Published On: Fri, Dec 10th, 2021

Now between 5 and 7 million missing booster shots* – UK Government hinting at mandatory “vaccines” comes from panicky weakness

Boris Johnson, in the No 10 press conference of Wednesday this week where he announced further “lockdown” measures using the nonsense “omicron” as a pretext, said the following:

I think that there is going to come a point, if we can show that the vaccines are capable of holding Omicron – and that is the key thing we need to test – I do think we need to have a national conversation about ways in which we deal with this pandemic.

I don’t think we can keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions, I mean restrictions on people’s way of life, just because a substantial proportion of the population still sadly has not got vaccinated.

Naturally, Boris Johnson will know full well that the pandemic can go on interminably – because it is a fake – with or without “vaccines”, and that it goes on at the moment, it seems, to be an engine for “vaccine” take-up. Moreover, Boris Johnson will know full well that if there is not the required amount of take-up, then a new danger can be summoned from the bowels of the Ministry of Truth, and it can be shook menacingly at the public like a stick at cattle to drive them to their “vaccination” centres, in an equivalent to being herded to the dairy to be milked. So, let us understand that we are looking at the words of a fraudster and criminal.

All, that aside, the problem with what Johnson had to say on its face value, as he spoke to the conned in their world of being conned, resides in a fundamental principle of allopathic medical doctrine: the threat of “Covid-19”, as the principle would be applied to the case, invites medical intervention, because health is not a thing that a human body can achieve on its own.

It follows, then, that there must be a “vaccine” – an intervention – because without one, “Covid-19” always threatens, and the human body cannot guarantee health in the face of it.

However, up until the production of a “booster vaccine”, people were told that there was so much “vaccine” – two doses, to be precise – whereby the “disease” could be controlled, only then to see the thing slip out of that regulation, so that a new “pharmaceutical intervention” would be required: the third dose.

So, if the choice they must make, as some people – if they are able to listen very carefully to what they are being told – will surely come to realise, is between always being “vaccinated”, and always risking subsequent illness (as the bad reputation of the product and personal experience will inform), or not, then they are going to have to be a very special kind of retard to opt for the former. Moreover, here would be Boris Johnson telling them that a “substantial proportion of the population” has already rejected the future of perpetual risk of “vaccine” injury.

Therefore, while the corporate-media was evidently told to spin Johnson’s speech as hinting at the prospect of general compulsory “vaccination”, it was a communication that actually admitted the weakness that is driving “omicron” bullying to engender increased take-up. In fact, for a speech supposedly hinting at threats, it had to be very poorly thought out to be so utterly self-defeating, and thus if we called it derived out of a state of panic, we might not be far wrong. After all, and ultimately, the threat of a proportional level of retribution stalks all the criminals who conceived and perpetrated the Coronahoax, and who murdered and impoverished so many victims, so imagine the pressure the likes of Boris Johnson is under from his masters (the military intelligence/City of London amalgam), when, for whatever exact reason it may be objectionable to them, a “substantial proportion of the population” won’t do as it is supposed to.

Of course, getting to this point in comprehension is only a job half done, and the task to take us to the completion of this piece is explore the root cause of the bitter disappointment, as we suspect it, of the Masonic mages of the UK’s hidden hierarchy.

When the author was writing what might be called a predecessor on the same subject as this article (see footnote†), UK Government, at that time, had made a booster “vaccine” available for people over the age of 40 where an interval of 6 months had passed since they had received a second jab.  In that aforesaid article, it was reckoned that a gap of 4.8 million, as reported by the BBC, at October 16th – so only a matter of weeks into the rollout – existed between the number of people who were eligible for the booster, and the number who had actually had it dispensed to them. In other words, there were 4.8 million unclaimed boosters. Using approximate matches of dates, across six month periods, between sets for weekly data, it was discovered that, up to November 26th, the gap had grown to 5 million, more or less exact.

