Published On: Sun, Nov 28th, 2021

“Omicron” mitigation measures only serve to betray UK Government’s desperate weakness

There won’t, of course, be a discussion here at FBEL about the capabilities or features of a strain of SARS-COV that, though being claimed to be new, will no doubt hail from a library of already known quantities discovered synthetically in the same way as the famous BetaCoV/Korea/KCDC03/2020 – famous for being a supposed (falsely claimed) example of isolation of the “virus” that the faithful can most readily find on the internet when their religion is challenged (read all about it here).

Not only is the author aware that to write reams or talk the hind leg off a dog about the so-called “omicron variant” in order to whittle one’s self and all of one’s readers or hearers would be to do the work of the people who introduced the concept into the public’s imagination, but there is also another sensible reason for restraint that applies. Whether one would like to argue that the fraud being committed, in the sudden election of this phantasm into chief phantom menace, is the pretence by which a mere idea becomes a material object, or it is the pretence by which a threat is grossly exaggerated,  it all amounts to the same thing. It is a waste of time.

As readers of FBEL should know by now, at the root of Covid-19, or SARS, which is the insignificant disease upon which the entire fantasy of a pandemic is hung, is the expression of ACE2 at the lung. Thus, the issue of variants and how virulent or infectious they are is a redundant issue when ACE2 expression, induced by pharmaceutical drugs (the most likely candidate for cause), facilitates the onset of organising pneumonia (see here). Again, because the failure to assimilate this same message is seemingly such that it needs to be repeated whenever there is an opportunity to do it, if alternative media deigned to bring the fact of ACE2 at the lung to its gate kept audience, then the bottom would fall out of the scam. This is why alternative media is controlled.

As for the “omicron variant”, all that needs to be said about it is that it is quite clearly being used in an effort to brow beat people into taking the third booster “vaccine” – and to punish them for not taking it‡. This is probably why it has been named as if it is an evil transforming robot (with omicron being a letter in the Greek alphabet a mere matter of convenience).

But let us not give that Winston Smith, sitting somewhere in the vaults of the Ministry of Truth and churning the make-believe out, any credit for being especially and artfully psychologically manipulative in his choice of appellation. The proper reaction to hearing about “omicron” is to laugh at it. One must also in it see UK Government’s weakness – something that is regularly pointed to at this site (which appears to be alone in not having its audience tremble in anticipation of whatever the next awesome edict of “those-who-inevitably-cannot-be-resisted” will be).

What is even funnier than a variant that sounds as if it would be bent of destroying Shia LeBeouf’s Volkswagen Beetle is the fact that it’s quite clear that UK Government cannot get people to take the booster. This is weakness, not strength. The author defies the reader to look at some detail of Boris Johnson’s pop-up (as if in panic) press conference announcement of Saturday night just gone and say it isn’t so.

“We don’t yet exactly know how effective our vaccines will be against omicron but we have good reasons for believing they will provide at least some measure of protection.

“If you’re boosted, your response is likely to be stronger so it’s more vital than ever that people get their jabs and we get those boosters into arms as fast as possible.

“From today we’re going to boost the booster campaign, we’re already planning to do six million jabs in England alone over the next three weeks and now we’re looking to go further.

“The Health Secretary has asked the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) to consider giving boosters to as wide a group as possible as well as reducing the gap between your second dose and your booster.”

Also testifying to what motivates UK Government is the raw data, and behaviour in reaction that reveals a great refusal to receive the third “Covid-19 vaccine”.

The booster dispensing programme began on 16th September, and was aimed at people over-50, and also younger people deemed vulnerable [who then definitely shouldn’t be laced with it – but there you are], and staff in the care sector and in the NHS. The rationale for the booster at this time for these people was to “provide protection” through the winter, as NHS bumf relates:

Full vaccination rollout will begin from next week, as more vaccination centres and community pharmacy-led sites come online following final checks, giving people further protection from the virus ahead of winter.

Of course, if one thinks that UK Government has some final purpose with “Covid-19 vaccine” beyond making people ill (see the article The NHS: The Machine Stops), then the approach is bait to slowly catch the monkey – but all that is not important as far as we are concerned. We are here to notice that very soon – and the reason for it was a great deal of refusal in the original target group – UK Government was extending the rollout of boosters to over-40s, for whom the rationale for protection over Christmas doesn’t quite still stand up. This rush to bring younger age groups into eligibility catchment was also seen during the main rollout, and was due to a need to make it look popular – as if the product was flying off the shelves – in moments where take-up had slumped. These were moments when UK Government would also claim shortages of stock. Inviting 40-49 year-olds to take the booster at this time is reaction that betrays weakness.

As for the data, as early after the booster rollout as 16th October, the BBC published a report that complained about the programme moving too slowly. It noted that of the 8.5 million people who were eligible by dint of being double jabbed 6 months previously, only 3.7 million had received a booster.

This meant that there were 4.8 million who had avoided having their third jab. The report quoted an actuary from the Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group (“which has been tracking the vaccine rollout”), who said that the shortfall had been growing by about 800,000 a week. That’s 800,000 dropouts a week.

