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The Times outs controlled alternative media; Part One: a preamble

In 2012, ahead of the London Olympics, the cherry on top of the noisy, verging-on-hysterical chatter in alternative media  about the prospect of a false-flag attack, was a threatened alien arrival (during the closing ceremony). This will be hard to believe for people driven to this arena because of how the Coronahoax has caused scales to fall from eyes, but it is completely true. It was a flap of the sort that the author is well wise to these days (and so refrains from contributing to): the whole false flag speculation was a commotion instituted by people who always want a diversion – plus the scope to ridicule the useful idiot promulgators of said speculation. That the alien story arrived from the apparent direction of Mi5’s Nick Pope can only confirm military intelligence as the originator of the whole project. Another clue was the willing corporate-media as vehicle; the Daily Mail, or the “MailOnline”, which has always had the biggest consumer numbers on or off the internet, would not only report (as an example) the following…

A senior Army officer has warned that unmanned drones carrying deadly poison could be used in a devastating terrorist attack during the Olympic Games.

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Fahy delivered the grim warning at a meeting intended to allay the fears of residents worried about the Army’s plans to place missiles on the rooftops of flats.

but it would also carry this:

[Pope] warned: ‘With the summer of mass events we are all on high alert for terrorism. But we must also cast our eyes further afield and be prepared for even the most seemingly unfathomable.”…

‘If aliens have studied our psychology, they may choose to appear in our skies on a significant date – the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games is one date being widely circulated by conspiracy groups…

[Pope] said: ‘The government must – and has planned – for the worst-case scenario: alien attack and alien invasion.

‘Space shuttles, lasers and directed-energy weapons are all committed via the Alien Invasion War Plan to defence against any alien ships in orbit.

‘If UFOs came into our atmosphere, RAF jets such as the Eurofighter Typhoons, and missiles such as the Rapiers guarding the Olympic Games would be well equipped to enter the fray.’

Of course, the conspiracy groups referred to by this flagrant liar are the corn circle and methylated spirits drinking societies that build a world of harmless delusion around the disinformation supplied to them by frauds of Pope’s ilk – but by talking about an attack by aliens, the nutbars are conflated in the eyes of a mainstream audience, which is chuckling as it reads Pope’s horse crap,  with people who are very much engaged in current geopolitics, and can show that the World Trade Centre was control demolished, but who at the time of the Olympics were being whipped into a frenzy by a military intelligence campaign about the possibility of a new outrage, and thus must have looked equally crazy.

The author admits that he too was dumb back then, and did write an article about the prospect of a false flag attack based on the pronouncements of Brian Fahy. It is something that wouldn’t happen again, however, and at least yours truly didn’t get so lost as to not recognise that the chatter about about the prospect of an attack, whomever it was committed by, was conceding the need for the security theatre, including missiles on rooftops (this extract is from the FBEL article next linked to below):

The Olympics security theatre itself is a hoax and an assault by our Government upon us and our liberties – and our expectations for and about ourselves. The paraphernalia of security-overkill, such as missile systems on roof tops, is psychological to make us think that the security is necessary. I imagine that for the Establishment, the really important thing to come out of the Olympics will be that Britons will have started being conditioned by exposure to intrusive security, and that Britons will have started to embrace a society defined by draconian, over-the-top security, and the necessity for it. The criminals in power aren’t going to get away with what they are doing without… changing the minds of the public….

So, to undermine what the Establishment can exploit the Olympics for, we need to attack the security theatre and the process of prison-training that we can see happening before our eyes, rather than a potential catastrophic disaster which they probably want us to focus on, but which we cannot see.

If ever there was a rule of thumb regarding judging credibility, then it is expressed in the last line of the above extract: they let you see what they want you to see, and they want you concerned about a problem that you cannot fix. Here’s another one: a flap that corporate-media leads is a psychological operation, but sometimes, just because of issues of appealing to certain audiences, this leading has to be a job for Mi7’s alternative network.

Back in 2012, a principle actor in the false flag chatter community in what we can now discern as being controlled alternative media was Ben Fellows, who at first went by the name of Lee Hazledean, and if IMDB is talking about the same person (because Fellows was an actor), has another name again.

