Published On: Tue, Dec 21st, 2021

Signs that tell of “omicron” being a different condition to Covid-19

It beggars belief that UK Government is getting away with its† “omicron” hoaxery when it, through its agents, announces that the condition doesn’t produce the same symptoms as does “Covid-19”. Indeed, the way that it is generally being talked about as an illness defined by a new name, it would be natural for an observer of this phenomenon to gain an impression that “omicron” was being used as an identifier disconnected from “Covid-19”. And this is interesting, because as it happens, there are many signs to suggest that “omicron” is not Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – or, not Covid-19. This is enormously significant because it doesn’t just entail a moving of goalposts to maintain the economic blockade (“lockdown”), but a replacing of them with a different sort of frame suited to a completely different game which involves an entirely different way of scoring.

Consider two very recent reports from corporate-media. The first extract is from the North East Chronicle, entitled, Omicron not producing the ‘classic three’ Covid symptoms, latest data suggests:

The Omicron variant is not producing the ‘classic three’ symptoms associated with previous Covid strains, the latest data suggests… The analysis revealed that only 50% of people experienced the classic three symptoms of fever, cough, or loss of sense of smell or taste.

The following is from the Independent, entitled, Omicron symptoms: What to look out for from new Covid variant.

The common cold is caused by a different strain of virus to Covid-19. But with the rapidly-spreading Omicron variant often causing mild symptoms, such as stuffy nose, sore head and sore throat, it is very hard to tell the difference without testing.

What this all speaks to is the actual occurrence of mild seasonal illness being reattributed to “Covid-19”, but in its milder form, “omicron”, so that the pretence of a pandemic can be maintained. However, in real terms, if “omicron” produces different symptoms to Covid-19, then here is foundation for a case to make that dissociates the two.

In the Chronicle’s article (which is mouthing the Daily Express, it appears), the symptoms of “omicron” are given as runny nose, headache, fatigue (mild or severe), sneezing and sore throat. The Independent’s list of symptoms is more or less the same, except fatigue doesn’t feature, and there is the inclusion of loss of smell, and persistent cough. We notice that the additions make the symptom list more like “classic” “Covid-19”. We should be able to see by now, reader, why it is very important to try and keep this consistent.

And so, one suspects that there is an editorial version of a truth in the Independent’s list of symptoms, which suits its apparent purpose of reporting that the cloth for the Emperor’s new suit of clothes is still real in the (empty) loom that it is being weaved on: just look at the way the article develops:

Professor Tim Spector, from Britain’s ZOE Covid app, said it was more important than ever to get tested even without symptoms.

He said that data from the ZOE study app suggests that about half of all cases of Delta are being “missed” because they are not presenting with “classic” Covid symptoms of fever, new and persistent cough and a loss or change of smell or taste.

“Omicron is probably more, much more similar to the mild variants we’re seeing in people who have been vaccinated with Delta than anything else,” he said.

“And so it is going to be producing cold-like symptoms that people won’t recognise as Covid if they just believe the official government advice.”

If the reader doesn’t know (and the author didn’t), ZOE is a phone application where people can report symptoms. When one processes what is being said by this technocrat (and invisible clothes swindler) attached to a “study” of the data produced by said survey, it appears there is a school of official thought whereby those who are “vaccinated” and contract “Covid-19” have milder symptoms because what is at work in these bodies are the mild variants, such as “omicron”, or an older variant with reduced capability.

To put it another way, “vaccines” explain the different symptoms now being experienced because of how they achieve the winkling out of the previous and stronger variant, or achieve its poorer performance in a host.

However, there are a couple of objections to make, and both of them will take some considerable explanation.

Firstly, there is an objection based on how SARS is caused, and how the “vaccine” actually does nothing to prevent the mechanics of it.

At the crux of SARS (now being called Covid-19) is ACE2, a protein that doesn’t appear to have to be naturally occurring, given that it was a thing newly discovered this century, and given that levels of its expression are variable and, for instance, contingent on a body ingesting medicines for hypertension. ACE2 does not propagate the disease by itself. In the lung, when the SARS microbe encounters ACE2, it binds to it, and causes clogging. As FBEL has reported, this has been recognised in some expert quarters as organising pneumonia (see Covid-19 Is Pneumonia – Everything Else Is Lies). This condition is the full and proper expression of what is now being called Covid-19, and it is right to say that it is in fact caused by ACE2 (for if ACE2 levels can be varied, we can envisage SARS coronavirus inhabiting the lung harmlessly when there is none of the other component present to trigger the condition).

