Published On: Sun, Jul 11th, 2021

Ha-ha! Crap UK Government is too clever for its own good as football psyop trips over its own political messaging

Truly representing non-functioning, post-normal, post-meritocratic, banana republic Britain, the much hailed “inclusive” “England” football team can’t triumph in a competition that had been fixed for it to win (see Regulated Behaviour To Mitigate The Spread Of “Covid-19”? Who Gives A Toss When UK Government Wants The Football Propaganda Gift – Plus, How Far Will It Go To Get It? – link).


Update, 12th July: There’s bitter recrimination this morning in the Capitol of Panem, with UK Government and the FA of England charging people who have noticed the sacrifice to equality and diversity with being racist (using, as grist for the mill, what looks like a fake/foreign-account blizzard of abuse in social media of penalty taking failures Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho [which could in fact be military intelligence led]).

The position at FBEL is this: people shouldn’t blame the player with the very obvious immigrant’s name (who got to play ahead of millions of Smith and Joneses) who was very obviously positioned to cut a saviour-hero figure and to score a final, perhaps even winning goal in a penalty shoot out that, by the time he stepped up to take his own, had already gone very badly wrong due to inadequacy that isn’t foreseen in utopic planning. No. The blame is to be laid with UK Government, who clearly should have done something about the two old white men  who sing the “It’s Coming Home” anthem, so that they were replaced with affirmative-actioned, wheelchair-bound, ethnic, transgender lesbians. This would have been much more motivational.


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