Published On: Tue, Jan 11th, 2022

What do Jack Dromey, Bob Saget, and “Sky Mangel” have in common?

The corporate-media loves a story where what it calls a “covid-denier” or even an “anti-vaxxer” is hospitalised with “Covid-19” (note well the use of quotation marks to denote that the illness is probably hardly ever SARS). These yarns have been plentiful, across the two years so far of fake pandemic, so that even if one’s level of exposure to corporate-media is limited, one is bound to come across an incidence.

There is always a great deal of remorse from a hospital bed. The “covid-denier” will be sorry he ever doubted. The “anti-vaxxer” will desperately regret not ever having a jab. Bearing in mind that “Covid-19” can be any illness in conjunction with a positive result essentially randomly generated from a so-called test, it is conceivable that these stories are real, but rather being about a sinner repenting, they are actually incidents of gullibility generated by an immersive experience. In that case, however, one is at a loss to understand where doctor-patient confidentially fits into the process where an individual is admitted into hospital with a personal problem after which it becomes fodder for online and hardcopy newspaper consumption. This is why it is probably safe to say that such stories are in fact fairy tales of the Comrade Ogilvy sort invented by the ever-industrious Ministry of Truth (i.e. Mi7; i.e. corporate-media).

Moreover, when those who are taken sick, only then to be photographed by the Daily Mail peering exhaustedly from behind an oxygen mask, happen to be high profile in their field of scepticism, or even when they have their dictated-at-bed-side confessional account sensationally retailed in the alternative media that made them famous, then it essentially constitutes an act of outing controlled opposition.

On the other side of the spectrum, of course, are those stories about high-profile personalities and, usually, anonymous folk alike (because they are the victims of a great leveller) who die or become ill quite suddenly and unexpectedly, and although the ingestion of a“Covid-19 vaccination” would most probably be the commonality in their cases that has caused their suffering or demise, there is never a mention of this most plausible of factors.

This is why, although the question posed in the title of this piece could be simply answered, it is in fact a query not to be resolved so easily because, beyond the first obstacle of not being able to access what often remains private information, there is a good deal of institutional secrecy.

That this phenomenon exists is demonstrable, but if we only assumed that the spectrum of UK Government officialdom would clam up about its designed “vaccine” related catastrophe, with all parts mutually covering the backs of colleague departments, then it’s because it is something that rings true and self-evident. Health care workers who are up to their armpits in effective murder by dispensing liquid death are not going to leave a trail by which their crimes can be discovered. Data handlers who have been creative in massaging, displacing, or plain hiding damning data so that a “vaccine” programme could have as full a lifetime as possible are not at any late stage going to own to any error. Neither then are “journalists” and politicians and anyone who has the power to influence, who have freely advocated “vaccination” death mills, and frightened people to throw themselves upon its grinding cogs to be crushed, going to hold up hands to point the way to being found guilty of being an accessory.

The situation is such that there must be resort, as always in a country where the State propagandises against the population to preserve its power, to seeking the contradiction revealed when the official account bumps up against conditions on the ground. So, by examining in turn the cases of the three individuals named in the title of this piece there can be discernment of very probable commonality between them in the shape of “vaccine” induced illness and death. Additionally, the official account is far from infallible, as we will at first see.

Certain data presented by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that, of 265,982 deaths in England (from 2nd January to 2nd July 2021), there were 104,134 where the victim was “unvaccinated”. Now, even before one gets into how this ONS data must have been doctored to grossly over state “unvaccinated” death (as the author shows it was in the article, Observing That The ONS Invents Data To Improve The Image Of The “Covid-19 Vaccine”), it is clear that death in England in the first six months of 2021 was something that happened in the majority to the “vaccinated”.

Indeed, that this would be the case is something completely intuitive, as anyone reading the abovementioned article will realise, for further detail is provided there to show that the people who were dying in the vast majority were those who were the most “vaccinated”; i.e. the 60-year-olds and over. So the signs are there to read.

On the other hand, the MHRA Yellow Card for reporting adverse reactions to the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Modena “Covid-19 vaccines” relies on a volunteered submission from the sufferer of the illness – or more likely, perhaps, health care workers in charge of a case who are biased against perceiving an adverse reaction to a “vaccine”. This is why the Yellow Card system is criticised for being unrepresentative, and yet it is the best direct source of data available to show correlation between “vaccine” and illness. Unsurprisingly, it shows that there is no cause for alarm, as per the following example.

