Published On: Tue, Nov 30th, 2021

Maybe there’s a correlation

As UK Government, even in its demonstrable weakness, reinstates minor so-called mitigation measures (a shallower form, but lockdown nevertheless) to bully people into getting booster shots, the old question (that was first asked over a year ago) needs to be asked again: how’s your alternative and assigned-to-be-dissident corporate media doing leading you out of the coronahoax lockdown? How is your alternative media doing, reader?

I’d say it does really well at helping to move everyone, as smoothly as possible, from one government-arranged state of being and perceiving to another, working along slightly different avenues than its corporate-media colleagues.

As for FBEL, the most recent audience figure charts are below (excluding the handful that will come along in the rest of today). Perhaps there’s a connection in them with events.

Joking (or, maybe not) aside, because there’s still material to produce as listed in the previous bulletin (I’m slowly working through it – especially the Christian Mystery School piece), this one is to thank the few individuals who made donations, or otherwise indicated support, in October and November. These people might be interested to know that I submitted and served all my judicial review application material in time, and I’m waiting to hear. (I did stop mentioning this venture in association with the subject of donations after I had received the amount to pay the costs – this is not a judicial review confidence trick outfit after all – so the fact of my making an application might by news to some). I will tell more in time, especially if there is a good result, because there will no doubt be some fighting usefulness to others in it. This is not alternative media, after all.

P W Laurie

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