Published On: Fri, Nov 26th, 2021

Observing that the ONS invents data to improve the image of the “Covid-19 vaccine”

This is a piece that is intended to form a point of reference for at least one of a couple of articles that are yet in the works – that is, as far as they are being planned; things might work out so this source won’t be used after all. In any case, the exercise is worth doing in itself.

On September 13th, 2021, the Office for National Statistics released latest data for deaths in England that related to “vaccine” recipience. In actual fact, this information was concerned with how many people had died, categorised either as a person who was unvaccinated, had received one jab, or had received two, in a way that “involved” “Covid-19”, or had died by another way. If it helps more, the title of the presentation is Deaths involving Covid-19 by vaccination status, and the web page can be inspected in person at this link.

The interval that is examined in the data is the six months occurring between January 2nd and July 2nd of this year – so very much incorporating most of the UK “vaccine” rollout programme as it had been dispensed thus far (some dosing with the Pfizer product had begun in December [as discussed here]).

Of central interest in the ONS presentation of our study is a table that says how in England, in the aforementioned interval period, there had been 51,281 deaths “involving Covid-19”, and 214,701 general deaths; i.e. deaths not “involving Covid-19”.

Deaths “involving Covid-19”: 51,281

General deaths: 214,701

Now, the usual proviso must be applied: when officialdom says Covid-19, it means “Covid-19”; i.e. something that is not necessarily the disease SARS, which is the real and insignificant phenomenon at the root of the fake pandemic, but which can be anything erroneously (and deliberately with intent to cause mischief) diagnosed as Covid-19. The situation is a matter of record in these pages over again, but for the reader who may be new to this, a good place to start is the article, Covid-19 Is Pneumonia – Everything Else Is Lies. Note, just for convenience, this article will use the terms “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” outside of quotation marks, even though there is contention that any such separation of status actually exists (too complex a subject for the scope of this article). Quotation marks will be used around the word “vaccine”, however, to recognise that there is contention.

With that reminder having been given, as this article proceeds, the ONS’ usage of the terms “Covid-19” will be placed in quotation marks so that it is clear that what is being discussed is the mass of misdiagnosis, amongst which might be a real case of SARS.

And so, to continue, the table of our main interest also says that 38,964 deaths involving “Covid-19” were ones that happened to the unvaccinated – which should be understood as people who have not had at least one dose of “Covid-19” “vaccine”. Furthermore, 65,170 general deaths (without “Covid-19” involvement) also were ones that happened to the unvaccinated.

Deaths of unvaccinated involving “Covid-19”: 38,964

General deaths of unvaccinated: 65,170

Continuing, the table then says that of the deaths involving “Covid-19”, 4,388 happened within 21 days of the deceased being vaccinated and receiving a first dose. As for general death occurring to someone according to the same criteria, that number is 14,265.

The table also gives deaths in both categories for those deceased after 21 days of a first dose: 7,289 involved “Covid-19”, and 66,533 were general ones.

When the amount of time relating to when a dose was given is disregarded, the numbers look like this:

Deaths of 1st dose recipients, involving “Covid-19”: 11,677

General deaths of 1st dose recipients: 80,798

We’re not so interested in the figures for deaths after the 2nd dose of “vaccine” because the focus is on the completely unvaccinated, as will be become clear, but it’s useful to present the data in any case to reinforce a point that is being made.

So, the table goes on to inform that It also says that 640 deaths involving “Covid-19” happened to people who had been given two jabs, and 68,733 of the same type of recipient had suffered general death. This is both within and after 21 days.

Deaths of 2nd dose recipients, involving “Covid-19”: 640

General deaths of 2nd dose recipients: 68,733

Does the reader see what effect is being produced by these numbers? Well, a clue is in the title of the table:

Table 1: There were 640 deaths involving COVID-19 of people who had received both vaccination doses

The table is designed to show that getting two jabs of “Covid-19” “vaccine” is beneficial. This is done by having a dramatic reduction in the number of deaths involving “Covid-19” from the figure associated with one shot, and then by having that figure itself much smaller than deaths of the unvaccinated – which is 3 times larger. Indeed, the number of deaths involving “Covid-19” for the unvaccinated is shown to be 60 times larger than those in the same category for the double-jabbed.

To press the point home, the general deaths for the unvaccinated and the double-jabbed are roughly equivalent, with the latter decreasing from a bigger number for single jabbed general deaths (which can be excused by pointing out that most people in the given period being vaccinated were older people more likely to die anyway). This is saying that there is balance outside the system where “Covid-19” is a feature. In other words, a “vaccine”, and especially two doses of it, has no bearing on organic death.

