Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2022

Putin: we know the names of all the Western handlers of Ukrainian security agencies

Today, Putin addressed a meeting of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office Board (the Office of the Prosecutor General appears to be equivalent to the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK). It comes shortly after an announcement that the Investigative Committee of Russia, likened to the United States’ FBI,  is specifically going to look into the role of the UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) in terms of the committing of criminal acts in the form of sabotage, principally (apparently) in Ukraine (but naturally, one wonders if the Russians have a view that a clutch of recent fires at installations on their side of the border could be considered as being related).

A fuller FBEL article is due on this matter – one that elaborates on Putin’s noting that covert operations, by Ukrainian intelligence agencies backed by US/UK ones, are acts of weakness (with the same being able to be said about headline-grabbing raids into Russia nominally carried out by Ukrainian armed forces). In the meantime, while this forms a place holder for it, here is the pertinent part (as it applies to our interest) of Putin’s speech:

This morning, the Federal Security Service thwarted a terrorist group that planned to attack and assassinate a well-known Russian television journalist. They will definitely deny this now, but the facts and evidence are irrefutable.

In this regard, I would like to say the following. To our surprise, high-ranking diplomats in Europe and the United States are urging their Ukrainian satellites to use their resources to win on the battlefield. Our partners in the United States are using such strange diplomacy – diplomats are even calling for this. But as they realise that this is impossible, they try to achieve a different objective instead – to split Russian society, to destroy Russia from within. But here, too, there is a hitch; this hasn’t worked either. Our society has shown maturity and solidarity; it supports our Armed Forces and supports our efforts to ensure Russia’s ultimate security and help the people living of Donbass. This actually means support for our people living in Donbass. So when they failed to achieve their information goals – they continued to fool their citizens of course, using their monopoly position in their countries’ information space and in some other countries, but they failed here, on the territory of Russia – they switched to terror, to arranging the murder of our journalists.

In this regard, it should be noted of course that we know the names of all the Western handlers, of all members of Western services, primarily the CIA, who are working with Ukrainian security agencies. Apparently, they are giving them such advice. This is their attitude towards the rights of journalists, towards the dissemination of information; this is their attitude towards human rights in general. All they care about is their own rights, some cherishing imperial ambitions, others holding on to their colonial past in the old-fashioned way. But this will not work in Russia.

I am asking the Investigative Committee of Russia, and all investigative bodies to record such crimes in detail, to identify their masterminds and perpetrators, to initiate criminal cases and bring them to trial, as they should. Prosecutors and investigators should carefully study these and all other facts, collect the necessary evidence to make a case, which should be used in court proceedings, including at the international level. Let me emphasise that such evidence should be accumulated for all the crimes committed by neo-Nazis and their accomplices, starting with the coup d’état in Kiev in 2014, which paved the way for civil war, bloodshed and violence in Ukraine.


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