Published On: Sun, Aug 1st, 2021

The Freemasonic Olympics takes place nine years after 2012, but it’s no moment of triumph for Toontown (the City of London)

Out of the blue, there is going to be an extensive project at FBEL that centres around the Olympic Games – which, of course, are currently ongoing in Japan – and it’s all due to an incidence of serendipity.

A commenter made a good observation on the most recent article, which was partly about expectation management propaganda produced in 1936 regarding the planned Second World War – and call the author a bit dim, but the point was not got at first. To mitigate, the author did make sure he was a stranger to the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony at the time of its delivery, and ever since. However, with interest piqued, the bizarre spectacle was found on the internet, and watched into the early hours of this morning, and it was concluded that perhaps what the commenter meant was that the London Olympic Games opening ceremony was also expectation management, and with its odd focus on the NHS, a message about things to come; i.e. the fake pandemic – the Coronahoax.

While it’s true that a potential or a pre-established predilection in the British public to worship the NHS was required for the execution of the fake pandemic in the UK – and that the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony might well have been a piece of direct programming in that respect – the main drive of that show of 27th July, 2012, was Luciferian teaching.

First there was the history of the British Socialist State, with a Freemasonic slant  – naturally – where Georgian England was depicted as the Garden of Eden (so a prison, according to the perspective), and then there was a Victorian Lord of the Rings style transformation, where collectivised men and women, freed from their prisons, according to the perspective,  but grubby and unwashed in appearance, leapt fully formed from the earth like orcs to smother the green and pleasant land (the building of Jerusalem – or the Temple – the symbol of the completion of the Great Work to secure the Pharaoh class – or those who took legitimacy from King David [yes, it is barmy] – in its rule once and for all).  After the story of the establishment of the British Socialist State (Year Zero in the history of Luciferian Britain, explaining why the opening ceremony omitted any number of notable events that happened in the previous 2000 years), there was a drawn out presentation where it was explained how the masses are controlled for the maintenance of the status quo: first there is the arrested development foisted on a public that then cannot react in an adult way to its subjugation, as represented by sick, hospitalised children as captive trauma victims. Secondly, the walls of a house became a kind of flickering Kaaba of Mecca (a temple for an Aphrodite), literally representing the TV in the home, and the viper at the breast, that pied-pipes the young with pop music through the ages into a state of tribal dancing trance to the culturally vacuous Oirish-equivalent-of-fake-Jamaican accented noise of prison and black victimhood culture with electronic, synthesised drum – so the banging isn’t even real.

The serendipity comes in because it was just the other week, it seems, that the readers of FBEL were being treated to the history of the British Socialist State in the articleProhibition And Covid-19; Part Four: An Historical Context; Social Engineering For Grabbing Power, which used as its featured image a copy of the 1988 Economist front cover showing a phoenix wearing the global currency minted in 2018 as a medallion. Of course, a phoenix featured in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, along with an actual pyramid, built as the viewer looked on (evidently, the author hasn’t watched this yet), so that the Great Work completed Freemasonic messaging would be quite clear.

The serendipity also comes from how it was planned to write some routine exposure of controlled alternative media (which is still in the pipelines) which happened to hark back to the 2012 Olympics with regards the security apparatus theatre, and the hysteria that was stoked by US/UK government operatives regarding the prospect of an attack on the games by terrorists – i.e. a false flag attack. When the aforementioned reader left a comment under a story about putting anti-aircraft into population centres to (in part) give the impression that the enemy was bombing civilians, then the author automatically thought about this aspect, and the deployment of actual missiles into the grounds and onto the rooftops of residential areas in 2012.

Of course, the terror scare and reintroduction to overt military oversight of and interference into civil affairs was a significant feature and driving motivation for UK Government’s modus operandi for the 2012 Olympics, although it was also a diversion, because at the time, in Syria, the people responsible for domestic false flag attacks had escalated a bid to overthrow Bashir al-Assad. And this brings us to another point of serendipity.

Only this week has corporate-media been signalling the failure of the Arab Spring. A coup in Tunisia, it is reckoned, signifies this – as an article by Patrick Cockburn at The Independent relates. The headline is, “The last survivor of the Arab Spring has fallen – as the Middle East returns to a dark past”, and the sub-headline is “The constitutional coup in Tunisia concludes the tragic saga of the uprisings of 2011 that tried to end dictatorship and deprivation”, and the following is an extract from the body of the piece:

One by one, the countries that briefly dreamed of a bright future in 2011 saw their hopes extinguished. In Bahrain, the Sunni monarchy ferociously stamped out demonstrations by the Shia majority, torturing doctors who had treated the injured and claiming, without any evidence, that the protests were orchestrated by Iran.