Unfortunately for the ONS, the author is in possession of data from Public Health England by which another story can be discerned. This data was concerned with the details of “vaccine” rollout, and was being collected during the dates that cover the same interval of time that demarcates the ONS material, and was in fact being presented at regular intervals on this site.

Before proceeding to discuss this data from Public Health England, there needs to be exploration of other more general ONS information regarding deaths in the period of our interest (which can be obtained here).

In a period in England and Wales (because that’s how this data is collated, although it won’t make any difference to our purpose) between the weeks ending January 8th and July 2nd, 89% of all death was in the age group of 60 years and over. 6% of all death was in the age group of 50 to 59 years. 2.6% was in the age group of 40 to 49%. These three age groups account for 97.6% of all death. We can assume that these percentages are going to change very little, if at all, if we discount Wales in our reckoning. These percentages provide a very good representation of who was dying in England during the stated time period.

Having made that small but important diversion, our Public Health England data regarding “vaccine” rollout informs that, at July 4th, of all 60 year olds, 97% had had one jabs. The percentage for the 50-59 years-old grouping was 95%, and for those aged 40-49, the figure was 88%.

Let us recall.  According to the ONS, all deaths, regardless of vaccination status, could be split into 51,281 that involved “Covid-19”, and 214,701 that were attributed to something else. These are what we are calling the ONS’ headline figures.

Now, we have just discovered that 89% of death in the stated period (or as near as damn it) happened to people over-60. If we apply this to the ONS headline figures, it means that there must have been in fact 45,640 deaths in the over-60 grouping involving Covid-19. It also means that there must have been 191,083 over-60s who died a general death.

Applying the same to the two other groupings: that 6% of death happened to the 50 to 59-year-olds, means 3,077 involving “Covid-19”, and 12,882 not; and 2.6% of death happening to the 40 to 49s means 1,333 involving Covid-19, and 5,582 not.

Following from that, knowing the percentages of each group receiving one dose of “vaccine”, it is possible to work out the real number of people within each group who remained unvaccinated and also died.

So, given that 97% of the over-60s were vaccinated once, it means that, in that group, where people had been vaccinated and died (using the 45,640 deaths derived from the ONS’ headline figure), there were 44,271 deaths involving “Covid-19”, and 185,350 general deaths.

Given that 95% of the 50 to 59-year-olds were vaccinated once, it means that, in that group, where people had been vaccinated, there were 2,923 deaths involving “Covid-19”, and 12,238 general deaths.

Given that 88% of the 40 to 49-year-olds were vaccinated once, it means that, in that group, where people had been vaccinated, there were 1,173 deaths involving “Covid-19”, and 4,912 general deaths.

Therefore, in total, across the three groupings of people who were vaccinated, there were 48,367 deaths involving “Covid-19”, and 202,500 general deaths.

However, the problem about this is clear. When it comes to deaths involving “Covid-19”, if one subtracts 48,367 from 51,281, one is left with 2,914. This is the figure that one arrives at, using the ONS headline number, and the Public Health England data, for death involving “Covid-19” happening to the unvaccinated.  It is considerably smaller than the 38,964 one that the ONS claims in its table that makes the “vaccine” look beneficial.

Moreover, when it comes to general deaths, using the same simple sum, the Public Health England data applied to the ONS headline figure informs that there were 12,201 general unvaccinated deaths – again, much smaller than the number claimed by the ONS (65,170) in its loving table. Turns out that there isn’t any equivalence outside the “Covid-19” system, and the vaccinated are more likely to generally die.

Moreover, because the Public Health England vaccine rollout data, as at July 4th, tells us that 35% of the nearly 38 million who had had one jab were people over the age of 60 (with 19% between the ages of 50 and 59, and 16% between 40 and 49), there is a disproportion involved in who receives the vaccines and then who dies. There is enough scope to start to hatch a hypothesis that, because the vaccinated are more likely to generally die than the unvaccinated, and because the dead are mostly over-60s, and because the over-60s were having the biggest share of the “vaccine”, it was the vaccination creating the distortion.

Although the ONS claims a source for its data – the National Immunisation Management Service, NHS Test and Trace (whatever that is) – the author puts it to you, reader, that in fact the ONS invents its numbers for propagandising on behalf of the UK Government. Now, go and read the articles at FBEL, and take them seriously, where current UK Government is accused of being the same one – or its successor in the same form – as portrayed in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four – which is in fact a portrayal of real (albeit stylised) Second World War time UK Government tyranny.

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