This individual claimed to be a whistleblower, who provided the same sort of basic information that would subsequently appear, or had already been paraded in corporate-media from other people unhappy with the security provision at the Olympic Games by G4S. However, he also claimed to have knowledge of preparations being made to evacuate London after an expected major terrorist incident, and that the G4S Olympic security detail would be involved in this operation, and this is how he came by the information. More details can be found in  the two articles that were written by this author at the time of the emergence of Ben Fellows as a figure promoted by US and UK alternative media and are now archived at this site: Archive: The Lee Hazledean Hoax (Captured In Two Articles).

Of course, it was staple military intelligence run alternative media fare, and as surprisingly tolerant as yours truly was back then, at least it was noted that one of the options that Fellows might fall into was “knowing agent of disinformation”. Moreover, even then yours truly pointed out the trick of reliance on and exploitation of ignorance, and a substitute untrue explanation that alternative media uses to deceive (regarding military helicopters, this time, if the reader would like to read the abovementioned archive material).  Obviously, there was no great calamity at the 2012 Olympics. Clearly, US and UK alternative media that carried Fellows should have been discredited, and Fellows should have disappeared quietly, but having the Teflon nature that comes from not having a discerning (or having a wilfully stupid) audience, and not having to financially rely on it in any case (which one must suppose has to be the case), they survived, and Fellows went on to become a darling of UK alternative media, and indeed a cause celebre for everybody’s favourite alternative media run by ex-military in a military town, the UK Column.

First of all, there was the Fellows-goes-missing flap, and the author has a memory of receiving an email about this, presumably inviting him to get involved with sounding the alarm. Well, P W Laurie thought better of his audience (as tiny as it was) than to insult them with a crock of crap. Not so the UK Column.

The following is from 21st Century Wire, and is a reproduction of most of an article that appears at that site (link in footnote 1). Evidently, the material is originally from the UK Column’s website, and 21st Century Wire was republishing it. However, following the link (see footnote 2) to UK Column reveals that the article has at some point been removed. The headline is, “Ben Fellows Reported Missing”, and the publication date at 21st Century Wire is June 4th, 2013:

At the recent UK Column conference, Ben was informed by Dave Eden, a former CID detective, that his wife was in immediate danger as a result of Ben’s work. It was made clear that Ben should have an “exit strategy”.

On Thursday 23rd of May, after the attacks in Woolwich (approximately half a mile from the Fellows residence),  Ben and his wife returned home from visiting friends to find that their flat had been broken in to. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

At 11:30pm that evening, the phone rang and an anonymous man told Ben to look outside his window to the other side of the street. A man in a black ski mask stood there on a mobile phone, the caller said “What happened to that soldier today is what is going to happen to you”

By the 28th of May, Ben and his wife decided to leave London and to drive to a safe house.  On arrival to the safe house, the couple were told that the safe house had been compromised, so Ben decided to leave on his own for fear of harm coming to his wife. He arranged to stay with a friend at a location known to Ben and his Wife.

However, nothing has been heard from Ben since he left on the 28th of May.  This morning (3rd of June), Ben Fellows’ wife received word from the friend whom Ben was to stay with, who alerted her that Ben never arrived.

We are now attempting to contact various resources to see if anyone has any details on Ben’s location.

If you have any information on Ben’s whereabouts, please contact us on [omitted] or by email at

Ben Fellows wife, Julia, will join us on (today’s) UK Column Live at 1PM (4th June 2013).

If you read the author’s account of Fellows’ Olympics claims, it is clear that there was a suspicion of an effort to create an alternative media personality, and these 2013 shenanigans just appeared to be another stunt on the way to doing it. In particular was the setting up of the hero alternative media journalist against shadowy forces – and the framing of this characterisation refers to the Woolwich hoax in a completely nonsensical way (“Lee Rigby” might be a partially fictional character in the way described in the FBEL article Lessons From Nineteen Eighty Four: Totally Controlled Media, No Appetite To Defy And Destroy It, and the figure on the road that day around which the theatre played out might not have been a real person in any sense of the word). It suggests lip service being paid to “conspiracy theory” for the purpose of appealing to an audience and demonstrating credentials – and the author noticed the same regarding the Fellows’ Olympics shambles.