The outcome of the Arab Spring was uniformly disastrous in that in the six countries where it took hold the situation is worse than before. In three of them – Libya, Syria and Yemen – civil wars, all fuelled and manipulated by outside powers, are raging and show no sign of ending. Governments in Egypt and Bahrain, which is effectively a proxy of Saudi Arabia, ruthlessly crush any signs of dissent. Predictably, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have both welcomed the presidential coup in Tunisia.

Now, this is quite the admission – but then there can be no hiding the fact that Anglo-globalist plans for North Africa and the Middle East are in tatters – not to mention that since 2011 there has emerged a new fear of Iran which has proven that it will be a deadly adversary. So, reader, although the people who organised the fake pandemic on a seemingly global scale (and a long overdue piece on how Swiss Freemasonry is under the City of London [a project inspired by the same helpful reader, incidentally] would lend a lot of understanding to how this was possible) have managed to wangle what could never have happened so that the 2020 Olympics is being held in 2021 – nine years after the 2012 Olympics – there cannot be any sense of triumph about it. Maybe this is why it is not open to the public. And although the official excuse is the fake pandemic, maybe the Japanese Government doesn’t want to tempt those who would benefit from a false flag attack at a time when one is perhaps more desperately required than it was in 2012.

In the extensive project to come, there will be further exploration of all the topics here raised, including how the number nine represents gates of initiation, and how the Olympics is thoroughly Freemasonic so that there are even three steps (degrees) on a winner’s podium, at the top of which is the awarding of gold – or fire – or light [it astonishes the author to no end that there is alternative media that actually goes by this name, and that so many apparently invest themselves in it] – or gnosis – or godhood (the bullshit† variety, naturally). We’ll even perhaps get into that Swiss Freemasonry exposé, and definitely notice how the pyramid-cum-obelisk (Osiris’ penis) Shard building was built in time for the 2012 Olympics.


The City of London

There is significance to this. In the Laurie household, London City is called Toontown because of how it’s new skyline looks like it is wobbling and even leaning over into the street (like the city of the cartoons that Bob Hoskins is loath to visit in Who Killed Roger Rabbit?, which bob around in old cartoon fashion), and what the Shard, along with the already built so-called Gherkin, represented in 2012 was a stage of development towards a full compliment of crazy constructions that are still meant to be completed by the middle of the present decade (see the image above for a picture of how it is envisioned). Fundamentally, it is pyramid building, undoubtedly to symbolise the triumph of the City of London, but there is cause to understand this to be fatal hubris, and also to indulge in a little gloating over what is a stupendously funny thing, which is this: the City of London’s triumph is never going to happen: people who by necessity of principle have to abandon the reason of the Renaissance for the incontinence of Gothicism (essentially a skyline of towers is one of those medieval castle where there is no thought for eurythmy – harmony in placement – or proportion related to human scale), are not equipped to win.

Moreover, the City of London looks like Toontown. How can it be taken seriously?


† The uncustomary swearing is for accent, because that we ultimately deal with nonsense is something that needs to be driven home, particularly to alternative media audiences, which are not as clever as they think.

In a future article on the Lord of the Rings style transformation, there’s going to be a look at the Son of Icke’s criticism of the 2012 opening ceremony which was given high profile in corporate-media, as it would. Unsurprisingly, Freemasonry is not mentioned, but instead Icke reinforces the very same schemes of new-ageism, and has his audience perceive in terms of the occult and Satanism; it’s a device that lots of controlled alternative media use so as not to mention Freemasonry. The FBEL article, 100 Years Of War Death Worship (Its Luciferian Significance) & Troping UK Government Crime, explains why “Satanism” is not the same as Luciferianism, and how the term “occult” is redundant when one is discussing Freemasonry.

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  1. Ken Michael says:

    Re: Covid / Gene-Therapy “Side-Effects”

    1) Could it be covid and/or gene-therapy “jabs” impact showing up in top Olympic + non-Olympic sports ‘stars’ at / during Tokyo Olympics, in particular with top female gymnast Simone Biles and top female tennis player Naomi Osaka plus top English / international cricketer Ben Stokes withdrawing from their events / sports blaming ‘mental issues’. Probably others too? There have also been a number of unexplained surprise / below expectation Olympic performances.. If it were to be possible (a BIG IF) to analyze and publish in the public domain the full Olympic results comparing performance of countries / athletes against expectations, taking into account what if any gene-therapy jabs have been administered to athletes / teams, together with prevalence of covid in their respective environments / their exposure to covid infection – in detail – it could prove to be most illuminating. [I’m sure this will indeed be done by those behind the covid/vaccine-hoax, but, unless hacked out, I doubt such will come to light – and even if it does, expect it to be denied.]

    2) Whether or not PM Boris’s wife actually had a miscarriage on a recent pregnancy (suspect ‘false-flag’), this story very much looks like a herald for a media campaign making out how discussion of such was hitherto suppressed / encouraging more public discussion of such, in an attempt to head off thinking / accusations that the increasing number of ‘female problems’ which women are experiencing is being brought on by covid and/or (more likely) gene-therapy jabs… [Along the lines of the mental health ‘taboo’ above.]

