. And in this case, just as in the others, the data is incomplete. Where are these coffins being delivered to? What exactly is anticipated to warrant their presence? Where are the troops stationed in London? What are the evacuation plans? Why is just enough data given to ‘Hazledean’ to rouse curiosity, and never any more? Does it sound like he is being deliberately fed? He did say, in his radio reporter’s voice, that on applying he hadn’t hidden from G4S the fact that he was a journalist. He did acknowledge that he couldn’t understand why the data was being presented to him in fits and starts as it was.

Maybe ‘Lee Hazledean’ is just an honest joe using some initiative, a real journalist maybe trying to carve out a story, and he probably is, so good luck to him. However, I don’t think that his spectacular information is real.

A few weeks ago I thought(3) that the Establishment had over-cooked the scaremongering, and that they were going to embark on a campaign to discredit discussion of false-flags – and, perhaps more importantly, the psychological manipulation that we are subjected to. Because we shouldn’t imagine that the Establishment ultimately controls us merely by setting off explosions. The Olympics security theatre itself is a hoax and an assault by our Government upon us and our liberties – and our expectations for and about ourselves. The paraphernalia of security-overkill, such as missile systems on roof tops, is psychological to make us think that the security is necessary. I imagine that for the Establishment, the really important thing to come out of the Olympics will be that Britons will have started being conditioned by exposure to intrusive security, and that Britons will have started to embrace a society defined by draconian, over-the-top security, and the necessity for it. The criminals in power aren’t going to get away with what they are doing without it changing the minds of the public.

So, to undermine what the Establishment can exploit the Olympics for, we need to attack the security theatre and the process of prison-training that we can see happening before our eyes, rather than a potential catastrophic disaster which they probably want us to focus on, but which we cannot see. And actually, ‘Lee Hazledean’’s whistle-blowing is extremely valuable to that end, because he does talk about shocking failure, apathy and incompetence that illustrates that Olympics security provided by G4S, just like the security provided by the TSA, might as well not be there. If security doesn’t need to be there – as the logic should run in the minds of those having this pointed out to them – then the threat of Ter-ror must not be as bad as the Establishment says it is.



(3) [2012/06/08/mail-olympics-ufo-attack-article-designed-to-stifle-discussion-of-possible-false-flag/]


A reluctant follow-up: Fellows is even less convincing than Hazledean

By P W Laurie

First published at Luikkerland, Mon, 02 Jul 2012

This is such a non-story, but I am afraid that I have to provide a conclusion to the article that appeared immediately prior to this on the Editorials section of this site.

Because he has now revealed his own identity, I am now able to publish the full version of a comment, submitted by ‘Whistleblower no2’  that identified Lee Hazledean, the so-called Olympics G4S whistleblower, as Ben Fellows. The comment was received two days before Fellows ‘out-ed’ himself, seemingly(1), to Infowars today, 2nd July.

Infowars has been making a great deal about Fellows’ extraordinary claims regarding plans for the evacuation of London, foreign troops on UK soil, and the delivery of casket-liners. I don’t think it is even true to say, as Infowars does, that Fellows ‘uncovered how security preparations for the Olympics were so poor that they were inviting a terrorist attack’. In fact, if Fellows actually works for G4S as he says he does, then maybe all we can say about him is that he added to a repository of data that suggested miserable levels of competence in the delivery of Olympics’ security. I am certainly not very interested in catching Infowars in acts of hyperbole, but, as I have mentioned elsewhere, elements of Fellows’ story are a terrible distraction from the real issue of the introduction of large-scale security theatre, and the additional scandal of how measures to deter real low-level crime during the Olympics have been sacrificed. I happen to think that Fellows’ information is still highly dubious, and remains to be verified.

Some suspicious people might say that Fellows is going public now to exploit an appearance on Alex Jones’ radio show; he can’t make a name if people don’t know what it is. I am not saying that this is the case, but I am saying that as a motivation, given all that I know, it is perhaps more laudable than the reason Fellows gave for revealing his identity – which may not have occurred to him until Jones mentioned it during a broadcasted discussion with ‘Hazledean’.  G4S has only ever sacked whistleblowers – I don’t think that anyone has received a wooden overcoat yet, which is a flippant way of saying that no one has come to physical harm.

What follows is the aforementioned comment. The commenter, ‘Whistleblower no2’ obviously knew Fellows well enough, despite the alias, to be able to ‘instantly’ recognise his voice. I think that this lends some credibility, but the reader must remember that ‘Whistleblower no2’ is also anonymous. Anyway, I leave it to the reader to decide.

I know who ‘Lee Hazeldean’ is. His voice is instantly recognisable as one Ben Fellows, a below-average ‘filmmaker’ who has his own channel on Youtube (if you play the radio interview and then his documentary you’ll recognise his distinct voice and turn of phrase as they didn’t use a voice disguise on the radio interview). He’s completely delusional, a fantasist and attention-seeker. He was an actor at one time and has created a web of lies around his career as he’s very charming, charismatic and articulate. He told me he worked for the Cook Report and all that Northern Ireland bs too. But he’s the biggest fake I’ve ever met. And possibly mentally ill. I once knew him well and he displays nine of the eleven traits of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He might be a security guard for G4s but don’t believe anything he says.

The following is an extract from the Infowars article in which Ben Fellows’ identity was revealed. It certainly makes very interesting reading in the light of what ‘Whistleblower no2’ has been able to impart.

‘Lee Hazledean’ – the whistleblower who exposed how he had infiltrated G4S as an employee and uncovered how security preparations for the Olympics were so poor that they were inviting a terrorist attack, has revealed himself to be Ben Fellows, an acclaimed director who has worked with Stanley Kubrick. Fellows has also appeared in numerous popular television and theatre shows.

Fellows made the decision to reveal his identity, after having gone under a pseudonym for the purposes of radio interviews conducted over the last week, because of fears over his safety.

“With all sincerity I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger from G4S,” Fellows told Infowars, adding that he feared the mainstream media was about to launch a character assassination campaign. “My only protection is to go public…. I have done nothing wrong and I stand by everything that I have said,” added Fellows.

Fellows also revealed that Andy Davies, Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent, demanded that he retract statements made during a radio interview with BCFM’s Friday Drivetime in which Fellows said of Davies, “I sent him an email, I called, he wasn’t interested and he said there’s a media blackout on this kind of story, that nobody would be interested in running it.”

In a telephone conversation provided to Infowars, Davies claims that he never read Fellows’ original email and that the two never had a conversation about the issue.

“I emailed Andy Davies on the 13th of June and pitched the story to him, he then called me back and we talked,” claims Fellows, who is now going public to offset his concern that his name may have been privately passed to G4S.


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