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The Times Outs Controlled Alternative Media; Part Two: the project to conflate anti-lockdown with extremism by every measure that UK Government can conceive of

Coming to this article from its preceding part, the reader was asked to recognise patterns of alternative media activity that betrayed the fact of being controlled. This is because it is quite clear that, at the moment, there is a program at work in the UK Government’s manipulation of events, and then interpretation in corporate-media coverage, that is in the very shape of the pattern where followers of “Tommy Robinson” were being created by the perceived injustice done to him, and incited to take to the streets. The purpose, as extensively covered at FBEL, was to create general alienation against Brexit by having crowds, labelled as being far-right and provocateured into being riotous, provide a visual representation of the supposed extremist position of having Britain leave the EU. This time, the purpose is to demonise valid opposition of what is an economic blockade using the pretext of a fake pandemic, and also reasonable objection to being maimed and killed with a medical intervention (a “vaccine”) that actually does not do anything beneficial, and so is sinister, whether the goal is widespread seeding of allopathic medicine dependency illness, or whether the goal is the creation of control grid apparatus centred around jabbed-status certification.

The state of affairs described above is easily detectable, but to help the reader come to it, there will be examination here of a piece by The Times written at the beginning of July 2021 about events at “anti-lockdown” gatherings in London in the previous month. (Incidentally, access to the article in question was had through a link with a share token in the URL; the author does not subscribe to The Times or to any corporate-media). The headline of the piece is “UK Column: Covid conspiracy theories run wild on the channel for lockdown sceptics”, and it was published on 3rd July. The sub-headline runs as follows: “An ex-Tory councillor is behind an online news service that spreads misleading information” – and it refers to William Coleshill who operates an “alternative media company” (the quotation marks are The Times’) called Resistance GB.

The immediate point of The Times piece was to assert that ahead of the forthcoming day in July when UK Government would lift so-called restrictions in England, that there was some kind of boiling point being reached in lockdown opposition, with the insinuation being that at any point in the current climate, the “wrong” decision by Boris Johnson would lead to lockdown opposition moving to another level of fury.

The agitation to this sort of behaviour, says The Times piece, is coming from alternative media and anti-lockdown personalities of or with connections to alternative media – which is therefore providing corrosive leadership. The particular names that are mentioned are that of UK Column, everyone’s favourite alternative media run by ex-military in a military town, GB Resistance, about which people don’t know is that Coleshill allegedly used to work in the office of an MP, and of course Piers Corbyn, who recently allowed himself to be exposed (by two of the most obvious public school boy via Oxbridge shoo ins to military intelligence types that one ever thought possible to see) in an operation that surely was designed to demoralise people who latched their not having “Covid-19 vaccine” on to their investment in Piers Corbyn.

Despite a vignette taking place and filmed (and posted to YouTube) by Resistance GB at a protest at a TV studio at White City in London, that is going to be discussed in this article, where Corbyn is seen to be accepted back into the movement†, the character has no credibility. So it’s especially valuable to see a presentation of Corbyn, UK Column, and Resistance GB as a united front in The Times piece through the retelling of a Corbyn interview with Resistance GB where UK Column is praised to the rooftops:

[Corbyn] told a camera crew from Resistance GB that the UK Column was “real news coverage”. He said: “They do a proper analysis of the facts, in a scientific way, which gives us more information to guide our actions and that’s the fantastic thing about it.”

What isn’t mentioned, which would have reinforced an impression of unification across the three parts, is the promotion of Resistance GB by UK Column – and this activity, somewhat in the pattern of the promotion of Ben Fellows, is going to be the subject of the third instalment of this series.

Having identified all three elements of the source of the trouble (as it is being presented) as having been at a protest in London on 26th June, The Times piece then discusses the hassling of a presenter of the BBC Newsnight programme, Nick Watt, which is of intrinsic value to the purpose of the piece not only because it was filmed by Resistance GB, but it again demonstrates the supposed knife-edge disposition of the enraged mob. The incident happened on 14th June, when, as The Guardian reports – and note this well because it absolutely fits with the impression that is being crafted –

Crowds had gathered in Westminster on Monday to protest against the government’s four-week extension of coronavirus restrictions in England.

