Published On: Tue, Jan 4th, 2022

Mystery School Christianity, Vol. 1, Chap. 8 (plus work to come & visitor stats)

The  site (now hypertext transfer protocol secure after this became affordable this year) has had added to it the long promised eighth chapter in the Mystery School Christianity book. It might suffer for being over a year in the writing, and then being finally pushed out in a rush, but in these days of Coronahoax tyranny when the Mystery School Christian church is showing its true colours, it constitutes another chapter of vital explanation.

Next to come at is the start of a collection of essays on important cinema beginning with a close look at The Exorcist, directed by William Friedkin.

At this site (, apart from whatever current events throws up (of the sort of thing that would be covered here), there is a long queue of material that is still being worked through (including stuff that it would be too tedious to mention today).

The effects of the economic blockade (lockdown), as has been inflicted on the British people by UK Government, are really now becoming apparent, so there will be pieces in regards of that, in conjunction with a return to the Covid-19 and Prohibition series. Related to this – which might come as a surprise – is the analysis of the book-in-a-book (in Nineteen Eighty Four), The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, which is a project that was introduced earlier (see here).

Coming later than usual will be our yearly look at the continuing demise of the BBC, featuring a look at the campaign to have a referendum on the licence fee, as organised by controlled opposition, Defund the BBC (see here for a briefing).

While on the subject, there needs to be further addition to the The Times Outs Controlled Alternative Media series – which is especially important at this time as the Coronahoax moves into a very shaky period of its lifetime, and we subsequently find so-called lockdown sceptic influencers, for instance, now openly calling for the offices of MPs to be burnt down. A situation cannot be allowed to arise where there is memory-holing of the fact of alternative media association with instigation of intelligence-agency sabotaged street protest exactly for the purpose of creating the impression that such violence could be possible.

As for other ongoing projects, it is always the intention to continue the series on the inquest into the Fishmonger Hall “terror” incident, and on infamous crime as the work of the Krypteia, Likewise, it is always the intention to create a history of SARS, and some of this work may even get done in the coming months.

A new project that has been started recently exposing the claim, for the purpose of extending the Coronahoax, that the common cold is the same thing as SARS, is fairly high priority, and pieces on the subject will appear whenever suitable research material is discovered.

The chart immediately below is for number of visitors (blue line representing visits of 30 minutes and longer, red line representing all visits longer than 30 seconds). It is followed by a chart showing audience in terms of total hours spent at the site.

Especial thanks to those people who made donations in December, and to whom I have not been able to send thanks in person as I would usually like to do.

P W Laurie

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