This week, Boris Johnson’s press conference was so remarkable in the terms set out above that it made the author look again at the data that he had so scrupulously collected from January to August, 2021, in terms of “vaccine” take-up in England, just to see what disaster for UK Government was to be gleaned from it. Using the same method as explained above, it was found that the deficit between numbers of 2nd “vaccine” and booster shots dispensed (again, with the 6 month interval applying), had grown to something around 6 million.

Looking to be more precise, the author then collected daily “vaccine” reports from the NHS repository, from the period spanning the start of the booster programme (with data starting to appear on 1st October) to the 11th December. Also, reports corresponding by an interval of six months prior to this period were got for second jab data. The date span for this information ran from April 1st to June 11th.

The author understood that he had the data matched up correctly because the BBC, in the aforementioned reportage, stated that 3.7 million, at a date in October, had received the booster, and that was to be compared with 8.5 million who had received the second jab 6 months previously.  This pairing could be found in the author’s assemblage of the data as having occurred at October 18th and April 18th, with 3,846,287 being the number generated at the first date, and 8,518,498 at the second (giving the deficit of 4,672,211).

Thus armed, the author looked at the daily data for November 26th (with the corresponding earlier date for the second jab being May 26th), and found that, actually, there had been 6,337,566 missing booster shots at that time (13,697,204 third shots subtracted from 20,034,770 2nd jabs). So, the situation for UK Government was actually worse than had been supposed in the previous FBEL article. At that time, the number of people who could have had their booster, but did not, had increased by 1.6 million in 39 days. It was a rate of refusal that was slower than the 800,000 a week that the BBC had reported in October, but it still signified nearly a third of a million “vaccine” programme drop-outs on a weekly baisis. It is no wonder at all that UK Government, on seeing these figures, despatched Boris Johnson in haste to announce mitigation measures against “omicron” (to frighten people in to volunteering for a booster shot).

The graph below shows that in fact there has been a consistent insufficiency, since the start of November, in booster shots – that is, about 6 million booster shots that uniformly should have been taken, according to the number of 2nd jabs dispensed 6 months previously, but were not. Currently, as at December 11th, there were 18,928,764 recipients of the booster, versus 24,710,013 recipients of the second jab (at June 11th), leaving a gap of 5,781,249.

As it so happens, on 30th November, UK Government threw the programme wide open, and made boosters available to everyone over 18 – that is to say, by the end of January, the programme is intended to have been rolled out through all the over age groups under 40 years of age.‡

Now, from our daily “vaccine” data, the report up to 1st February for boosters will correspond with the report up to 1st August (across 6 months) for the second jab, when 32,110,377 had had the two doses. In a graph that that extrapolates booster take-up out to 1st February (the first, below), we can actually see that eventually the trend line reaching 31 million. Also, in a graph (the second, below) that shows boosters received as a percentage of the associated (across the 6 months) 2nd doses, we can see the prediction of 100% realisation happening before the end of January.

However, the projections shown here made by the simple graph software are not realistic, because they mechanically assume (essentially) that everyone who is offered a “vaccine” will take it – and this won’t be the case.

So, the reason why these graphs have been included in this article is because they perhaps throw a light on why UK Government wants to make boosters available to everyone over 18 by the end of January: it is because refusal in older age groups can be substituted by willingness in younger ones, so that a target can be met. In the criticism of the “vaccine” rollout at FBEL, it has always been noted how important it is for UK Government to produce impressive delivery numbers (because the moronic public likes winning), so that it would be noticed that shortages [in “vaccine” supply] would be blamed to cover periods when the programme got into portions of a demographic that started to refuse. In another ruse,  the programme – like it is again – would suddenly be thrown open to younger people to hide lowering delivery figures. Well, the point is this: if UK Government is supposed to have dispensed 32 million boosters by the end of January, then it has revisited the favourite old manner by which it can improve its chances of doing that.

Indeed, moving into the lower age demographics is not the only way that UK Government has changed eligibility – it has also changed the required interval between the 2nd dose and the booster so that it is now reduced from 6 months to 3. In other words, from 30th November, people who had had a second jab at a date only 3 months previously could now have a booster. It easily invites criticism, does it not, that UK Government is clearly trying to stuff willing victims into “vaccine” appointments that wouldn’t have been filled by refusers, with the purpose being that it if it wants to, it can come out of the other side of winter having “vaccinated” as many as thinks is a good result to show.

