Published On: Tue, Dec 28th, 2021

“Scientist” on BBC: “Covid-19” set to become “any other cold”; the “omicron” con unravels more

Perhaps the most effective visual prompt to understanding how UK Government is exploiting the so-called SARS-COV variant, “omicron” (after giving the nod for invention to whatever non-governmental organisation that could do it), is the table of cases on the Wikipedia page dedicated to the subject matter. This table shows that, despite “omicron” being super transmissible, it hasn’t raged around the world, but mostly plagued the United Kingdom. Surely this has nothing to do with fact that UK Government has a psychological operation depending on and involving the appearance of high infection rates and “omicron’s” capability to spread, eh reader?

With 159,932 confirmed cases, reads the data, the UK has more “omicron” than the rest of the world put together. Imagine that!

As explained in the previous article in this “‘omicron’ con” semi-series (The “Omicron” Con, And Deducing That The “Third Wave” Is “Vaccine” Injury), the reason for the apparent high levels of infection with “omicron” in the UK is the hysteria induced by the anxiety belonging to the general public – itself stemming from perceived UK Government threats to Christmas – leading to a great deal of testing that has thrown up (as always) quite meaningless results (or else, UK Government has simply invented the case numbers‡).

Now, while UK Government, with this scheme of terrorising the incredible simpleton that is Joe Public, might well have been able to create high booster “vaccine” take-up where before interest had distinctly ebbed away†, the arising spectacle of infestation (infection) that is absurdly newly out-of-proportion with illness and death signifies an unmistakable uncoupling of cause and effect that is perhaps irrevocable. This would be why a Professor of Medicine, and seeming “Covid-19” “scientist” since he was pronouncing on it, has lately appeared on BBC television (this very day, apparently) to declare that soon, people who test positive should not be expected to self-isolate, but instead “go about their normal lives as they would do with any other cold”.

Note the wording well, reader: “Any other cold”.

And note well this opinion of the said Paul Hunter, of the University of East Anglia, who clearly says that living with “Covid-19” involves it becoming a thing changed (emphasis added):

So personally, I think it would be unlikely that we are going to do anything like that whilst we’re still coping with omicron, but once we’re past Easter, perhaps, then maybe we should start to look at scaling back, depending on, of course, what the disease is at that time.

You were told in the first part of this self-same semi-series of articles to expect that real Covid-19 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – SARS) would be discovered to have mutated in such a way that SARS-COV to ACE2 binding (the interaction at the lung that defines the disease) would no longer be a feature – and here is a beginning of it. SARS is not and never has been as if a cold (even if it does stem from a coronavirus), but here is a so-called scientist on BBC television, being covered in a free-to-read Telegraph article (and not behind the usual pay wall, for broadness of casting), declaring that, soon, “Covid-19” will be exactly that.

In the next article in this semi-series, coming soon, how the booster rollout stalled over Christmas, presumably because the holiday had arrived and the incentive for many to be jabbed a third time passed at the same time as did the turkey (into the gob), leaving the failing UK Government 10 million jab-ees short of its New Years’ Day target. The “omicron” con might well see the final sacrifice of the integrity of the “Covid-19” narrative, all for nothing.


‡ Suspect this to be the full fact of the matter if high case numbers continue into 2022. If “test” kits are said to be in short supply in shops, then it can be explained by forced scarcity as well as it can by voracious demand.

† See “Omicron” Mitigation Measures Only Serve To Betray UK Government’s Desperate Weakness (link)

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