Published On: Mon, Dec 6th, 2021

How about boycotting Horusfest until all of Babylon’s kings, priests and servants have been suitably punished?

Reportedly, it has been said by at least one controlled media influencer that the best thing to do in the face of a “new normal” (a phrase that the author would not usually use because it was designed and issued into usage, now mostly routinely by certain controlled alternative media, as self-fulfilling prophesy) is to carry on as old normal – keep the old traditions.

Well, look. In any fight, if a man won’t do something to parry the blows aimed at him, but instead thinks that he can, for instance, walk to the shop as normal as if there was no assailant running after him to rain fists down upon his head, what do you think, reader, is going to happen to him? Of course, when one is under attack and under fatal threat, there can only be adaptation. Naturally, it isn’t nice to adapt, because it means moving out from a comfort zone, instead of trying to hide in one – but there can only be adaptation, or else there is obliteration.

And, of course controlled media influencers are going to tell the hundreds of thousands in their audience not to put up effective resistance – and especially not to counter attack. This is only part of how controlled alternative and appointed-to-be-dissident corporate media gets everyone from one government-arranged state of being and perceiving to another, working along slightly different avenues than its mainstream Mi7 colleagues.

Moving to the point, the reader may have noticed that the so-called “omicron” variant of SARS-COV† has the usual special talent in that it knows not to pass between people who are eating dinner at nearby tables but won’t discriminate in the same way for shoppers who therefore are asked to wear face coverings all the while they are on the store premises. On top of that, it apparently has developed a knack not possessed by its cruel “delta” (or whatever) relative whereby it will not target people while they are gathering in their families at Horusfest. The science is apparently decided (at the time of writing, at least) that omicron won’t be a problem until January 2022, when further mitigation measures might have to be introduced. It knows, does this more compassionate microbe, that UK Government understands that people need respite this holiday season from the psychological raping that they have had to endure for two years, and has decided to cooperate.

In actual fact, to be precise, it wasn’t that UK Government didn’t want people to celebrate Horusfest in 2020 – and it was deliberately misleading (of course) for alternative media to complain to its audience that Boris wanted to ban Christmas (to use the season’s official Babylonian church name). Instead, people were to gain the impression that UK Government had it in its power to forbid the festivities should it ever want to do it. Having power over the imagination of the Muggles is a much more desirable thing for UK Government to have than their resentment.

Anyway, because it is clear that Horusfest is something that UK Government wants people to do, then how about boycotting it? How about resolving to never have a celebration in the midst of winter again until the people who oversee you, and are mindful that you should participate in every facet of their power-garnering system, have been dealt with and can no longer have the same deadly influence over you? In that way, you can do what you like to mitigate the darkest days of the year without it having the same vampiric essence and meaning.

Of course, the author is aware that lockdown sceptics cannot even give up the television when it is clear that, in a life or death struggle, it is trying to kill them. He realises that lockdown sceptics cannot give up being that baby that has to go to football matches when a test or a “vaccine” is required for entry, nor can they give up any activity (or crutch) which pleases them to do even if they have to jump through “Covid-19” hoops to do it. From those who think they aren’t being controlled if they need to sing “Rule Britannia” for the sake of having an identity, to those who think that parliamentary political parties are independent from a master higher up the hierarchical Masonic order, to those who are convinced (even from outside the game) that British alternative media is legit, and to those who think that it makes a difference in the world if they follow David Icke to Trafalgar Square (urged to do it by alternative media) where they can be sabotaged, the author realises that all these people (and more, for other reasons) have been alienated after discovering this site (in their panic) since the start of the fake pandemic. Be that as it may, what needs to be done has to be done, and now yours truly is throwing out another grenade to kill audience by suggesting that, if UK Government so explicitly wants you to celebrate Christmas, then perhaps that is exactly what you shouldn’t do.

It is, after all, a celebration of the resurrection of the Sun, and thus a major power harvesting  moment in the year (when those whose fate is controlled by the zodiac worship the continued astronomical order) for the UK’s Masonic, ancient technocratic (and most significantly, self-destined) ruling class. Why would you even want to lend energy to that?


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† As part of a planned history of SARS (which is not called a virus at FBEL, but a microbiome component that might be quite natural and harmless were it not for the presence of ACE2 at the lung), there will be a look at how variants differ in the interaction that causes illness – i.e. binding with ACE2 at the lung to cause organising pneumonia – where it will be reported that they don’t, thus there really is no such thing as a variant.

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  1. Ken Michael says:

    All this fuss about the moronic variant, the threat from which was blown out of all proportion (whatever it is, it’s effect has been mild in southern Africa – as it will prove to be elsewhere) because southern African countries who’d had a bellyful of gene-therapy (been done to them before) had begun preparing to cancel supply-orders, SO THEY HAD TO BE PUNISHED, hence their immediate isolation – international flight bans to devastate their big forex-earning peak-season tourist inflow – coercion to get them back into the subservient line dished out by their masters… (“How dare they!… Who do they think they are?”) [The puppet-masters had wrongly assumed these people knew their place.]