The most recent Yellow Card report shows that, in the UK, for the whole duration when “vaccines” have been administered, there have been 22,395 incidences of illness to be characterised as “cardiac disorder”, with 312 deaths in that category. This is a drop in the ocean when compared with the millions of doses given, and the same situation exists for whatever category of adverse reaction that one would care to look at.

However, at the same time, adhering to the same illness type for the sake of making comparison, other information tells us that in 2021 there was a “spike” in heart attacks in Scotland to such a degree that it became worthy of mention in The Times in the month of October of that year. Cheerfully accompanied by a picture of fried bacon, The Times article shrugged off the phenomenon by blaming “poor diet and stress”. However, there was also this:

…according to a leading heart specialist [Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist and chairman of the Public Health Collaboration, a charity] who said there was an outside chance that Covid-19 vaccinations had played a part.

In actual fact, there is more than an outside chance that “Covid-19 vaccinations” could cause heart attacks. It would start with the central nervous system being damaged by an autoimmune condition as a malfunction, triggered by the “vaccine” doing what it is designed to do: agitate an immune response. The following is from a US National Institutes of Health publication:

There are a number of hereditary and non-hereditary central nervous system (CNS) disorders, which directly or indirectly affect the heart (brain-heart disorders). The most well-known of these CNS-disorders are epilepsy, stroke, subarachanoid bleeding, bacterial meningitis, and head injury. In addition, a number of hereditary and non-hereditary neurodegenerative disorders may impair cardiac functions. Affection of the heart may manifest as arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, or autonomic dysfunction. Rarer cardiac complications of CNS disorders include heart failure, systolic or diastolic dysfunction, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, or pulmonary hypertension. Cardiomyopathy induced by hereditary CNS disease mainly include stress-induced myocardial dysfunction, known as Takotsubo syndrome (TTS).

What makes it ok for heart specialists to make throwaway comments, that nevertheless reflect what should be their realistic suspicions based on information that the reader has just been shown, about direct death by “vaccine” in the very field of their speciality, is one of two things: either they are stupid, or they are corrupt with a reliance on the way that “Covid-19” is so very comprehensive; i.e. there are so many illness events that can be displaced into being called “Covid-19”, and heart attack is one of them (and we shall look at a real life example).  It is exactly because there is this placing of data into columns where it never should be that there is small hope of finding truth about death by cardiac disorder also where a “vaccine” is involved. The same goes for any category of adverse reaction one might choose to inspect – but we stick here with illness of the heart as we now proceed to look, as promised, at three cases where a death could very likely have been as a result of being a “vaccine” recipient.

Last week (7th January), it was announced that the Labour MP, Jack Dromey, had died. The following is the reportage from the Evening Standard:

Labour MP Jack Dromey died suddenly in his flat in Birmingham on Friday, the shadow minister’s family has said.

The father-of-three, who was married to party grandee Harriet Harman, is understood to have died from natural causes.

The 73-year-old had represented Birmingham Erdington since 2010 and contributed to a Parliament debate as recently as Thursday.

A statement issued by the Labour Party on behalf of Mr Dromey’s family said: “Jack Dromey MP died suddenly this morning aged 73 in his flat in Erdington.

Now please consider the following from Sky:

Jack Dromey, who contributed to a Westminster Hall debate on Thursday, was described as having died “suddenly”. His family say he was a “dedicated member of parliament” and a “much loved husband, father and grandfather”.

Although Dromey is being described as having died of natural causes, there is no sense of his, for instance, passing away in his sleep (not least because this is the sort of thing that is usually explicitly mentioned). It was morning, and Jack Dromey died suddenly – from which it can be inferred that he had emerged from sleep, and then suffered a sudden and fatal illness. Or, if one likes, one can infer that “suddenly” is a word used in relation to what was unexpected: i.e. Dromey had no prior illness whereby death would not come as a surprise. Indeed, Dromey was active in his job within 24 hours prior to his demise as if he was perfectly healthy. Either way, Jack Dromey dropped down dead, and as far as cause goes, heart failure has to be a potential culprit. Fascinatingly, the Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine (Second Edition), 2016, says the three leading causes of natural death among persons aged 65 and over 65 are – heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory disease”.

Now, it might not surprise the reader to find that Dromey was a zealot in the cause of “vaccination”, with his call in April 2021 to punish people “peddling pernicious myths” who were then influencing care industry staff, in his view, against taking a “vaccine”. The BBC takes up the telling:

He said those responsible for spreading rumours were “off their head” and should be named and shamed and and even criminalised in some cases.

“It is completely wrong and irresponsible,” he added.

“I know there’ll be those who say, ‘what about freedom of speech?’, well, in my view there is no such thing as the freedom to peddle myths that put at risk the vulnerable in care homes.”

