Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2022

The attack on the Yavorov International Peacekeeping and Security Centre; A prelude

Although the Russians would probably say that it was a thing done, first and foremost, out of military necessity, yesterday’s airstrike involving 30 missiles (either ballistic or plane-launched), on a target near the Ukrainian city of Livov was symbolically significant. It showed, once again, that Russia will do what it needs to do without fear of US/UK (NATO) retaliation.

Now, anyone who has been following the rise and fall of PNAC America knows that the USA is a waning power in the century of its triumph. This is primarily due to increasing militarily weakness (because without it there is no bullying and stealing to supremacy), and in particular a thing called a “readiness crisis” (please search this site with the term for more details), but generally because of a demoralisation which is cultural to the Babylonian master and slave system that US/UK (the Anglo-globalists) wants to implement, and has been doing so.

The Anglo-globalist empire, according to the plan as it appears to be evident, wasn’t supposed to have a Russian nation rival after George Bush welcomed the Soviet Union back in to the world order. Incidentally, this avoidance by Russia has been going on a long time. H.G. Wells complained bitterly of what he saw as a nationalistic perversion in Russian communism, and one can find online essays (by others) on Stalin’s post-war foiling of the New World Order [as advocated by H.G. Wells during the war]. Fair enough, the U.S.S.R. as a bogeyman has been an essential tool of post-war Anglo-globalist domestic political management, but it still sat on all those natural resources, and had a big sphere of influence that denied the Anglo-globalists (unless they had a war, which [at least as appearances go] they generally couldn’t execute fully according to their will, but at least they did some raping and pillaging, as per the apparent prime objective).

Back up to date, and it’s not that a nation-less world doesn’t need armies to fight wars, and so in that case, assuming that Russian territory would fold into its empire, the Anglo-globalists were happy to let their apparent military dominance lapse – that was a thing that happened because of the culture. In Russia, there was a nagging traditionalism which couldn’t have blended very well with Western tendency to degeneration, and also that inconvenient recurring predisposition for nationalism, which must have only been invigorated with the throwing off of the Soviet baggage and the re-familiarisation with an old identity – but apparently it wasn’t easy. That being said, at some stage or other, the development of the national identification coincided with a glimpse of the writing on the wall in a world where the Anglo-globalists still had its world domination mania. It’s like Putin said in that speech on the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Moreover, I will say something I have never said publicly, I will say it now for the first time. When then outgoing US President Bill Clinton visited Moscow in 2000, I asked him how America would feel about admitting Russia to NATO.

I will not reveal all the details of that conversation, but the reaction to my question was, let us say, quite restrained, and the Americans’ true attitude to that possibility can actually be seen from their subsequent steps with regard to our country. I am referring to the overt support for terrorists in the North Caucasus, the disregard for our security demands and concerns, NATO’s continued expansion, withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, and so on. It raises the question: why? What is all this about, what is the purpose? All right, you do not want to see us as friends or allies, but why make us an enemy?

There can be only one answer – this is not about our political regime or anything like that. They just do not need a big and independent country like Russia around. This is the answer to all questions. This is the source of America’s traditional policy towards Russia. Hence the attitude to all our security proposals.

There’s two possible outcomes. Russia as resources for the Anglo-globalist slave empire, or Russia as a rival to that. This is not indicative of one power pulling all the strings. Nor is, as per the example given in a previous FBEL article, the fact of there having been two different possible outcomes in Syria where either the Russian-friendly government of Syria was overthrown and the territory dismembered in all sorts of ways (and lost to Russian usage and investment)), or where that Russian ally and government of a unified Syrian nation was made secure with most of the territory under its control (and actually, this is only a stage to an intended full recovery).  Two outcomes. Two wills at work, and enforced with military violence – so, it’s the ultimate in competition. One of them has to win, and the other has to lose.

Sure, the Russian Government did the same as the US and the UK governments and made a thing out of the SARS nonsense (aka the “Covid-19 pandemic”), but it’s not an angel, and no government is. If it even did (and the author doesn’t know), the Russian Government is not going to pass on such a golden opportunity to increase its powers, while at the same time playing along for the sake of those appearances that the US/UK want to create for their people; i.e. helping the diseased West consume itself. Moreover, if the Russian Operation in the Donbas is a ploy, in terms of being phase two of “Covid-19” for a reset of economies in a unified global order, hatched by that supposed single global government entity that controlled alternative media thinks exists (and apparently identifies as the World Economic Forum – and Klaus Scwab of that organisation is perfect pantomime villain material) and is currently relentlessly pushing the idea of, then it’s a strange one because of the way that, what is in fact weakness on the part of the Anglo-globalists (because they cannot win a war with Russia), is forcing the creation of a Global South bloc to rival, and as some people reckon, outcompete the Anglo-globalist slave empire.

Anglo-globalist ambition, hindered by military weakness, and Russian rivalry to that, bolstered by its military advantage. This is what it boils down to, but some people are trying very hard indeed to arrange things so that no one needs to talk about desperate US/UK weakness. Note it well, reader.

The first part of this series will be called “The attack on the Yavorov International Peacekeeping and Security Centre: without thought or fear of US retaliation”.

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