Published On: Tue, Aug 3rd, 2021

Audience numbers and work to come in August and September

It’s time again for a report of FBEL’s viewing numbers and a briefing on what to expect in terms of upcoming material.

The only thing that really remains to be done in terms of coverage of the Coronahoax is to produce a long promised history of SARS. And while it has been promised, and no doubt I will get around to it at some point, I don’t see that there is any priority to be given to covering “Covid-19 vaccine” damage for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I understand that adverse reactions to “Covid-19 vaccine” are all forms of standard immune system overreaction and injury to the nervous system, and this subject was covered in the article, MHRA Yellow Card Data To 28th February: Clues For Case That Vaccines Damage The Nervous System. If rampant “vaccine” injury seems apparent to you, reader, there is no great horrified response from the people who invent, manufacture and dish the stuff out because they have expectations that it will cause the very damage discussed – as per usual as per previous vaccines – and they are allowed to get away with causing a certain level of maiming and murder. If there appears to be quantities of damage that we think go beyond this leeway, then don’t forget the matter of relative scale: the sheer size of the “Covid-19 vaccine” programme in the UK is surely unprecedented. What I would like to do is perhaps show the link between autoimmune illness and blood clotting, because there is such a thing, and it probably needs to be done.

Secondly, when you look at “Covid-19 vaccine” in the context of usual NHS illness seeding, there isn’t a new story. At FBEL, the focus is on understanding that the seeding of illness to create sickness for dependency on allopathic medicine always goes on as an element of government’s control grid. See, for instance, the articleThe Beneficent NHS, Where Corporate-Government Makes A Buck From Population Control.

On the really-must-do pile is one more article about the forcing of Kim Leadbeater in the recent Batley and Spen by-election – it’s one that got pushed down the list, but it needs to be published as a matter of record, and as part of keeping tabs on the promotion of Labour to occupy the ceremonial office of the executive branch (as we know, reader, the important decisions are made above the Prime Minister’s head). Before that, however, there will be an article where there is now only a placeholder under the title, The Times Outs Controlled Alternative Media – although the priority story at the moment is the attack on the MT Mercer Street which may have actually been about disrupting a UK spying operation (the back story for saying so  comes from the article Of Silent Ships: Keeping Track Of Information That Passes In The Night). This is coming in the next few days.

Going forward, there will a series inspired by the book, Secret Casualties of World War Two: Uncovering the Civilian Deaths from Friendly Fire, by Simon Webb, as announced recently (here), and also an Olympics project that looks at the games’ distinct and permeating Freemasonic flavour with especial reference to 2012. There will also be more in the series on the inquest into the Fishmonger Hall “terror” incident, and in the State Crime and Police Cover-up series (see here for a sample) – and not to forget that there will be more in the Prohibition and Covid-19 series as the economic fallout of the Coronahoax makes itself manifest.

On, there really will be an effort to add a chapter each to the Mystery School Christianity, Night of the Krypteia (an introduction to which can be read here), and the Chichester Cathedral books.

The first chart (way) below shows number of visits, lasting more than 30 seconds and also more than 30 minutes. The second chart shows total number of hours spent by visitors at the site (see the previous bulletin of this ilk for an explanation as to why this represents a conservative estimate).


As always, thanks.

P W Laurie

P.S. I am going to be keeping my eye on something called Guardians300, which is an organisation that appears to charge money to train “Common Law Constables” to basically do what anyone can do for and of themselves, and indeed should be doing, and without having to pay to know about it.

And this, their vision statement, puzzles me:

To be the world leader in the provision of a universally applicable common law training model and its creation of communities, enabling people and communities to develop autonomy in their knowledge, skills and beliefs, providing the support they need to stand in their sovereign power.

Guardians 300 act as a global focal point for the practical application of common law and the re- establishment of human rights for all men and women, according to the established constitution of our country.

Our infrastructure will provide a smooth and progressive way of learning and applying principles of common law training, and certifying people in its practical application throughout the world. Our trainers will maintain the highest level of competence and professional standards, providing a model for others to follow.

As well as not liking the use of the term “human rights” instead of “civil liberties”, which should make you wonder about what they mean when they use the word “constitution” (the rights of the King?), I don’t understand the concern with having global appeal, and wonder how compatible it is with what should be a matter of local, and even individual activity. How can these people come out of nowhere and have an infrastructure for  “certifying people… throughout the world”? Why are these people internationalists, and yet claim to be about common law in “our country”? [Cut from the same cloth as the internationalist nationalist alternative media of the likes discussed here, perhaps?].

I don’t understand how it appears to be lost on these people that their top-down bestowment of authority onto individuals who pay for it is not legitimate, and I think what they are doing ultimately works to appeal to a “someone will come and save me” mentality. Besides which, I don’t like the logo, which refers to the Spartans – an elite amongst the Helot slave class, against whom the original Krypteia was wielded.

Another organisation that I will keep an eye on is “Common Law Courts, Great Britain and International”, which wants people to register their birth certificate as a matter of first instance engagement. What???!!!! A Common Law court gets its authority from the people it serves. Where does the authority for this outfit come from apart from the bogus kind that it has declared for itself?


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