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Regulated behaviour to mitigate the spread of “Covid-19”? Who gives a toss when UK Government wants the football propaganda gift – Plus, how far will it go to get it?

One of the ways that “Covid-19” is betrayed as a hoax is the way that regulations which are supposed to be enforced to mitigate the spread of the disease become overlooked in certain circumstances where they are highly inconvenient. Take, for example, the UK Government’s desire to engender a feeling of national unity in England from the success of the England Football Association’s senior team, which is currently taking part in some international competition or other.

Consider the following from The Independent, and see how social distancing is actually not as important as creating a scene where as many people as possible can be seen celebrating, potentially, something that has always been misrepresented as  national success, the closer that possible success comes:

More than 60,000 fans are set to be at Wembley tonight [for “England” versus “Denmark”] in what is expected to be the biggest sporting attendance in the UK since the start of the pandemic.

Just over 40,000 spectators were in attendance as England defeated Germany at Wembley in the last-16, but the stadium’s capacity has been increased to 75 per cent for the semi-finals and final.

It should be said that all people in attendance at any match in Britain throughout the course of this competition have had (and will be required) to show “vaccine” certification (i.e. that they have been jabbed with two doses of “Covid-19 vaccine”), or show they have had a negative test for “Covid-19”. However, it appears to be a badly kept secret that supporters are faking proof of the test†, and that a blind eye is being turned – as it probably would be, if UK Government just wants bums on seats.

To have bums on seats would be centrally imperative in its requirements, so it is no surprise to hear that UK Government is looking at allowing Wembley to hold more than 60,000 if England reach the final. Moreover, in quite the coincidence, the end of restrictions on July 19th will be just in time for an England victory parade through London, which could be attended by hundreds of thousands – “vaccinated” or not, untested or not.

So, of course, because the author can think, sees the double standards and the failure to police when it is inconvenient to do so, knows the UK Government for what it is, and because he understands that travel restrictions are such so that only England fans could fill a Wembley stadium when it holds the final‡, he can well imagine that there is a plan to have England win this soccer competition, and have the arrested development suffering proletariat feed on the bread and circus. And, UK Government so plainly wants this, that some fixing may have been done to bring it about.

Of course, in writing such things, one is always aware of how one is up against incredible levels of gullibility and gormlessness in people who want to feel good about themselves – this time, by having a soccer team claiming to represent their nation put on school-boy shorts and kick a ball into a goal more times that the other team (claiming to represent another country). It doesn’t matter if one can support one’s argument, because by the time such people should be reading this sentence, they have already deserted the site, unwilling as they are to learn something that would really benefit them could they only be honest with themselves.

No one should be so naïve that they can’t  contemplate that the outcome of a soccer match could be fixed. To create a score to match and make a winner from a high stakes bet would be the prime motivation, and there has been previous in this entire respect in England, as the following extract from a 2014 Guardian article shows:

In the wake of an outbreak of alleged matchfixing in the Football League and English non-league football, the FA is considering plans to extend its rules prohibiting players from gambling on competitions in which they have an interest to an outright ban on all betting.

Of course, this reporting is from the same time as there was a scandal regarding FIFA corruption – FIFA being the body responsible for running world football. Unfortunately, as far as the author followed it, there was no comprehension expressed in the coverage of the scandal that indiscretions involving inordinate amounts of money at the top of the FIFA hierarchy could explain so many inexplicable moments in the history of world soccer.

The author finally rejected the sport because he discovered that it was for children and he, being a grown man, shouldn’t have any concern about it whatsoever, but before that there was a process of disillusionment. Soccer watching stopped after a particular incident that was a final straw, and served as more confirmation of a long held suspicion that international football matches certainly were fixed.

The incident in question happened in the 2010 World Cup match between “England” and “Germany” where match officials failed to acknowledge a clear goal by the English player, Frank Lampard.

Other infamous staging posts on the author’s journey to rejecting the sport were the disallowing of two perfectly lawful goals by the English player, Sol Campbell, scored against “Argentina” in the 1998 World Cup and against “Portugal” in the 2004 European competition respectively. Both were ruled out on the pretext of fouls against the opposition goal keeper, but in fact no infringements had been committed.

In the first case, the Argentine goal keeper had already started to descend in his leap as the ball passed over him, so that he would never have reached it. The English player blamed for having the goal disallowed was irrelevant – the ball would have arrived at Campbell’s head in any case.