  2. Ken Michael says:

    Re “Covid-19 vaccine”

    Why have govt, corporate media, other spokespersons et al been instructed to switch from using the term “vaccine/s” to using the term “jab/s”…? Is it ultimately for financial reasons?… Whilst it suits big-pharma manufacturers to have their experimental, unproven products labelled “vaccine/s” without due process testing of their products to ascertain long-term effects prior to mass-(mis?)use, with govts shielding them against liabilities, someone somewhere must think it prudent for MI7 to use “jab/s”, as if using the latter is going to somehow mitigate violation of their ‘Duty Of Care’…?

    I wonder how many people would volunteer for “jabs” without properly informed consent if these were referred to more accurately as ‘experimental chemotherapy to insert new instructions into their cells’, or ‘experimental gene modification therapy to reprogram their genes’, or ‘experimental therapy to cause their bodies to initiate production of bioactive cytotoxin spike proteins (with or without covid infection)’?… This is what they’re volunteering for to a greater or lesser extent whether they get mRNA or viral-vector type jabs and/or boosters. And they do so notwithstanding experimentation without proper informed consent violating the Nuremberg Code,19, which spells out a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation. This set of principles were developed to ensure the medical horrors discovered during the Nuremberg Trials at the end of World War II would never take place again. Coercion of human subjects to participate in medical experimentation is specifically forbidden. To boot, public health policies which meet generally accepted criteria for coercion / incentivization to participate in clinical research are also forbidden. The Geneva Convention, The Helsinki Declaration, and the entire structure which supports ethical human subjects research requires that research subjects be fully informed of risks and must consent to participation without coercion. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by national authorities basically grants a short-term right to administer the research product to human subjects without written informed consent, however an unlicensed medical product deployed under EUA remains designated an experimental product under clinical research development.

    All of the world’s big-pharma businesses are intertwined, making use of a myriad of one another’s’ patents to make up the whole of each of their products. With AstraZeneca’s viral vector covid jab now being regarded as having substantially reduced effectiveness against covid variants (latest figures from Israel show it down to 22% – AZ jabs themselves being responsible in large part for variant evolution) there’s a converging shift towards inclusion / use of mRNA gene-modification elements broadly across the spectrum of manufacturers’ covid products. For a picture of the global complexity see pharma network visuals pertaining to mRNA jabs via this link:

    Nb For many years big-pharma execs, scientists, PR, marketing, et al have been openly promoting mRNA therapy/modification ~ human operating system software update technology (your body as your hardware, your genetic code as software and mRNA injections as software updates) ~ transhumanism. But, for all the hundreds of billions of dollars spent over the years pursuing this agenda, no successful treatment for any disease has been produced using mRNA therapy – NOT ONE – in fact not one mRNA product has been approved by regulators… It’s easy to see why big-pharma & transhumanists seized the covid opportunity to experiment on billions worldwide, bypassing the regulatory testing / approval process – and without recourse!

    It is notable how definitions are retrospectively being revised to fit transhumanism, for instance, jabs which would NOT have fallen within established definitions of “vaccine” are now being accommodated by new, revised definitions to include radically different types of products to be injected… While this has been relatively straightforward insofar as online dictionaries are concerned, the historic definition is well entrenched in scholarly articles. Also, it isn’t so simple to change legal / contract definitions (insurance / liabilities / damages etc).

  3. Ken Michael says:

    Ref above 22% AZ quoted by Israeli health authority: Brit corporate media is today reporting evidence indicating overall ineffectiveness of jabs wrt the Delta variant, which will come as no surprise to big-pharma as their jabs caused the virus to mutate – it’s what viruses do to survive, as per eg the flu virus racket which is developed from and targets past flu viruses but is ineffective against new season flu virus mutations largely caused by past flu jabs. So it is that the value of mass virus vaccination programs as virus eradicators is inversely proportional to their value as big-pharma enrichers – vicious cycles from a public health perspective / virtual cycles from a big-pharma wealth perspective!

    [Expect MI7 to ‘disappear’ this subject matter reporting or ‘reconfigure’ it to suit new tactic soon.]
    Coronavirus levels in people with the Delta variant are similar regardless of whether or not they’ve been vaccinated, early analysis suggests. Public Health England’s (PHE) said levels of virus in those who become infected with Delta having already been vaccinated are similar to levels found in unvaccinated people.

    And PHE recent data release showed that fully ‘vaccinated’ hospital patients were six times more likely to die of the COVID Delta variant than unvaccinated patients. The info showed up in Table 6 of the 77-page document re the attendance to emergency care and deaths by vaccination status of 33,206 confirmed Delta variant cases admitted to NHS hospitals. (PHE ceased publishing this specific comparison chart following this eye-opener.)

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