Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2022

The attack on the Yavorov International Peacekeeping and Security Centre; Part One: without thought or fear of US/UK retaliation

As stated in the prelude in this small series of articles, while the Russians are clearly not relying on propaganda to achieve their objectives as they execute their police action in Ukraine, a strike on a particular military base was very symbolically significant. The target was a range that had been used in a programme to basically integrate Ukraine’s military into NATO. As part of this, the base had hosted “advisors” and “instructors” from the US and UK, and very recently with a view to invading Donetsk and Luhansk, as documented in captured papers signed by Colonel-General Nikolai Balan, commander of the Ukrainian National Guard.

The place is called the Yavorov Industrial Peacekeeping and Security Centre, in the usual Orwellian manner, and the fact that it is only 12 miles from the border with Poland enabled much Mi7 histrionics in part, one guesses, from anguish and at the same time to disguise the fact of a terrible blow, but also because it serves another propaganda purpose, as we shall see.

As for it being a terrible blow, it’s quite possible that the attack was so significant that US/UK/Ukrainian anger was vented by launching missiles into Donetsk city is a raging effort to kill civilians (more on this, perhaps, in the next part). Don’t forget, Ukraine’s master, London, did not only kill Germans in their hundreds of thousands in the Second World War, but also shelled British citizens to augment Luftwaffe bombing raids for propaganda purposes [read all about it at this site], so the proclivity to commit atrocities in some warped act of vengeance would come down to the Ukrainians from on high.

It is also quite possible that, what with the vast majority of the Ukrainian regular army being put through the mill in the Donbas, maybe the people overseeing Ukrainian military matters (the US/UK) really were depending on what they thought they could do with the likes of the Yavorov base; i.e. use it to train and dispatch foreign troops and equipment into eastern Ukraine to fight the Russians. As such, if the US/UK react to their setback by moving the source of their operation into Poland, it is still one that is fraught with problems, and ultimately nothing that the Russians will not have seen before (in Syria) without having been pushed into a direct confrontation with the US/UK, as alternative media and its commenting audience is currently so keen to insist on being a probability.

Indeed, herein lies the theme of this article, which is  concerned to make the point of how an attack on a facility with NATO affiliations, and which appears to have been important to machinations relating to what NATO futilely wants to achieve in counter wise to being pushed out of Ukraine, where NATO trainers were known to be based before the attack, and where, surmising from a couple of accounts, serving NATO military personnel were killed, and yet, there is no direct retaliation from the US/UK-headed bloc. Instead, only new hollow braggadocio and meaningless new lines drawn in the sand.

The proximity of Poland to the Yavorov base has been the launching point for the above stated activity – the empty threats and bluster – as if Russia’s war-making encroaching upon NATO territory (as Mi7 [corporate-media] terms it, as if NATO is a country) is indicative of the universal menace of Putin, as he inches ever closer to placing a cruise missile down every chimney stack in Britain. See the following for example:

Britain is ready to join a war against Russia if crazed dictator Vladimir Putin attacks a NATO country, Sajid Javid vowed today.

The Health Secretary warned the Kremlin this morning that there would be a “significant response” to any aggression…

Javid said: “We’ve been clear from the start, with our NATO allies, that if there is any kind of attack on NATO territory then it will be war with NATO and there will be a severe response.

“Even if just a single toecap of a Russian soldier steps into NATO territory, then it will be war with Russia and NATO would respond.”

This is very interesting to hear such stuff from this nauseating pip-squeak, because the Berdyansk naval base, which is being reconstituted in a joint British-Ukrainian project came under Russian control on February 28th, as told by a special interest website which also reports:

According to Russian reports, the ships and boats of the Navy and the SSU were abandoned in Berdyansk by their evacuated crews, and all units were left intact, with property, weapons and ammunition remaining on board, and with Ukrainian flags raised.

Now, this Berdyansk was a NATO installation in all but name – thus NATO territory – that now has toe-caps in it, all belonging to the Russians who started administering the place this month. Where is the war that was and is still being promised? It’s just empty noises.