Of course, what the shortening of the duration between second and third dose, it means that there is now a huge current gap between the booster and 2nd Shot recipients – as the graph below shows.

And the thing to think about with this graph is this: if the blue line (boosters) looks like it could eventually meet the red one (2nd dose), then it means that we’re missing a whole deal of the story. Although we can mechanically extrapolate the blue line to reach 31 million by 1st February, according to real data that is already in the bank, we know that the red line has in fact increased to 38,331,506 at 2nd November – if one does the accounting using the 3 month interval. That means that, at 1st February, there will be 7 million missing booster jabs – and that’s assuming the mechanical linear trend, which does not take wavering into consideration.

Again, without doing the exact calculation, on top of the people who haven’t even had two doses (including those who haven’t taken a single one), we might well see at times (before this story is through), if not ultimately, the number of people who can’t be considered “vaccinated” at around 13 million. This is probably why the corporate media is now full of stories about horrible stuff happening to the NHS over winter, and how thousands could die of “omicron”.  This would be the reason, reader, that you’ll be seeing the “give up, because it is inevitable” brigade in full force in the social media that you look at.

But, treat it for what it is.

If you see an apartheid prophesised, then how in actuality is the official economy going to function with potentially well over 10 million people excluded from it? On the other hand, the dynamic legally cultural separate enclave is something that the “unvaccinated” should be looking to build in any case, and certainly nothing to be frightened of.

As for any threat of forcible injection (a public relations operative’s tell if ever there was one) – it is never going to happen, because it risks the outbreak of an unpredictable situation where UK Government will not be able to guarantee itself a desirable outcome. UK Government will have only have order from chaos when it controls the chaos.

Indeed, UK Government has power when it can deceive, and when it can’t do that, it is weak. And when it is panicking, it couldn’t be more plain that it is weak.


“Omicron” Mitigation Measures Only Serve To Betray UK Government’s Desperate Weakness (link)

‡ All adults to be offered COVID-19 boosters by end of January, Department of Health and Social Care, 30 November 2021 (link)

* In England.

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  1. Ken Michael says:

    Glad to see Japan has broken ranks – a few days ago JapanGov proclaimed:

    Individuals can choose whether to be injected with the experimental gene-therapies or not, and instead of doubtful / sceptic / hesitant people being given warnings, the jabs must be labelled with warnings, also the jabs’ additives must be highlighted.

    Mandatory product labelling includes “This product contains an additive that has never been used in a vaccine before” and known side-effects are to be stated – individuals are urged to consult their doctors about additives they plan to be injected with, also about the side-effects of these jabs, particularly myocarditis (“serious side effects” is to be printed on the documents attached to jabs). This applies to all available types of covid-jabs. Not only will there now be warning of the potentially dangerous and deadly risks of the vaccine, but the country is also reinforcing its commitment to ensuring that all possible side effects are reported in its adverse event system – the country is enforcing strict legal reporting requirements and hospitals are to report in detail any incidents involving individuals who have developed symptoms of side effects within 28 days after being vaccinated, according to the law.

    And no vaccination is to be given without FULLY INFORMED CONSENT after all information has been provided. For consent to be valid, it must be voluntary and informed, and the person consenting must have the capacity to make the decision.

    “Please get vaccinated of your own choice, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent”.

    No Mandates and No Discrimination: JapanGov has also announced that public and private sectors cannot discriminate against those who refuse the experimental jabs. Businesses cannot mandate vaccinations to force their employees to receive the experimental gene therapy and employees are not to discriminate against those who refuse the injections. JapanGov has published instructions for individuals in the possible event of a complaint, or discrimination at work due to their unvaccinated status and signpost them to “Human Rights Advice.”

    “Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated”.

    Now doesn’t that seem like a sensible approach?… Far too sensible for UKgov & Her Majesty’ subjects!