And so, the story of a difference in any “viral load” of SARS being the essential instrument at the root of a case of Covid-19 is misdirection in any case.

That being said, let us imagine that the “vaccine” does what we are told it does, and produces a fast-acting immune response to lessen viral load. In the official model of Covid-19 infection, the “virus” meets the upper respiratory tract and produces a first point of invasion. If this is where an infection is being quickly snuffed out with antibodies, then it explains why there is no further development into the lung.

However, this doesn’t explain why the uninhibited viral load of a new variant, which a “vaccine” is not designed to deal with, can only produce milder cases. Right here is the territory of “omicron” not doing what is claimed for a SARS coronavirus.

But not to get ahead of ourselves, let the focus remain awhile on the fact (despite its orthodoxy) that it is controversial to say that an infection in the upper respiratory tract is connected to Covid-19, because of a problem regarding how it would be carried to those parts of the lung where it can demonstrate itself as being a case of SARS. This is covered in the FBEL article, Covid-19 is not flu, and the reader should consult that. Basically, it is argued that Covid-19 must be seeded with a direct transmission through the respiratory tract to the lung.

As such, all general flu-like symptoms that aren’t related to the organising pneumonia (so, when they are, they are in fact signs of immune response) should actually be understood to be symptomatic of cases of cold and flu. Of course, it has been the deliberate counting of this illness as “Covid-19” that has helped to give the impression of a prevalent disease.

Ultimately, symptoms of “omicron” that can be mistaken as cold are the same sort that should not have driven the narrative of a Covid-19 pandemic. So, in fact, the issue is moot.

On the other hand (and this is the second objection told of above), the apparent emerging fact that “omicron” isn’t good at infecting the lung suggests that it should be taken on the face value of its symptoms, and should be considered a reattributed seasonal illness that is not Covid-19.

Consider the following from a 16th December Daily Mail article, with the rather lengthy title, Is THIS why Omicron is spreading so rapidly? Study claims ultra-infectious variant replicates in airways 70 TIMES quicker than Delta… but it struggles when it reaches the lungs in more proof it may be milder:

The Omicron variant multiplies 70 times faster than Delta in the airways, according to a study.

Hong Kong University researchers also found the new variant replicates 10 times slower in the lungs than predecessors.

The finding may explain why the mutant virus is spreading at a ferocious pace, and also lends weight to the theory it is milder than the past variants, something which doctors in South Africa have been claiming for weeks.

The researchers exposed lung tissue in a laboratory to the original Covid strain that was identified in Wuhan last year, along with the two variants, to compare how the viruses behave after infection.

Omicron replicated faster in the bronchus — tubes connecting the windpipe and lungs — suggesting people with the strain may be more infectious.

Higher viral loads nearer the throat means people are more likely to breathe out viral particles.

Delta was found to duplicate much quicker in the lungs, where more of the virus can lead to the most severe illness.

The finding may be the biological clue behind why doctors insist people infected with the strain only suffer cold-like symptoms.

The reader will notice that there is no discussion about how the pathogen infects the bronchus. We don’t know how it is different to an infection that a bout of bronchitis consists of. This might not just be down to the usual avoidance of the topic of ACE2: the infection being discussed might be one that doesn’t even involve the protein as a factor.  Indeed, when considering the above information in conjunction with that which is about to be shared, the author posits that what is being told of is “omicron’s” lack of capability to do what a SARS coronavirus is supposed to do (ergo, it is not a SARS coronavirus).

Consider the following extract, which is from SKY News reporting on an interview with “Professor” Ravi Gupta, of the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases:

He said: “Some experiments that have been done in different groups are suggesting that the virus has kind of altered the way it infects cells.

“This is again potentially due to some mutations that have occurred, and there may, and this is a big caveat, there may be a slightly different profile for this virus [compared to Delta].

There are no details given, of course, about how “omicron” has changed the way that it infects cells – but this is something that the author will now be on the hunt for, fully expecting some kind of relegation for ACE2 from existence only in medical research papers (and definitely not in alternative media) to a full state of oblivion as so-called scientists uncritically accept the evolution. Potentially, it will be an investigation that will find transformation on an Orwellian scale of ludicrousness for the purpose of increasingly desperate political expediency.

