Published On: Fri, Jul 16th, 2021

As “vaccine” rollout faces summer time obliteration, UK Government’s problem: submissive population on a leash for nothing if too many defiant remain at liberty

Because the UK Government’s “Covid-19 vaccine” rollout really did get things the wrong way around by starting with a bang and ending with a damp squib, this will be the last routine weekly bulletin looking at vaccine product administration. It’s pretty much all over bar the shouting – and, as has just been expressed, not ending as would have been the plan, unless UK Government can think of something especially terrifying to move the too large group of refusing and stubbornly inert in the young population.

The refusal to participate and partake by millions of 18 to 50 year olds in England – the author thinks that it will be 4.45 million, but stands at five and a half million at the moment – is a massive failure for UK Government, because it was these people who were the real target all along. It won’t matter if the befuddled baby boomers are  dosed to the gills – it’s anyone capable of producing babies that UK Government wants to seed with ill health and cause to have life-long allopathic medicine thus welfare state dependency. As for the management of people using medical certification, an official apartheid draws too much attention to itself, and doesn’t look good when it is impinging on the rights of too many far-from-being-cowed-and-helpless individuals, and it only would store up deep trouble. In covering the “vaccine” rollout as it has, FBEL has thus been able to build understanding of the real factors at work in apparent UK Government reluctance to implement a state apparatus to enforce “vaccine” certification. That FBEL has apparently done this alone is not at all surprising, and so because nature abhors a vacuum (this time in alternative media) there is no doubt that this article won’t be the last to cover the rollout, or any programme of follow-up booster campaigns.

The plan for the moment is to present a short interpretation of recent developments regarding the rollout based on the data processed by the author (therefore, allowing an approach based on real understanding, regardless of the propaganda intent of UK Government as it tries best to pursue its agenda). Then, to finish, so the reader doesn’t have to wade through it anywhere else in the article, there will be a presentation of what the author expects to be the final “vaccine” take-up percentages – with justification using aforementioned data, now updated to 11th July, as usual from Public Health England.

The headline news about “vaccine” take-up is that it is the lowest it has been since the second week of the rollout. First dose recipiency has only ever been lower on two other occasions – and this is with five and a half million under 50s in England who haven’t had the dose, so it’s not a case of having nowhere to inject it. Second dose recipiency is the lowest since 21st March, which also cannot be explained by an absence of victims.

In the week to 18th April, nearly 600 thousand people received a first dose, and in this current week, which is the one that corresponds at the end of the twelve week interval between doses, 300 thousand more than that received a second one. If 600 thousand people didn’t get a second jab this week, then one might be able to say that the raw material isn’t there to work with – but it obviously is. And that there couldn’t be more doses administered wouldn’t necessarily have anything to do with being restricted by the twelve week interval, because frankly the gap is something that hasn’t been strictly adhered to for quite the while. What is probably happening is a quickening in earlier second dose “vaccination” to hide the real fact that recipiency is lower than it was for the first dose (in all categories, but most crucially in the young). As such, one could say the low number of second doses reflects lower demand – which neatly brings us to the first incident for discussion.

There is no doubt that there is some apprehension in UK Government about the snuffing out of its rollout, or else the spooks at The Times would not have published the rumour that intervals between doses will be reduced to four weeks. This would constitute the floating of an idea, that might at first be denied by  “vaccines minister” Nadhim Zahawi – who was nevertheless in this past week altering the Orwellian reality by declaring that “optimum protection was offered by an eight-week interval between the first and second jab” – but this would only be part of the process of potential eventual adoption.

Officially, we might then infer, the interval is down to eight weeks, but it’s probably the case that some people have only waited for four weeks, because as mentioned above, the twelve week period wasn’t installed very long before it became something only theoretically true (the official effort to justify intervals less than 12 weeks was something covered in one of these bulletins). It’s quite possible that people are now being hurried through the process because July 18th will mark twelve weeks after 25th May – a date since when 9.2 million under-45s have received a first dose – and it is feared that in the following 11 weeks when these people are meant to have a second dose, there won’t be any compulsion to do it. Obviously, a lot of psychological pressure will end when UK Governments stops asking people to volunteer into self-restriction on 19th July. Generally, two months (and maybe more) of summer weather and not being disabled by “vaccine” adverse reaction to enjoy it is also bound to be a major reason for why many will not get a second dose.