In the second case, the Portuguese goal keeper was scrambling to get into the space underneath a falling ball – which was already occupied by the English player who was deemed to have committed the foul. In fact, the keeper would have had to climb this player to get to the ball. Campbell leapt into the air above this situation, without committing any foul himself.

These moments were all crucial for blocking the way forward for the English team in their progression through the respective tournaments, and so they were turning points in the entire system of each competition. This is not to entirely blame match officials for fixes – the English team has put itself out of competitions many a time with failing to win a penalty shootout. The thing that the author now can’t believe about these is how men who do nothing all day long except kick a football – and get paid millions of pounds to do it – can suddenly make one travel tens of yards either side or over a 24-by-8 foot goal.

Of course, disqualifying incidents that have kept a favoured team (meaning one meant to stay in the competition) in the competition, have happened to many others. Teams who are good enough by talent will naturally threaten the plan, and they all must be made to get out of the way, somehow or another (in the 1966 World Cup, now moronically mythologised in England, the Argentinian and Uruguayan teams, when playing the eventual finalists in the quarter-finals, had players sent off҂).

The least that can be said to people who are so incredibly naïve that they can’t understand that fixing could happen to satisfy a best-sales strategy (millions of Chinese will pay to watch a top team, but won’t be so interested in another that doesn’t have what is essentially a brand), if not a betting scam, if not the political machinations of a government, is that that the cheating in soccer is so evident and so common, and that people will yet not grow up out of it, says everything about their excessively inadequate characters.

As for the claim that the soccer is a propaganda gift that the UK Government wants to exploit, and could manipulate in order to enhance the desired effects, the best way to illustrate is to just to present some typical corporate-media coverage, which makes everything very self-evident. The first extract is from Sky:

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer have both sent messages of support to the Three Lions.

“Gareth Southgate and the England squad have done the nation proud in the Euros, and tonight we will all be wishing them the best of luck in getting to the final. Bring it home!” the prime minister said.

Sir Keir said the team “will have the whole nation behind them” and that “both on and off the pitch, they have shown the best of England. There’s been only one song featured in our house since Saturday – it’s coming home”.

Prince William, who was seen enthusiastically celebrating during the win over Germany, will again be at Wembley for the match in his role as FA president.

His father, Prince Charles, may also be tuning in after a royal source confirmed that “both Their Royal Highnesses will be closely following the outcome”.

Charles also got in the spirit on Tuesday when he invited the Coldstream Guards to play fans’ anthems Three Lions and Sweet Caroline in the gardens of Clarence House.

This next extract is from the online inews newspaper – and in this one, there is a revisit of the shrugging of Government shoulders regarding the inconvenience of its own restrictions in the face of the execution of a higher priority psychological operation:

Wembley Stadium could be packed to the rafters if England beat Denmark to make their first major tournament final in 55 years on Wednesday evening, i understands.

Government sources have told i that a 90,000-capacity crowd for the Euro 2020 final “cannot be ruled out” if Gareth Southgate’s team make the final on Sunday.

One Government adviser said: “There are big issues to overcome, but this week the prospect of England being in the final has been discussed. Of course, there are issues over Covid and people being packed into Wembley, but there is also the view that hundreds of thousands of people will be out watching anyway and there’s nothing anyone can really do about that…

As well as the possibility of a packed Wembley for the final, the Government has also consulted on whether it could give the green light to a victory parade for England should the team go all the way to lift the trophy.

If it is given the go-ahead fans are likely to have to wait just over a week. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he intended to lift all social Covid-19 restrictions on 19 July, which would technically allow hundreds of thousands to attend a celebration of an England victory.

The options under consideration for a victory parade include the traditional bus tour through London but, in order to limit crowds, a celebration with the England squad and performances from the likes of the Three Lions band the Lightening Seeds could be held in a venue such as Hyde Park.

UK Government wants to turn the English FA’s soccer team’s victory into a major celebration, having conveniently (for now) pre-empted any reason to object (along the lines of the official bogus “science”) in respect of mass congregations of people. Imagine it reader, hundreds of thousands of morons, the future streak-of-piss king, his thick-witted son and the duchess of see-thru-nightie, Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer, all bouncing around to a third rate piece of pop-music, all presented by television corporate-media in a spirit of high jubilation to millions of other morons in pubs and at home (who wangled it to get off work early – if they’ve still got any), because if lauding the NHS won’t make an idiocratic nation feel as if it is all-in-it-together and unified in that just-won-a-war sort of way (no matter how hard or how often you do it), then celebrating the fleeting moment when everyone’s own “national” sports team wins a few games of soccer on the trot is something that will never fail.