Another indicator in the fundamental change in nature of “omicron” from “delta” “Covid-19” is the alteration in a pattern of hospital admissions, about which a very brief follow up article to this piece is planned. Fortunately, the aforementioned Gupta of Sky interview notoriety presents an opportunity for a segue:

Prof Gupta told Sky News: “The sheer numbers that are going to be affected because of the increased transmissibility of this virus is going to potentially overwhelm our health service. So that’s a really critical situation that we’re facing.”

He added: “Even if the vaccines protect us to a significant degree, then the increased transmissibility and penetration of the virus into communities that we’re seeing already is putting a large amount of pressure (on the NHS) because a very small fraction of a very large number still translates to significant numbers being hospitalised.”

Evidently, Gupta is another purveyor of invisible cloth, and what he actually appears to be talking about, reader, is cold sufferers being translated into full blown disease victims in the name of flogging the dead pandemic.

At least the dead horse had once been alive.


† It has been observed in other places on the internet that the “Covid-19 pandemic” is driven by globalist non-governmental organisations, and that UK Government does as it is told, like any other national government. However, the experience of the Skirpal psychological operation should inform that the UK Government can wring out of any Switzerland-based body any directive as it pleases to suit its version of events or agenda, and the author suggests that this is all to do with Swiss Freemasonry being affiliated with the City of London.

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  1. Ken Michael says:


    Hospital confirms first Omicron death was a lie

    Northampton General Hospital (NGH) has responded to a claim in the national press that the first Omicron death in the United Kingdom happened at the site last week.

    This comes after LBC radio station had a man called John call in on Friday (December 17) saying that his step-father had died of the new variant at ‘a hospital in Northampton’.

    John told radio host Nick Ferrari that his step-father in his 70s reportedly died with Omicron on Monday (December 13) after not being vaccinated.

    A spokesperson for NHS Northamptonshire CCG said: “The NHS system in Northamptonshire has not recorded an Omicron-related death at this time.”

  2. Ken Michael says:

    Update re the criminal complaint filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on December 6th, 2021 by a team from the UK on behalf of the people.

    Our Urgent Application alleges crimes committed by UK government officials and international world leaders of various violations of the Nuremberg Code: crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression perpetrated against the people of the UK.

    The Superintendent assistant to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has acknowledged the complaint and police resources have been allocated to investigate. Our legal team plus retired police officers are coordinating with the Met Police, providing detailed evidence.

    The Met Police allocated officers have been provided details of the ICC Application.

    The Met Police have a duty to carry out a full and competent criminal investigation as detailed in the ICC’s guidelines.

    One of our team of lawyers has provided details of the Met criminal Investigation, including the notifications sent to all Chief Constables to the ICC investigation department. This was sent with an urgent request to serve an injunction on the U.K. Government to stop all jabbing immediately.

    All 43 Chief Constables in England and Wales have been contacted by email to advise them of the Metropolitan Police’s criminal investigation and the ICC application. Scotland and Northern Ireland Chiefs have been emailed also. They have all been requested to stop the jabbing program and make a public announcement in their local force areas.

    Another of our team of lawyers is dealing with a large number of emails from people damaged by the jabs. She is working tirelessly to get as many statements as possible and has enlisted help from a number of other lawyers and retired police.

    There are a large number of people working flat out behind the scenes to assist in stopping the jabbing. We are pushing the police and the ICC at every opportunity demanding the jabbing is stopped and this to be treated as the national emergency that it is.

    Further updates will follow. Be reassured, as a collective we will not stop, and we ask everyone to continue emailing, calling, sharing, serving notices and liability orders, yellow boards, leaflet drops, SITP, outreach, petitions, and protests.

    • P W Laurie says:

      Is this like that “Bernician” suit against Matt Hancock? How is that (not) going?

      Veritable smorgasbord of suspected and confirmed controlled opposition in the applicant list in this complaint to the ICC. (John O’Looney, for Christ’s sake). I’m reading elsewhere that in fact British police cannot be made to be interested.

      There’s a good reason why this site doesn’t cover this sort of stuff, but if the reader does like chasing his own tail, the alternative media is really good for that.

  3. Ken Michael says:

    Comment was posted as an fyi given the article context – gone far beyond ‘looney’ stage though some early contributors & contributions have been embraced – been evolving from “smorgasbord” to much more focused ICC Crimes Against Humanity complaint… Personally I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, but it is evolving to an international action by highly qualified legal & subject matter experts backed up by numerous case studies, witnesses, victims etc, with thousands of pages of evidence already submitted… Leading lawyer of UK team, Anna de Buisseret, outlined the action in this interview:

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