He said he understood some hesitancy, but it was time to take a “firm stand” against people who spread the myths.

Now, reader, do we realistically suppose that Jack Dromey was not “vaccinated”, and further to that, do we suppose that karma, as the saying goes (because we don’t subscribe to it), is not a bitch?

In the second case of our study, Bob Saget was a comedian more famous in America than in the UK (but we are trying to use as recent examples as possible). He died on January 9th of what is now suspected to have been a heart attack or a stroke. Considering that the Daily Mail, in its coverage, describes the event as one that “sent shockwaves through Hollywood”, it can be surmised that Saget’s death was something wholly unexpected.

This is perhaps why the “wall of official narrative” as formed collectively by various departments of Anglo-globalist government is clinging to something said by Saget about having had “Covid” (from the Mail):

Cops are also investigating Saget’s revelation during a podcast recording last week that he had recently battled Covid-19 and whether the virus may have caused blood clots or another side effect that played a part in his death on Sunday.

At the same time as this is happening, other outlets, which one supposes are designed exactly to stoop to fact checking levels in order to maintain the authorised reality, cannot help but disclose the fact of Saget’s having received the “vaccine”, even as they attempt to trivialise the significance of the incredibly inconvenient fact:

The theory that the booster shot killed Saget was unsurprisingly prevalent in QAnon circles, where nothing is a coincidence and correlation is uncritically accepted as causation.

Overlooking the delicious irony that a whole fake pandemic is built upon correlation uncritically accepted as causation, it is the entire purpose of QAnon to be that thing for which to reach in order to (in this case) ridicule otherwise reasonable observation of the probability of the cause and effect relationship between “vaccine” and a sudden death.

In the end, of course, the writer of this fact checking piece can resort to an appeal to official canards based on official massaged data:

Serious side effects from COVID vaccines are exceedingly rare. The vaccine is overwhelmingly effective at reducing the risk of death or hospitalization from COVID.

By now, the FBEL reader will know that a “Covid-19 vaccine” is basically pretend medicine in the context of “Covid-19” being a plethora of illness that rarely if ever relates to SARS. Not surprisingly, this fact checker won’t aver preventative powers for the “vaccine”, reflecting how they aren’t officially claimed either. Indeed, the author doubts very much that a “vaccine” has ever prevented SARS-COV from binding to ACE2 in a real case of SARS. Furthermore, an article appeared at FBEL in which the suspicion was aired that “vaccine” damage was the cause of hospitalisation in the so-called third wave of “Covid-19” – and ultimately, this is what we might be able to ascertain the truth of if it were not for official, deliberate obfuscation.

The third case is of a 34 year-old Australian woman, news of whose death was published even as this article was being written.  Miranda Fryer featured on the “Neighbours” soap opera television programme as an infant for a number of years in the late 1980s, early 1990s, with the character name of “Sky Mangel”. The modicum of celebrity attached to this person is why the story happened to be reasonably high profile.

A Yahoo News article tells of Fryer’s brother tweeting to tell of the death, which actually occurred last week:

I am writing with the saddest of news. Last Thursday, around midday, MJ passed away.

It was completely unexpected, we are yet to know for sure what the cause was, but with our family history, it looks like her heart failed during her sleep. She went peacefully.

So, we note that what is probably a case of heart failure is here being attributed to a congenital propensity. At the same time, the surprise of the death indicates that an incidence of this illness had yet to manifest in Fryer’s personal case.

Observing the news environment of the current age, it is not hard to detect how audiences are being nudged into a “gaslit” normality so as to perceive the death of a woman in her 30s with a sudden onset of heart failure as something normal – but it is far from it. The following is from a US website, but there’s no reason that it should not generally apply to other places in the Anglosphere:

The incident rate of heart attacks per 10,000 people is around 190 in people who are over 85 years of age, around 117 for those between 75-84 years of age, 66 for those between 65 and 74 years of age, 37 for those between 55 and 64 and 18 for people between 45 and 54. Among middle-aged people, i.e. those in the age group of 35 – 44, the rate per 10,000 is below 7, while for those between 0 – 34 years is 0.3 per 10,000.

Further research reveals that Fryer completed a nursing degree recently, during the “pandemic” in fact, and this must cause us to be suspicious of her having been “vaccinated”. If this is indeed the case, it provides an explanation for her death whereas otherwise there might not be one – except that which comes with the new Orwellian reality which is intended to cover up heinous democide, whereby young, healthy people are inexplicably susceptible to sudden death.

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