Indeed, Russia already effectively crossed the line that Javid has laid down after the Yavorov humiliation – on February 24th, and at the same time troops crossed over Ukraine’s eastern border. And does anyone remember the threats made by the US/UK before the Special Operation started about the “decisive response” against Russia should there be an “invasion” of Ukraine? That these were made, without being able to back them up (because “decisive” has a clear meaning [“settling a matter”] that the mere bringing of sanctions just doesn’t live up to), is evidence that the US/UK was not expecting Russia to do what it did, and therefore evidence that the US/UK didn’t believe all those accusations it was making of a pending Russian invasion. This site told you, reader, that all that noise was just that, and for trying to bring pressure to bear on Putin.

The same is being tried again, using the idea of an escalated war, or the US/UK and its satellites being dragged in to stop Russian general expansionism (as the fairy tale goes), only it relies on an apparent new line in the sand (and there’s plenty more where these come from, always a little bit further back). So, even though the ongoing peace talks between Ukraine and Russia are leaning towards the former adopting a Swedish or Austrian style neutrality, and Zelensky “conceding” that Ukraine can never join NATO, the Daily Mirror wants it “readership” to know that “UK warns Ukraine-Russia peace talks are smoke and mirrors and war could spread west”.

Naturally, (and as mentioned above) corporate-media’s ancillary arm, the alternative media, has been chipping in to warn of the world being on the verge of nuclear abysses, etc, and to cause anxiety and upset in its audiences, with their goldfish memories, even though war promised war last time never happened. The current warmongering features a talking point whereby escalation is more likely the longer fighting goes on in Ukraine. Well, Russia had better hurry up and give in, then. Yes – that is the underlying idea that the psychological manipulation would impart.

And the point of all the Mi7 propaganda in its entirety when it warns of nuclear conflict, and escalation that could lead to it, is to try scare populations, so that the US/UK and allies can pitch up at the UN and declare they speak for the concerned humanity of their constituencies, and attempt to shame Russia, and attempt to seed distrust and loathing, and build pressure to deter the Russians from continuing their course of action. It’s the same old, same old dead horse that didn’t get up and run in Syria either, and yet we few who are clued up must ever be sick and tired to see it being flogged again and again, because it is never generally understood for what it is, because no-one is allowed to talk about terminal American weakness.

On an entirely different note, in an FBEL article of recent weeks, published the night before Russia started its police action in Ukraine, the author wrote that there wouldn’t be war in Ukraine, and it still stands.

In Ukraine, what is happening is that the fed-up, sorely tested, and fortunately bigger householder is kicking out his neighbours’ disruptive squatters. And if we to leave the technicalities aside and call it war, the meaning of the author’s words were clear: there would be no war in Ukraine that the US/UK would initiate if Russia would win it.

The statement “there will be no war in the Ukraine that the US/UK would initiate” is now a truth proven by events. And because the other part is true and only remains to be proven – that Russia will win – it follows that the US/UK is not going to bring this conflict upon itself.

So, it needs to be pointed out that the Russian police action is not really a reaction to an open challenge to warfare by Ukraine – it goes much deeper and longer than that, as anyone following the expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders will understand.  Besides which, Ukraine, as this site has maintained, could not have had any realistic ideas about challenging Russia in a war that it would certainly lose. There were plans, certainly, but  when Russia positioned troops in Belarus in preparation for a Ukrainian act of aggression in Novorossiya, it acted to foil the coming conflict†. It became that war that Ukraine could not win.

At the risk of over-repeating this point, that prospect of failure is why the Anglo-globalists worked desperately hard in their propaganda, by which they would create pressure to try to bring to bear on Putin and Russian leadership, so that those people would back down and remove their inconveniently placed battalions. What else could all the visits and telephone calls by heads of state, been about? They couldn’t have been pleading with Putin to spare Ukraine from “an invasion”, because they didn’t really think that Russia would “pre-emptively” invade Ukraine. They were surprised – as everyone was – when Russia started the police action.