There is an interesting detail about this encounter that is recorded by an article in a publication called Byline Times, published on 24th June. Before getting into this, however, just consider the way that the piece in questions opens, and again, gets straight to the point of making the required impression in the context of a campaign to create a feeling of imminent violent reaction:

Incidents of abuse directed at journalists are rising. The escalating, angry rhetoric of populist leaders and fringe conspiracy theorists has made the job of reporting the news more dangerous – both online and on the streets.

This was in evidence near Downing Street last week. To the subsequent horror of fellow journalists – and even the Prime Minister himself – BBC Newsnight‘s political editor Nick Watt was chased and verbally abused by anti-lockdown protestors in front of dozens of Metropolitan Police officers.

The part which we are really interested in at this juncture, however, is this; “Coleshill”, by the way, is William Coleshill:

The start of the clip captures Watt walking up Whitehall past the gates of Downing Street. No one seems to be aware of his presence until he is approached by Coleshill, who asks Watt how he can justify “lying to people” by exaggerating Coronavirus statistics – a question premised on a fringe conspiracy theory.

For the next minute or so, Coleshill follows Watt around, asking more questions as the journalist tries to escape his attention, which attracts the interest of the crowd. Coleshill can be heard telling people that Watt works for the BBC.

So it’s quite clear that Coleshill drew attention to the target, and is perhaps is to blame for how Watt was then harangued in an unpleasant way by more people than the two men who happened to be arrested on public order offences.

Now, the importance of patterns has been stressed, and the reader is asked to remember the Anna Soubry incident when James Goddard led a similar gang of idiots in haranguing her.  What is absolutely crucially significant is that the gang hassling Watt bandied around the word “traitor”, which is the word used in the Soubry incident, which was noted at the time as being the same word used at Jo Cox during the Batley incident of 2016.

It was concluded at the time, at FBEL, that the Soubry flap was a staged event, what with Owen Jones being present so that he could document and condemn the incident from a “leftist” position, and so that James Delingpole, he of the same cadre as Cameron, Carswell, Hannan and Johnson, promoter of “Tommy Robinson”, and now anti-lockdown Judas goat, could press false left-right paradigm buttons on his side of the spectrum. It looked like a part of the broader scheme extending from the grand “Robinson” effort to tar every voter for Brexit as an extremist and potential terrorist.

So, in short, in the incidents mentioned – and Coleshill was on the ground to extract a new one from his situation so that it could gain coverage in mainstream media – we are being trained so that the word “traitor” is one to be recognised as being used by an undesirable and extremist element – to the point of it being terrorist in nature – in an attempted persecution of a victim establishment class (which is actually the treasonable party). So, the Watt incident is incredibly damaging, and seriously incriminating for Coleshill, and that’s why FBEL hasn’t pulled its punches in describing Coleshill’s culpability.

As it happens, the Times Byline article continues in such a way to show that, not only is there an attempt to get anti-lockdown crowds to behave in a self-incriminating way for the purpose of being demonised in general, but there is also an attempt to directly relate anti-lockdown and anti-“vaccine” street movement to far-rightism. At the same time, any one who is observing even without having access to this Times Byline piece should be able to see that there is an effort to create a dynamic in the pattern of the previous “Tommy Robinson-ism”. Indeed, there is an echo, not just from the Watt incident, but also from the White City one, where the protesters tried to gain access to the Wood Lane TV studios (because a commercial arm of the BBC still owns the property even if ITV uses it), of a collaboration with the BBC that had to be necessary for the proper working of the “Robinson” project to incite people to street politics. It was a collaboration that was thoroughly examined at FBEL – please see the links at the foot of the page.

The following extract plucks out the essence of the effort going on in the Byline Times article that is but one small part of the greater project:

According to the anti-racism organisation Hope Not Hate, many people within anti-lockdown movements, as well as the far-right, “have begun to self-identify as ‘journalists’ in an age when trust in traditional media outlets is low and increasing numbers of people get their information via social media”. Their aim, the charity says, is to create the sense that there is no objective truth – a key theme of Donald Trump’s term as US President, during which he regularly criticised the “fake news media”.

The reader is asked to look at the FBEL article, UK Government’s Cointelpro, 2019 version; the role of Hope Not Hate and “Tommy Robinson” in it, because it explains the purpose of Hope not Hate in setting itself against UK Government created far-right entities. But what goes on in the particular extract is the promulgation of the idea that the establishment is victim of undermining by liars – not that it creates its own demise – and that this is being exploited by people who want to create an environment in information whereby their far-right political goals can be achieved. It’s nonsense, of course, but it’s fear creating, and thus it creates power for government.