Speaking of which, being at the time the owner of a tiny site on the edges of the pre-9/11 attitude blogosphere, the author was surprised at the response to his coverage, with what one might call an insider getting in touch to create a counter narrative, and therefore a controversy, and therefore noise. Indeed, the first article on the matter attracted a number of comments – which was very unusual. However, it would obviously be part of any plan in a project to create an instant alternative media personality to gather like proverbial flies wherever the crap was generated after the feeding of the bait.

In fact, the author was reminded of the Ben Fellows project when a large section of alternative media came out lockstep, as if organised, in support of “Tommy Robinson” – who was also characterised as non-mainstream journalist persecuted by agents of UK Government, less shadowy albeit, and ultimately the justice system – and we’ll discuss how that applies in Fellows’ case momentarily.

Before that, the reader is asked to note as this article continues (and then into its second part) that there is a pattern in these matters that indicates the existence of a playbook, which is a term meaning a collection of pre-written strategies to which to turn in order to be successful in an endeavour, evidently used primarily in American sport, but we could also use textbook – anything to denote a centrally devised, pre-planned methodology.

As we might expect, Fellows never did turn up dead in a suitcase, or hanging from beneath a bridge over the Thames – not even run over by two men in a Vauxhall Tigra. And yours truly, who did not take up the invite to whittle an audience about Fellows’ “disappearance”, didn’t really notice when Fellows did emerge from being missing, nor at the time understood what the character did thereafter – because Fellows was already seen through and not on the radar, and UK Column was recognised for what it was and not followed.

Nevertheless, there was obviously a requirement to assail the less discerning captive alternative media audience (it doesn’t know it has anywhere else to go) with another chapter of twaddle and garbage involving Fellows by which they could be made to chase their tails,  and in October 2012, it appears that Fellows had an article published at the sewer that is BeforeItsNews, which was then republished on the 22nd of the month by 21st Century Wire, entitled Ben Fellows: ‘Murdoch Newspaper Does a ‘BBC’ to Protect Pedophiles and Child Abusers’, which reported in an update that none other than the Cabinet Office had requested that portions of the article be redacted, including a name. Although the author has not the slightest inclination to do anything other than note its existence for the record, and have his audience have an inkling of its content, the reader can inspect the article for himself (link at footnote 3).

Also, from a promotion for a UK Column show, shown in the extract below, and published on 21st Century Wire, it can be discerned that UK Column interviewed Fellows on the 25th October (footnote 4). For those who don’t know, the proprietor of 21st Century Wire was at the time UK Column’s geopolitical analyst (and also around about the same time,  an editor at InfoWars):

POWERFUL LIVE BROADCAST from the UK Column Live with Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins, then (at 30 min mark into show) an in-depth interview with Ben Fellows, who speaks about his experiences as a child actor working within the BBC and independent television during the late ’80s. Ben alleges inappropriate behavior by Kenneth Clarke MP, while working undercover for The Cook Report.

It wasn’t long after this that the Daily Express got involved, and published an article, dated October 27th 2012, giving exposure to some extraordinary tales:

Incredibly… [Fellows] says he was bedded by a current female BBC employee working in children’s entertainment when he was just 15 and snorted lines of cocaine with one of Britain’s best-loved stars who is still regularly seen on television.

He was propositioned by married actors and thespians with a penchant for boys and was almost raped in a grubby hotel room by one of the biggest TV stars of the Eighties…

He says: “From the age of 15 I was a regular at Stringfellows, Café de Paris and the Atlantic Bar & Grill. I attended scores of celebrity parties and private functions.

In 2013 Fellows was interviewed by police, evidently as part of an investigation they were doing into “historical” child sexual abuse in Westminster, and later the tables were turned when police decided that they would prosecute him. The author has not read the source material fully (because why waste the time?), and so doesn’t know what the charge was against Fellows, but only that it was something to do with Fellows inventing a story about being groped by Kenneth Clarke, the Tory grandee.

If the reader wants to find out more, please look at the 2015 article hosted by UK Column (footnote 5), but it won’t be gone into here, except to say that Fellows was found not guilty, while at the same time no muck stuck to Clarke either – which is perhaps why advocates and supporters of Fellows felt that he was hard done by. So, it appears to the author that there was an arrival at an ideal conclusion after the playing out of particularly epic flap – perhaps even the show that Fellows had been being primed for.