Things have not improved. Using the latest (at the time of writing) data from Public Health England (up to 26th November), and comparing it with the data from the corresponding 6 months ago (to 23rd May), it can be seen that there is a current 5 million dose deficit (14,352,934 3rd doses versus 19,384,810 2nd doses). Although the weekly shortfall has obviously narrowed, there can surely be no cheer to be had in it for UK Government, because things can only get worse at this point going forward. By inviting the 40 to 49-year-olds to take a booster shot, the UK Government is moving into the demographics that were most reluctant to take the first two doses.

As of 21st November, 40-49 year-old 2nd dosage take-up was 87.3%. In the 30-39 group it was 79.7%, and in the 18-29 group, coming in very low just as predicted at FBEL, it was 67.85%†. This is all in stark contrast to the over-50s super-grouping, where there was 95.5% take-up of two jabs. Without performing the calculations, this means that there are between 4 to 5 million adults under the age of 50 in England who did not take two jabs.

Moreover, the trend coming out of the rollout of the booster to the supposedly more compliant older super-grouping suggests that the figure given above is going to become a considerably much larger one – representing, of course, those who can’t be considered as being fully vaccinated. To say it’s a huge blow to UK Government is an understatement because, as has been pointed out hereabouts before, what with the many years of pharmaceutical drug dependency cash-cow milking in them, the youth is the prime prey. On the other hand, if one thinks that the “vaccine” programme is for a certification system of Government permitted rights, then (again without doing the calculations) the probability that over 10 million people, all in all, in England alone will ultimately rule themselves out from being fully vaccinated has to be devastating for UK Government.

Now, it’s not for this article to say what is powering the rejection of “Covid-19 vaccine” – whether it is personal experience of illness after the first dose, or the spectacle of ever more cases of people outwardly in the prime of health nevertheless suffering very sudden collapses into illness – and sometimes straight into death. It is only for this article to discern by the numbers, and by UK Government’s reaction, that there is an increasing perception of the “vaccine” being a duff product that is not wanted. In terms of the do-or-die market place, and what this means for UK Government plans, it’s not even right to make comparisons between the “vaccine” and commercial brands – and this is particularly talking about the junk food producers – that have a bad reputation amongst a good deal of people concerned about health ramifications, but yet are kept in business by a slavish fan base that superficially likes the product, or even is attracted to a brand. There is none of that superficiality to bring people to be loyal to the “Covid-19 vaccine” – quite the contrary.

And so, UK Government does indeed have a big problem, and only limited scope within the range where there can be overt authoritarianism in order to do anything about that. After that, it is playing with fire, and the prospect of creating a chaos that it doesn’t control, thus not guaranteed to be able to bring about an outcome that it would care to witness.

Ultimately, then, it’s methodology to obtain compliance must be the continuance of carrot and stick psychological abuse – look, for instance, at the combination of the sudden “omicron” mitigation measures and the way that TV commercials selling Christmas [so the author is told] are demented this year in their messages of festivities sanctioned by the unmentioned but nevertheless suggested authority of UK Government, so that people are allowed to party, not quite like its 1999 (another Renaissance out of a dark age needs to happen before that), but like it is 2018-ish.

Of course, this is methodology stemming from weakness that is easily beaten if people decide not to volunteer (which is, ultimately, all that they are being asked to do [UK Government really is weak]) – and this can surely, from now on, only be a growing tendency the more it becomes obvious that UK Government is being the hostage taker of very life itself in order to have submission to a product that is decidedly not wanted.

Even then, if enough people do become stubborn so that the method fails, it won’t mean defeat for UK Government, which will resort to a fudge, sold as victory by Mi7, and then reset for another sort of push (the installation of Keir Starmer would be an advantage where this was concerned). UK Government won’t be defeated until whole communities decide to withdraw from its jurisdiction – which is not to be thought of as fantasy. At this time, this country has never been more like it was ahead of the Civil War –  it is true, is it not reader, that plenty of people find their families and even households divided into two implacably opposing camps, and this is the worst sort of failure ever to be had by a UK Government looking to preserve itself.


‡ As UK Government no doubt expects its actions to be unpopular, another benefit to be had by its actions is a possible drop in Tory support in the coming by-elections in December so that a Labour candidate can win. All part of the plan to have Labour appear to have momentum toward ultimate success, and Keir Starmer win the next general election.


† The last stab at predicting final take-up was made in the articleAs “Vaccine” Rollout Faces Summer Time Obliteration, etc. In that piece, percentages were predicted for those who would not take two doses in ages grouped as follows: all the population over 18: 15.7%; under 55 (18+): 22.4%; under 50 (18+): 24.2%; under 40 (18+): 27.6%; and under 30 (18+): 31.1%.

The current percentages for each grouping regarding refusal to have two doses are: 12.6%; 20.1%; 22.1%; 26.7% and 32.7%.

As one can see, UK Government has managed somehow to eke out an extra percentage be vaccinated in most of the age groupings since the said article was written that may in itself be small, but makes a difference when lumped on to an already too high number. However, that a third of under-30s have not had two shots of vaccine-product is tremendous (with the prediction actually for a smaller figure), so the forecast of a summer time obliteration of the rollout was very much vindicated.

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