It should go without saying, therefore, that the Watt incident was engineered for the requirements of the greater government project. The only difference between the incident and the Soubry one was that Coleshill, unlike Goddard, was not arrested – which suggests that there would be more work for him to do that an arrest at this juncture might get in the way of. Indeed, Coleshill was setting himself up to be another purveyor of truth persecuted by the authorities of the type that UK Column can agitate its audience with, as discussed in the first part of this series, and as will be discussed in the third instalment.

For the time being, let us get into yet another aspect of how this controlled opposition activity is to be exploited for UK Government political agenda, and that is to conflate anti-lockdown and anti-“vaccine” with a Wayne Couzens sort of masculine toxicity. The real significance of the White City incident of 9th August, where a mob of mostly men claiming to be “anti-lockdown” or “anti-vaccine” protestors, were characterised as trying to “storm” the building and in doing so, clash with a detail of pre-deployed police, was that the daytime TV show, Loose Women, was being filmed inside the building at the time, and now there is a danger that by this male dominated, aggressive assembly on the doorstep of a TV studio, not only can it be made to look like there has been an attempt by the increasingly unpredictable and irate crowd to disrupt broader corporate-media activity, but also to target women so that anti-lockdown can be characterised as being of innate violent male tendency. Look at this headline from The Sun:

MOB TERROR: This Morning’s Ruth Langsford forced to hide in room after anti-vax protesters stormed TV studio

The article goes on to explain how a women – not a man –  who had been broadcasting earlier would be victimised by the activity:

A source told The Sun: “Ruth Langford was still stuck inside, although Eamonn had managed to get out.

“It was terrifying. No-one knew if the protestors had weapons.

One can clearly see that there is a project to create and inflate an idea in the minds of the brainwashed public (and the Coronahoax teaches that there is such a thing in large numbers) of an attack on the establishment by extremists by every measure that UK Government can conceive of, who are incited to it by an extremist media personality leadership using demagoguery and exploiting people into their extremism. And so, conveniently, Brian Gerrish, the honcho prima facie of UK Column, at the protest of the 26th June, provided some choice material for The Times’ to use in its demonstration of the very point:

The worst part is before the battle starts because then you don’t really know what you’re up against, you don’t know what’s coming. But now the gloves are off because we can see what we’re up against. We are up against utter evil, this is not just bad politics, this is against wicked people in high places.

Look, says The Times piece, this ex Navy warship commander (a point was made of making this known), who is a major media influencer running “an online news channel that has grown exponentially during the pandemic… [and] has been accused of fuelling a growth in misleading information around Covid-19”, is telling an increasingly angry crowd that there is about to be a battle, and that the gloves are off. And the reason that the gloves are off is that the enemy is recognised in the context of the basest terms of understanding, in the language of utmost and ultimate division, and in the way that is most easy to produce an emotional reaction; i.e. in terms of good and evil – and all in the framework of an impending battle. And don’t forget, this is not being delivered from an expensive looking harbour-side studio in Plymouth, but (from the perspective being offered by The Times which, to be fair, is drawing on actual events)  to a mob that wants to chase journalists, and later wants to break into TV studios.

The title of this piece originates in the idea that one only sees what one is allowed to see, and there’s no doubt that in its article, The Times wanted to draw attention to Resistance GB and UK Column (Corbyn was already a very well known quantity by which these could be gauged and associated). The task of doing this has two purposes: it secures those slaves who won’t stray from the plantation by astonishment at the danger of those coming to upset their secure situation, but it also sends the slaves who want to leave through a safety valve into a ersatz freedom – meaning, a part of the plantation that doesn’t look like it, but is actually still on the estate: a place where their activity benefits the plantation owner without the slaves understanding.  As such, the very simple act of identifying and quantifying the supposed threat also gives life to it so that it can better serve a purpose intended for it. When The Times, which is the direct mouthpiece of military intelligence (or so it seems to the author), outs controlled alternative media, one would be a fool to reject the schooling that it represents.


† The following is from the description of the video from the Resistance GB YouTube page:

At the Television Centre in London, during the 9th August 2021 protest against medical apartheid, protesters try to evict Piers Corbyn from the protest. The confrontation is resolved after careful explanations are given, including a conversation between Piers and a protester who is a veteran paratrooper.