Because, for all the world, this episode looks like theatre for creating concern for a problem that can’t be fixed (on top of that which already exists where the issue of alleged paedophilia is concerned) and getting led up the garden path, what with the manner of the arrival of Fellows on the scene, and then the adoption by leading UK alternative media, leading to exposure by corporate-media, not to mention the alleged intervention by the Cabinet Office of David Cameron’s Tory executive (introducing the ability to claim an attack on freedom of speech, which champion alternative media can then be seen to defy†), and then the freely offering of an excuse for police to prosecute, and the involvement of a very prominent politician who had to be represented in a court case, and the resolution and conduct of that case (where much attention was given to Clarke’s rebuttal, evidently) so that it was still possible to maintain that Fellows was not inventing his allegations.

Now, without going into this too deeply, because more is said about this in the FBEL article that is about to be linked to, the problem with having an alternative media that wants its audience to fixate on the existence of a paedophilic ruling elite, and that its getting away with its abuses is the height of its expression of contempt for those it rules over, is that no good ever comes of it. There is especially nothing to be done when an accusation cannot be proven. Even when UK Government throws a bone so that the sense of being done wrong by can be maintained, such as in the recent Lambeth case, who exactly is it that gets punished? If victims are compensated, how does it stop a local authority care scandal happening again?

So, while on one hand Fellows was a proto Isaac Kappy – he of wild accusations of paedophilia with no proof (see The “Tommy Robinson”-Alt-Right-Infowars-QAnon Nexus Of Disinformation And Deception (link)), Fellows also cut an early “Tommy Robinson” figure, and the turmoil centred around him was of the same mode where it wanted to poke at an audience for a response at the injustice meted out to the whistleblower of paedophilia and its covering up. Now, the FBEL audience is well versed in how “Tommy Robinson” had all the assistance he needed from his so-called enemy, the BBC (see the articles linked to at the foot of the page), and by now we who read and write this site should understand that there cannot be this sort of psychological theatre without collaboration between the supposed persecutor and the persecuted. The truth is, reader, in such a case, there’s only one team, all working for to deceive the audience. Within that, as it applies to the case under scrutiny in this article, is UK Column et al as the mulch in which a controversy – which we are saying is fake‡ –  germinates.


† The following was posted on the godlikeproductions forum in the very early hours of 25th October 2012 (see footnote 6). There’s no indication who the contributor is, but they seem to possess inside information, about which no comment is here offered. It’s quite clear that whoever wrote it wanted to impress with the idea of free speech curtailed, and then the curtailment defied. In this, we are also reminded of the “Tommy Robinson” complaint, convicted of journalism, and recognise how there is a pattern to what are psychological operations.


UK Column Live – Thursday, 2PM – Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Ken Clarke

On the 22nd of October, Patrick Henningsen, the UK Column’s geopolitical analyst, posted a guest article on his personal website by former child actor and documentary maker, Ben Fellows.

You may remember Ben – he was the whistleblower who broke the G4S Olympic Games scandal, via Tony Gosling’s radio show, Louise Collins’ radio show, and a previous UK Column Live broadcast.

In his article of the 22nd of October, Ben alleges that he was touched inappropriately by none other than arch-Bilderberger and present “Minister Without Portfolio”, Kenneth Clarke. Ben alleges that this incident took place while he was working for the Cook Report, and that he was introduced to Clarke as a 15 year old. In fact he was 18 or so at the time.

Following publication of Ben’s story on Patrick Henningsen’s website, Ben’s story was picked up in part by the Daily Express.

What followed was a barrage of emails to Patrick Henningsen from Ken Clarke’s “special adviser” Kathryn Laing, who works in the Cabinet Office, vehemently denying that Ken Clarke ever met Ben Fellows, and requiring Patrick Henningsen remove Ken Clarke’s name from the articles, and make other changes to the articles.

So tomorrow, Thursday 25th October, and 2pm, UK Column Live will speak to Ben Fellows about his allegations, the people he met and what he witnessed growing up as a child actor.

Please pass the word, and join us for what promises to be an explosive discussion, tomorrow, 2PM at [link to] and the audio stream, as always, on TNS Radio.


‡ As Brian Gerrish might put it, if memory serves correctly.


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