On the contrary, if the US/UK thought that an invasion was coming, it wouldn’t have been caught out so that it didn’t have time to pull off its Chernobyl false flag; it wouldn’t have let the Russians find most of the Ukrainian army stacked up against the Novorossiyan front. The truth is, the US/UK was surprised, even though the Russians gave notice by not only recognising Luhansk and Donetsk, but by giving the fledgling countries security guarantees – which were duly activated. Ironically, the provocation for doing this appears to have been increased Ukrainian shelling along the front with the Novorossiyans – which wasn’t the first action of that supposed invasion, but merely noise signifying potential war to be used by those Anglo-globalist negotiators who were trying to have Russia stand down.

Again, it all means that the US/UK have never dreamt of getting into a fight with Russia. It still stands.

And to complete this passage on the notion of the Russian police action not being a forced reaction, the author would suggest this: when they had scuppered Ukrainian aggression with the presence of troops in Belarus, the Russians found themselves with an option whereby, if the Ukrainians could be made to rely on their defensive positions (and be pinned into them) along the Novorossiyan front by the forces of Luhansk and Donetsk, there was scope for the very operation that we are now witnessing. The timing of the recognition of Luhansk and Donetsk was perfect for taking the option. Indeed, in a final word about this whole idea that Russia’s Special Operation was a pre-empting of imminent Ukrainian attack, the author proposes the entirely opposite notion that the Special Operation was launched precisely because the Ukrainians would not move while Russia had been mobilised closely against them.

So, the point that is being made is that Russia is in control of its punches, with the first coming unexpectedly for the other side, but thrown without being forced, exactly when Russia, knowing that the act at some stage was inevitable, wanted to do it.

The disarray on the other side, as the Russian fist still connects, is represented at this point in time by Biden somewhat desperately calling Putin a war criminal, and a mad scramble to send extra, and more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine. Now, predictably, this is being talked  up in the usual places as a pathway to escalation, but in reality, there are several potential problems regarding this process so that it’s not clear how effective this rearming will be. Presumably, armaments will first go to Poland (because Russia can hit supply dumps in Ukraine at will), but then how do they get transferred to people in Ukraine on the front lines who know how to use them  – because there surely  isn’t the luxury in these places to train. But then – and overlooking the fact that certain weapons sent in haste might not be useful in the situation they are needed – how many of these trained people remain to use them? Further to this, if recruits (a foreign legion) do need to be trained, how long does this take? And when training is complete, how do the personnel get to where they are going to fight when Russia didn’t even let the current Yavorov intake leave that base?  Even if a foreign legion sneaks in and out of Poland to fight in Ukraine, it’s nothing that is new for an army that has fought against very same type of enemy in Syria. It’s already been tried and tested as a phenomenon that isn’t going to lead to an escalation.


† When FBEL said that it looked like Russia had foiled an act of Ukrainian aggression, the author placed it as happening in February – and there has since been confirmation by the Russians that they had awareness of a plan for Ukrainian offensive operations in the Donbas. Indeed, the capture of Ukrainian National Guard documents referring, from the authors reading, to an offensive to take place in the month of February, appears to confirm the hypothesis in all aspects : “In accordance with the order, the Deputy Commander of the National Guard was tasked with organizing joint combat training of the battalion-tactical group of the National Guard as part of the 80th separate air assault brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine from February 7 to February 28, 2022”. That being said, alternative media generally tells of how the Ukrainian offensive was coming in March, and the Russian operation was timed to pre-empt it. It’s not clear if this is something that the Russian Ministry of Defence believes itself (because the author, not being a Russian speaker, can’t do the necessary research), or if it’s a misunderstanding by people who want other justification besides the Novorossiyan appeal for assistance, or misrepresentation by alternative media  that wants to place significance on Russia having to react to successful US/UK statecraft. The problem that the author has with the March invasion hypothesis is that the window of 7th to 28th February is then a date for training for the operation, which is surely leaving things a bit late.

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  1. Ken Michael says:

    Jack Detsch, Pentagon and national security correspondent at Foreign Policy magazine:
    6:55 pm Friday 18 Mar 2022
    NEW: U.S. assesses that Russia still has approximately 90 percent of combat power arrayed on Ukraine’s border “still available” 3 weeks after invasion: senior U.S. defense official.
    Russia assembled as many as 190,000 troops on Ukraine’s border before invading on Feb. 24.

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