It’s very interesting that ex-military were openly at this incident because of the suspicion that we must have that ex-military must be first pick for a rent-a-mob, what with the connections already in place and established with their service. For some reason, people who have never been in the British armed forces hold ex-servicemen in high esteem – odd, when they are persons who have been initiated into a mercenary company that in fact serves only the City of London, and who will be, even in a veteran status, inculcated into a way of elitist thinking and behaving that is always ever after exploitable by people who know how to work the psychology of (perceived) soldier better than civilian exceptionalism. If a situation calls for some of these veterans to break cover so as to try and appeal to the pedestal placement that the public sets up for ex-servicemen (so that sympathy for the cause can be created) then no doubt it is something that will be done.

The author discovered that the group involved in the 9th August protest is an organisation that calls itself Official Voice (see, for instance, Huffington Posts’ write-up, from which there is this: “A video shows… demonstrators from Official Voice trying to storm the BBC’s former HQ”), and maybe its logo is meant to be arranged as if it looks like military insignia. However, the author couldn’t help but notice that it also strongly resembles the sun disc sitting in the crescent moon – or cow horns – which is the configuration of the headdress of Isis – see the image below for a full demonstration.

Now, the symbol is therefore one of the alchemical marriage, the union of the sun and the moon. Isis herself symbolises “the school”, which is one part of a trinity in ancient religio-political science (the same which the Christian trinity was modelled on after the co-opting of Yeshua). The two other parts are Osiris, “the knowledge”, and Horus, “the adherent”. The union of the knowledge and the school creates the adherent – the one who is adept in the mystery.

The author’s rule of thumb is that ex-military  is to be as trusted only as much as current military; i.e. not ever. Ex-military should have had its regrets and realised the error of its way on that occasion when it was asked to invade Iraq, or when it was asked to drop bombs on women and children in Libya or Syria. TOO BLOODY LATE NOW.

The other thing to report in regards to this incident is how, quite fascinatingly, perhaps even to pre-empt those who would have cause to think this suspicious, The Sun had to point out that one of those present was an actor who, given how his unremarkable career in stories (as they are called in the States) looks to have fizzled out, might be resorting to the crisis variety of acting.  “I did 50 auditions last year and didn’t get one job,” Sean Ward explained in a 2019 appearance on daytime TV show, Loose Women – oh the irony.


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  1. Timeishell says:

    Crafty Rascals,old act.

    but remember we must, our very own Intelligence units /operatives working secretly within Law enforcement the Security services and Governing bodies etc , they who recognise the nasty authoritarian agenda and it’s many wrongdoings – and so, provide a steady flow of sensitive information to assist the Peoples cause – We Thank them for their service, and with such lofty distinction even that we could be forgiven for unwittingly identifying them, or perhaps unintentionally leaking their correspondance – a something they call, collateral damage, but that but an unfortunate repercussion of the job, and likely is that the mistrust within will mushroom or spread like a virus – but only until this campaign of oppression ceases it’s puny game, stops doing us harm, and comes to an end.

    • P W Laurie says:

      Crafty? How about psychopathic. Rascals? Criminals. But, hey ho.

      And no. Rule 1: There’s no such thing as a leak. It follows that there’s no such thing as the entity you want to thank. However, if there are people who work in the system so that they’re enabling the “authoritarian agenda and its many wrongdoings”, and they don’t like it – as you seem to think – then they should quit being a cog in its workings. But they don’t do that, do they? And don’t anyone give me that rampant horse crap defence about people having to hold their noses to pay bills, because I know all about making choices, sacrifices, and then not being able to pay them.

      • Timeishell says:


        perhaps there is no such thing, but the thing is….if such a thing was to – be, If fiction could grow to a branch in fact, then the germs it spawned as they spread to the root – that thing could serve us well…just as it does for them.

  2. DeepTech says:

    Fantastic article and I’ve been many protests this year, anti lockdown, kill the bill and free Palestine. I have been filming them for my YouTube channel but only recently. I have suspected that the anti lockdown movement was being infiltrated by Tommy Robinson types since March 20th protest. The ex paras on Monday and clearly undercover police organising the aggro, plus rounding on Piers was just another fake event. I’ve heard rumours that protests will be getting violent, this will be potrayed as far right voilent anti vaxxers, all the echoes of Tommy/EDL with new “heroes” emerging.

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