Before moving on, we should note the irony of the intervening period potentially being reduced to something more like that which was recommended by the manufacturers of the vaccine product (21 days), or else – in the kingdom of imagination where this snakeoil is believed to work – there would be lessened efficacy. There has perhaps not been anything more demonstrative of the fact that the “vaccine” is there just for the show than the accordion-esque quality (to suit requirements of UK Government agenda) of the flexible first-to-second dose interval.

In this past week there was also another UK Government announcement regarding the rollout to declare that two-thirds of the population of the UK had had, in the words of a tweet by Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, “two jabs”. This equates to 35,155, 767 people – or so it was claimed. Likewise, 46,037,090 people (87.4%) had had at least one dose. And while this boasting was no doubt meant to be celebratory, the problem of the potential of vast numbers of second dose recipients to go missing across the four countries is made all the more clear.

Moreover, the information that doesn’t come across in this unnuanced statement is the very fact that the vast majority of the 13% in the UK who haven’t had a first dose will be under-50s, and most of them under-30s – the very people who are now to be chased in a hurry before the rollout completely fizzles out.

Now to end, as promised, with a rundown of what is actually some very encouraging data (and please note well, on top of the fact that there’s too many refusers to create an apartheid state, there are also too many for that coming war pushed by public relations operatives on lockdown sceptic forums routinely, as if by schedule, wherein the “vaccinated”, who are clearly by some degree always motivated by their cowardice, will be made to set upon “unvaccinated”, who remain as such because of their bravery: it’s a joke, and military intelligence must do a lot better than that).


First doses (England):

18-24: Currently stands at 61.65% take-up. As the percentage increase dropped this week from 15.48 to 8.08, the high that this could reach is 75%. Again, much depends on how much “undead” percentage increase happens after, or even before that (meaning it could be lower). Please see earlier bulletins for explanations of the terms.

25-29: This demographic is less likely to reach 75% take-up. Currently on 67.15%, percentage increase dropped from 6 to 3.5 this week. The final tally could be as low as 70%, but to be conservative, it is likely to fall between that figure and 75%. We’ll split the difference, and call it 72.5%

30-34: With 77.15% having has a first dose, the percentage increase in this demographic fell from 2.43 to 1.8. The highest this might go is 79 to 80% – call it 80 to be conservative.

35-39: 81.7% of people in this age group have had a jab, as the percentage increase falls from 1.48 to 1.15. There has been a peculiarly long period in which this figure has managed to stay above the zero decimals, but it looks like it will go that way next week. There is a good possibility it will get to 83%.

40-44: In this, the poorest behaving demographic, the take-up percentage stands at 89.92. This is more or less done, but the final tally will probably be in the 90-91% range – call it 90%.

45-49: The original hero class, this group is all done at 86.77 – call it 87% to cover “undead” increase.

50-54: Although not in the under-50s super grouping, this age range deserves separation from the ones above it because it represents, in numeral fact as well as in conduct, the high end of Generation X, and shouldn’t deserve to be grouped in with the baby boomers. At 92.63% of take-up, this group is also done. Call it 93%.

This means that the percentage and numbers of people (over the age of 17) in England who won’t take a first dose is as follows:

All: 11.7% (of population of group),  5.2 million people.

Under 55: 17.5%, 4.7 million

Under 50: 19.2%, 4.5 million

Under 40: 22.6%, 3.6 million

Under 30: 26.1%,  2.2 million


Second doses (England):

Percentages are not at the moment given for the youngest demographics, but it appears that in these we can expect second dose take-up to be at least 5% lower than first dose. In fact, second dose take up for under-40s will probably be lower still, for reasons given in the body of this piece. However, to estimate the final percentage of recipiency in groups 18 to 39, 5 percentage points can be deducted from the first dose final figure.

40-44: Currently at 66.04% take-up. It should be pointed out that percentage increase behaviour in the second doses is not like in the first right until the final stages. If the drop from 15.3 to 12% represents the rollout in this group coming to the end of its lifetime, the final take-up percentage can be estimated at around 85%. Interestingly, this is also 5% less than the first dose figure.

45-49: 72.71% of this grouping are recipients, with the percentage increase falling in a way that certainly denotes end of life, from 11.05 to 8.42 (plus, this group is about to enter missing second dose territory, so that’s doses that should happen after twelve weeks, but don’t). So, this group can be estimated as coming in at 82% – again, 5% less than the final first dose figure.

50-54: At 87.65% take-up, and more or less done. The final figure might go to 89%, but 4 points less than the first dose figure.

55-59: Again, more or less done at 93.66%. This is just over 4% lower than the first dose figure (98.02).

