Published On: Thu, Sep 2nd, 2021

NY911Attack: William Cooper’s 10 hour broadcast

This article was first published on 8th September, 2020, and was intentionally allowed to remain visible on the front page of this site in anticipation of the coming 20 year anniversary of the controlled demolition of a number of buildings in New York City’s World Trade Centre, and the apparent firing of a missile into the Pentagon, when Anglo-globalist government would have the brazen gall to still claim “terror attack”, while having idiot corporate-media consumership revisit a traumatic experience.

Because surely it is only the idiotic who still think that two immensely solid structures designed and built to withstand being struck by passenger jets (and the requirement for such a vehicle to carry fuel, or “accelerant” according to the hopeful official narrative, would have been anticipated), not to mention awesome everyday forces, could be made to crumble into dust by an impact from a plane, with each falling neatly into their own footprint (not even toppling where they had been cut, which would have been more believable). Surely it is only the monumentally moronic who still think that yet another building, Number 7, collapsed again into its own footprint, and this time demonstrably in free fall (meaning that lower stories of the structure had to be systematically removed so that each one above could fall through the space that had been occupied), because some collateral damage was sustained from the main catastrophic event and then there was an office fire.

The only thing to add to the original post, overlooked at the time, is that the radio broadcasts by William Cooper presented here were among his last, what with him being shot dead by “police” on 5th November, 2001. Also look out for the late-in-the-day callers (just as if it took a while for whatever branch of whatever intelligence agency to react and organise against the terrible damage to narrative establishment being wreaked in front of Cooper’s considerable audience) that want to deploy (on day one) the exact same jet-fuel plus pancaking explanation (nonsense) that became the official story.

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The original piece starts here:

The attack on the 11th September, 2001 (or 9/11/01), is the key to understanding the past, the present and the future, for anyone who can learn how. William Cooper broadcast a ten hour radio show on the day covering the immediate aftermath. Although others claim to be the first to have seen a controlled demolition and to have called it on day one, the credit all belongs to Cooper.

For interest, as well as the broadcast of the title, published below are the Hour of the Time shows that were aired in the remainder of that fateful month.

Note, these shows can be downloaded as mp3 files from the HOTT archive, here.

11th September 2001: New York 911 Attack#1

New York 911 Attack#2

New York 911 Attack#3

New York 911 Attack#4

New York 911 Attack#5

New York 911 Attack#6

New York 911 Attack#7

New York 911 Attack#8

New York 911 Attack#9

New York 911 Attack#10

12th September 2001: OKC April 19, 1995

13th September 2001: Atomic Bomb Next

17th September 2001: Good Phone Calls

18th September 2001: Bush and Bin Laden

20th September 2001: President Speech

24th September 2001: Rumours and Lies Abound

26th September 2001: Alex Jones – Liar

27th September 2001: Groping in the Darkness

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