Published On: Thu, Oct 28th, 2021

ICNARC: 924 people in critical care with Covid-19*

The crucial paragraph (and illustrative diagram) in the newest 90 page report by ICNARC is this:

Critical care outcomes have been received for 7172 (of 8096) patients critically ill with confirmed COVID-19 admitted from 1 May 2021 to date. Of these, 2083 have died and 5089 have been discharged from critical care (Figures 27). The remaining 924 were last reported to still be receiving critical care.

Currently in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are 924 people in intensive care units with Covid-19*.

For reasons explained in the FBEL article, Covid-19 Is Pneumonia – Everything Else Is Lies (and elsewhere on this site), this indicates the true extent of any supposed current escalation of any supposed pandemic. In fact, the aforementioned article can be considered a final word on everything Covid-19 (apart from a planned history of SARS), and the gigantic fraud that is the ongoing public health crisis in its name, which is in fact cover for the waging of an economic war by UK Government on a people who allow themselves to be governed by it, and thus choose perpetually to have their trousers taken down. No more needs to be said.


* That is, with something thought to be Covid-19. ICNARC may well talk about confirmed cases, but  as explained before, NHS technicians don’t know their arses from their elbows.

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