“Vaccine” delivery is all done for the over-60s, so the second dose figures can be said to be final. These are:

60-64: 96.55% (3.5% less than 1st dose)

65-69: 93.27% (2% less than 1st dose)

70-74: 96.14% (1.4% less than 1st dose)

75-79: 100% (equals 1st dose)

80+: 91.78% (2% less than 1st dose)


This means that the percentage and numbers of people in England (over the age of 17) who won’t take both doses is as follows:

All: 15.7% (of population of group)  6.9 million people

Under 55: 22.4%, 6.1 million

Under 50: 24.2%, 5.6 million

Under 40: 27.6%, 4.4 million

Under 30: 31.1%,  2.7 million


Update; 19th July:

The corporate-media has now found that it must also talk about dwindling “vaccine” take-up in the exact same terms as have been used at FBEL for a number of weeks. The following is from the Express,  today (the update date):

Covid vaccine disaster as jab rate tumbles way below EU’s – ‘We’re concerned’

BRITAIN’s daily COVID-19 vaccination rate has tailed off significantly – with one leading scientist admitting his bafflement and concern, one day before the lifting of restrictions on what has been dubbed Freedom Day…

[a member of the Independent SAGE advisory group]… told “We’re not sure what the problem is – we have been concerned about this, and we don’t know the explanation”….

Prof Scally acknowledged that plenty of people, especially the younger generation, may have concluded that Britain was over the worst, especially with the arrival of summer.

This signifies that the people in charge of corralling the population into getting jabbed think that their propaganda is failing. While there should be no expectation that a member of SAGE would admit in public that younger people think that the prospect of being maimed or killed would be highly inconvenient (to say the least), there must be comprehension that this is the antidote which is acting against any fear that UK Government can engender – so they do understand exactly what is going on. As do readers of FBEL.

Update; 21st July:

The following is from the MailOnline (Daily Mail) 20th July.

Headline: “GPs are sending back Covid vaccines because there isn’t enough demand to fill appointments – even though there are still 1.7MILLION eligible 18-24 year olds”.  As suggested, says the piece, by “NHS England” figures – which might not be the same as Public Health England’s data.

In the body of the piece the number becomes 1.8 million 18-24 year olds. There’s also this:

And there are 4.5million in other age groups who’ve yet to be vaccinated, the same figures suggest. This includes 1.2million 25 – 29 year olds, and nearly a million 30 – 34 year olds.

And then this:

Covid vaccines are being sent back by GPs who can’t fill appointments — despite there being nearly 6million Britons who’ve still yet to take up the offer, MailOnline has learned.

In areas where “vaccines” are being redistributed from (going to other places with higher uptake), getting one won’t be as simple as it once was:

Patients still looking to get their first or second dose at their surgery are now being redirected to centrally-run vaccination centres.

The already not very motivated having to go even further to get a “vaccine”? Nah. As for those areas with higher take-up, where are they supposed to be if  “the UK may have already hit maximum uptake”?

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    appreciate the effort, Very Interesting. Thank-you.

    Wolf bares it’s teeth, the house is made of straw, and with special deference to lupus – the porkers squabble and scratch for position – with built-in terror of a failing appetite, are cast to hunger, so it is, that any arrant fools could guide that flesh through the lower world, has and does.

  2. Theguvnor says:

    Just when you thought they couldn’t get more devious or desperate on ‘freedom day’ they introduce backdoor nightclub passports. Let’s hope the nippers resilience persists

  3. Needle, swab, nasal spray – they want you infected with devices unseen by the naked eye, and controversial in their end game – extermination of vast swathes of humanity to save the planet from human destruction, but leave behind enough ‘Borg’ individuals – transhumans with their graphene mechanics building blocks of control mechanisms using the human body’s natural elements – to service the needs and continued expansion of power over God. To replace God. It’s not about saving the planet (the Universe is in control), it’s not about money (it’s all digital from a keyboard), and ‘health’ is the smokescreen for Eugenics.

    • P W Laurie says:

      No. There’s no point being pharaoh unless you have huge armies of slaves to lord it over. Metal ones are not required, because the flesh and blood types are willing enough. And get with it: God has always been replaced, but you are allowed a version if it keeps you on the reservation.

      People create God’s work and manifest God, or they create something else on the behest of liars for the benefit of those liars; as people are seemingly by nature prone to believe any horsecrap presented to them, God therefore doesn’t manifest. “Power over God” is human stupidity – thus has it ever been. “They” (who?) don’t need to alter any status quo – quite the reverse. Are people capable of not being dumb? That is the question.

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