Published On: Tue, Nov 16th, 2021

The Liverpool Women’s Hospital incident; Part One: One Born Every Time

Evidently, the Liverpool Women’s Hospital was featured in a Channel 4 television show called “One Born Every Minute”. The title is perhaps to do with how the institution in question is a maternity hospital, but the reader will surely also recognise it as a variation of the quote attributed to P T Barnum: “there’s a sucker born every minute”. Apparently, the Channel 4 programme was very popular, and ran from 2010 to 2018: it’s a huge joke, is it not? Reality TV – which is never reality – that also comments in its title as to why an audience permits the basic dishonesty.

As famous as the Barnum quote is, and as well it has served, we do live in changed times so that an update or superseding line is required. P W Laurie has it: “there’s a sucker born every time”.

Because, not for the first time in the UK, the public is being asked to believe that an organic terror incident has taken place – this time at the famous Liverpool Women’s Hospital – even though the evidence presented as proof should make those capable of thinking refuse to readily accept what is requested of them. And yet, the general public will let it all pass as what it appears to be, as formed that way by UK Government.

Of course, the problems by which the narrative comes unstuck don’t go away because people are as thick as pig crap, no matter how much UK Government would like them to. There are major and minor ones, and the next article in the series is concerned with that sort in the former category.

In this article to open a series, we look at a couple of minor problems, firstly by noticing how the UK Government’s dumb “Thunderbirds are go” terror threat level was raised to “severe” on the basis that this was an Islamist attack on the heels of that incident where an assassin was shown into David Amess’ office to kill him – but now it appears that Emad Al Swealmeen, the man police only “strongly believe” to be the Liverpool attacker, was a Christian convert. While this does no good for the official narrative, it doesn’t affect a hypothesis whereby the suspect was a mercenary in the pay of UK military intelligence redeployed from the territories where UK Government uses proxy armies (Emad Al Swealmeen was/is Syrian, and the UK Government’s invasion of that country began in 2011).

Moreover, the fact that Mi7 (the corporate-media) is struggling to come up with a straight story doesn’t harm the same hypothesis. In the bits and pieces that are being cast around, as Mi7 thrashes out its offerings, we can discern that a then-28-year-old Al Swealmeen appears to have been taken in by a couple called Malcolm and Elizabeth Hitchcott. The full back-story has Al Swealmeen as a rejected asylum seeker in 2014. This was no obstacle, however, to his being baptised in 2015, only for contact between the man and Liverpool Cathedral to cease in 2018.

Naturally, we should all wonder what is going on in Britain where a failed asylum seeker is allowed to remain in the country to become a regular at church [apparently, Liverpool Cathedral is involved (whether it acknowledges it or not) in a racket where asylum seekers can get merit towards their application by being seen to convert to Christianity], let alone to be at large for a total of seven years.

Speculating, we might suppose it could be something to do with the know-it-all-know-nothing wrong-headedness of the typical puffed-up Briton who will obtusely nurture a viper at the breast, but on the providing side of the good-intentions-pathway-to-hell business, it doesn’t explain how UK authorities are evidently very relaxed about people from Syria being in the UK illegally.

As it happens, someone called Lt Col Malcolm Hitchcott was a lay preacher† at Liverpool Cathedral, according to the Belfast Telegraph, and he was involved in vouching for asylum seekers – or not, if he didn’t think they were real converts (see the foot note). And yet, this man appears to be the same who took Al Swealmeen in – at this time, three years after asylum was denied, with what hope for any change in this status we do not know nor can imagine – and once again, we might wonder about what goes on that this can happen.

It is interesting that Liverpool Cathedral reports that contact was lost with Al Swealmeen in 2018, because this was a time after the recent introduction of the “child refugee” programme [known as the “Dub Amendment”], which as FBEL informed its readers, was a redeployment of battlefield assets into the UK under the guise of a humanitarian operation. One can’t help but wonder if a sheep-dipped Al Swealmeen became a “child refugee”‡.  Interestingly, the Daily Mail reports this:

In May 2017 Al Swealmeen changed his name by deed poll to make it easier to pronounce. In tribute to Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, the car-mad asylum seeker became Enzo Almeni.

Sheep-dipped. With a charming cover story.

And consequently, one becomes enormously suspicious that there is more to people (and we’re not just talking about their surprise military title, or their 25 years in the British Army), who were involved with Al Swealmeen in 2017, than having the fault of being typically pompously, wilfully naïve, and very British. For, while this country is plagued by dint of this sort being born every time in this country, the terrible pestilence that we suffer the most is the same coward, hypocrite sort of Briton augmented into one corrupted further in service of the UK Government.

Suspect it is lying, reader, when Mi7 tells you that its Mi5 counterpart did not know about Al Swealmeen.


† In fact, Eucharistic Lay Minister and  Assistant Leader of the Iranian Ministry at the Cathedral – as mentioned in a tribunal decision of an appeal of an application for refugee status, published for anyone to see online, where a judge gives reasons for the outcome. Please note, this case has nothing to do with Al Swealmeen.

Lt Col Hitchcott served in the British Army for 25 years, and for much of his career had responsibility for training and assessing young Officers up to the rank of Major. He mentions this in the context of setting out his own experience in matters of judging and evaluating individuals; as he put it in his live evidence, “sometimes you get a 6th sense about these things”. He was forthright in explaining how he understands that some Iranians might pretend to have found Jesus in order to support a false claim for asylum. This is something that he, and other clergy and staff at the Cathedral, are very aware of. He has personally refused to come to court for other Iranians who attend the cathedral and has also refused to baptise someone. The fact that some people might seek to abuse the trust of the Church has made him scrutinise the behaviour of the Iranian worshippers. He watches how they behave outside of formal services and meetings, and if this is found to be incongruous with their claim to be Christians, Lt Col Hitchcott would not support their asylum claims. He gave the example of one man whose demeanour at meetings was markedly different from that outside; whilst quiet and respectful in company he had been overheard in the men’s bathroom using overtly sexual language and swearing. It was against this background that Lt Col Hitchcott asked me to evaluate his evidence about the Appellant.

‡ Mi7 reports that Al Swealmeen rents a property in Rutland Avenue in Liverpool. This is something that a “child refugee” might be able to do (courtesy of the tax payer) if a failed asylum seeker might not.


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