Published On: Mon, Dec 20th, 2021

They had piles and piles of pots and pans not knowing what to do with

Last year FBEL published an article entitled, Once, Collect Scrap Metal; Now, Wear A Mask: When Is UK Government Going To Pay For Its Crime?, which cited an episode of ITV’s World At War, and a quote therein, not by Anthony Eden (who it was thought at the time had made a particular contribution), but by the son of Lord Beaverbrook.

Beaverbrook, “press baron” and therefore core “Mi7” or “Ministry of Truth”, was being described in the narration as the “new minister of Aircraft Production” behind the public’s sacrifice of its scrap metal. but it was Max Aitken, Beaverbrook’s son, and an RAF Squadron Leader in 1940, who featured on the programme to reveal that the “pots and pans” operation was a pure exercise in propaganda. In the FBEL article, the operation was described as being for “inveigl[ing the British]… into a tacitly agreed contract where they were fair game in war”, and a comparison was made with current circumstances whereby people have been convinced, and coerced into wearing masks (as well as doing other things).

The episode of the TV series in which Aitken gives the game away is called “Alone”, it is numbered as 4, and as can be seen in the transcript of Aitken’s most significant contribution to that programme, below, there is plain admission of the aim to make the public invest in the war (through a deception).

My father was a master of propaganda. There was the pots and pans where everyone was asked to give up pots and pans and railings. Stanley Baldwin didn’t give up his gates, but most of the people gave up everything they could in the way of metal. The pilots and we all knew that you couldn’t make aircraft out of pots and pans, but it was good stuff. It brought the people to realise that it was a desperate situation. The response to the pots and pans was tremendous. They had piles and piles of pots and pans not knowing what to do with, but as I say, he was a great propagandist.

On the episode, at the end of the above talking head segment delivered by Aitken (interspersed by pictures of women delivering bath tubs onto great heaps of “scrap” [let us be plain, none of it needed to have been scrap metal] and the like), Laurence Olivier continues with his narration in the most ironic way (as far as we are now looking at it) with: “But where was the German invasion?”

The answer, of course, is that the invasion was never going to happen, and the prospect of it was a scare perpetrated by UK Government on the British public to have them invest in a war that the Germans didn’t want to wage on them.

What UK Government did to the British people in World War II is so important for getting to grips with what is happening now, and that is why the material produced at this site that gets into it is invaluable. A list of the articles in a number of series dedicated in some way or another to the subject is as follows:

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