† This is from the London Broadcasting Company:

Richard from Oxford called LBC ahead of England’s Euro 2020 semi-final against Denmark at Wembley tonight.

Explaining he was a steward at Wembley and was working on the night England played against Germany he told a shocking tale of dangerous fraud.

“It’s common knowledge amongst the fans that there are screenshots going on and people are sending one another their negative tests.”


‡ Foreign teams will have support from nationals of the same country living in the UK (so, perversely, EU citizens with the pseudo British citizenship, on the road to having the full blown version). The Danish FA has been allocated 6,000 tickets to go to Danes living in the UK. Here it is officially: “Football fans from overseas will be barred from attending the finals and semi-finals of Euro 2020 at Wembley despite the Government allowing 60,000 spectators to attend”).

҂ The following is from a Guardian piece, “Why not everyone remembers the 1966 World Cup as fondly as England”:

23 July, the day when all four quarter-finals had kicked off simultaneously at 3pm, was particularly infamous. On that day one of the eventual finalists – West Germany – beat a South American side who had two players sent off by an English referee, and the other eventual finalist – England – beat another South American side, who had one player sent off by a West German referee…

the big problem was the refereeing. Some European teams had reasonable complaints – when England beat France 2-0 the first goal was possibly offside and the second was scored while Jacques Simon writhed injured on the grass after being hobbled by the unpunished Nobby Stiles, while England’s third goal in the final surely did not cross the line – but the South Americans felt particularly victimised…

To be fair, Argentina were not the only ones unimpressed with the West German referee Rudolf Kreitlein. In the Sunday Times Brian Glanville described “a small man, strutting portentously about the field, bald, brown head gleaming in the sunshine, [as he] put name after Argentinian name into his notebook. One was reminded of a schoolboy collecting railway engine numbers.”

Eusébio, whose Portugal team would play the winners, said: “The referee always seemed to see only the worst faults of the Argentina players. He could not see the faults of the England players.”

The Italian newspaper Il Messaggero wrote an article headlined “Scandal in London – too much favouritism for the England team”, which described Rattín’s dismissal as “a colossal injustice which offended against the very essence of sport” and “succeeded in surrounding the England team with a hearty and definite dislike from all who are not blinded by fanaticism”.

Update, 8th July:

Unsurprisingly, the English team won the semi-final against “Denmark” after being awarded a penalty – in essence, a free goal.

Here are some contemporary views by people who are not blinded by fanaticism for the English FA’s senior team:

“[The referee] made a really big mistake on the penalty and this will be debated for a long, long time. It’s a hard one to take because it’s not a penalty,” said the former Manchester United keeper [Peter Schmeichel], who won the Euros with Denmark in 1992.


The author imagines that there were no mistakes from the referee – far from it. This is from the Daily Mail:

They haven’t always seen eye-to-eye but, for once, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger have agreed that England should not have been awarded the penalty which led to their winning goal against Denmark on Wednesday…

Replays showed that little contact was made during the challenge on Sterling, which saw the England superstar accused of ‘diving’ as a result by rivals fans.

And just what about this:

Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel had a laser pen shone at his face as Harry Kane stepped up for England’s penalty in their Euro 2020 semi final clash.

ITV showed footage of a green laser flashing across Schmeichel’s face as he prepared to face Kane’s extra-time penalty at Wembley on Wednesday night.

The goalkeeper did not appear to be aware of the attempted distraction and saved the penalty, before Kane tucked away the rebound to score what would be the winning goal.

ITV presenter Mark Pougatch condemned the unknown perpetrator.

Unknown? Mi5? One of their boot boys?
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  1. PhilB says:

    You can also see (in videos) the laser bouncing off the back of Schmeichel’s head. So more than one laser gunner it seems. And nobody in the crowd noticed of course.

  2. Timeishell says:

    as you say – bread and circuses, the masterbatory blindness of the destitute,feed the distraction, nurture hypocrisy. If it calls for manipulating the movement, the destruction of truth, then the followers can be easily swayed, biased toward the lie, all it need do, is gratify.

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