Published On: Thu, Apr 14th, 2022

The ongoing FBEL “Parliament’s legitimacy crisis” series

Now that we, who live in the post-normal la la Noddy land par excellence that is the UK, have seen Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer respectively, fined for attending gatherings (that probably never happened) during the economic blockade (with fake pandemic as pretext for it), there is a chance that UK Government will bring the next general election forward from its current date of Thursday, May 2nd, 2024. While it is true that chatter has started in corporate-media that speculates that the fortunes of the Tory executive, battered as they are when leading figures are being exposed as hypocrites (or so the narrative goes), are precarious so that the overthrow or resignation of Johnson would lead to a snap election, this is not the reason for yours truly supposing that one will happen before its time.

As readers of this site will know because of the warning that is issued here, the Tory executive is destined to lose the next general election so that the intolerably abusive “Covid-19” period can be associated with the front for UK Government that imposed it, and all can be dispensed with at the same time. In that way, the distress and upset felt by many members of the public as they discovered that theirs is not a free country, is to be managed into distant memory, with the out-in-the-open tendency to totalitarianism being declared an aberration, and those with the stink of drawing it into existence about them being consigned to the trash can of history; Britain cannot be ruled as it has been for over a century (in a fashion coined here as “government-by-hoax”) if the public does not suffer the delusion of being free.

Now, as things stand, 2024 gives UK Government plenty of time to create a necessary Labour-in-ascendency spirit of the age so that, come the general election, the public will be expecting Keir Starmer to become Prime Minister. A good job too, because the manner by which the impression of Labour on the rise was to be manufactured – i.e. through by-election victories – has hit a major snag; that is to say, the electorate is uncharacteristically unpredictable, and support for both Labour and the Tories has collapsed.

It was the continued disintegrated Tory support as signalled at the most recent Birmingham Erdington by-election, specifically, that helps to shape the author’s idea of a general election sooner than later. This by-election was held as the Russian Special Military Operation in the Donbas was taking place, and even though Boris Johnson has been presented as being “Churchillian” in reaction to this (and the UK’s military intelligence-media complex meant it in its traditional sense, not that Johnson was a fat ration-gobbler who doesn’t care how many get murdered when he makes a callous or incompetent decision), it didn’t make any difference at the ballot box.

The author is quite certain that UK Government’s conduct in provoking Russia, and then in quite openly fighting her through the proxy of Ukraine, is not popular in Britain. It doesn’t matter if the impression one gains from public relations is quite to the contrary – this would be, after all, a synthetic phenomenon. Moreover, when the Russians inevitably succeed as per their objectives, and it translates to parts or all of Novorossiya separating from Ukraine, and that success is then translated into official maps, new governments, international agreements (and so forth), so that there is no way to hide it, then it will become clear that the whole enterprise of turning Ukraine into a weapon against Russia was a too costly debacle.

Not only has UK Government by now sent millions of pounds of weapons to Ukraine, to be trashed by Russian assault, or captured and commandeered by the forces of Luhansk and Donetsk (we have actual accounts of this happening), there is the matter of the potential 3.5 billion pounds fund set aside and guaranteed  (against a foreign government not being able to pay its bills) for corporations to invest in Ukraine via the UK Export Finance scheme, which – and the actual amount is not known – will now have to come from tax payers, whatever happens in Ukraine†. That there has been these eye-watering sums of money thrown at an extremely bad cause is a scandal, even if there are no screaming corporate-media headlines to inform the masses, and on top of that, enough people will also know how their money has been gifted to what amounts to a Nazi junta.

Therefore, in the full fruition of time, the association between UK Government and a failed project in Ukraine will be something that the former may want to also dispose of with the junking of the Tory executive. The author is saying that this necessity might come to maturity sooner than later, and the need to retire the current front of UK Government will therefore come before anyone previously supposed.

As such, it is time to get up to date in the FBEL “Parliament’s legitimacy crisis” series, with an article on the Birmingham Erdington by-election to follow. The new MP is particularly unrepresentative, and illegitimate, not only because of the pathetically few people who voted for her, but because much was made of her Black-identity, including how in the past she appears to have been sympathetic to the idea of an uprising so that (to paraphrase) “black people could get what they deserve”.

Ahead is a possible by-election in the constituency of Wakefield after the conviction of Imran Ahmed Khan, Tory MP, who is supposed to have sexually assaulted a teenager in 2008. All depends on the length of prison sentence, and also whether constituents want to initiate a recall procedure.

Further investigation of the circumstances by which any by-election may happen is screaming out to be done, because Wakefield is one of those “Red Wall” seats that the Tories won in 2019. With pollsters telling enthusiastic Mi7 propagandists at the Daily Mail that Labour would win a Wakefield by-election “at a canter”, we who write and read FBEL must understand how UK Government engineer the vacating of parliamentary constituency seats in order to have the show of a by-election at a time when a message about the popularity, or otherwise, of a particular political party is required. We note, with this in mind, that Khan’s conviction appears to be for an incident that occurred in 2008, although he was not prosecuted until 2021. Moreover, Tory MP and former justice minister, Crispin Blunt, who followed the trial, said that Khan suffered a “dreadful miscarriage of justice”, before he was apparently forced to apologise and back down following what looks like coordinated condemnation in order to shame him to it.

However, that Blunt made the criticism he did, and that he was then quickly shut down, is a smoking gun, and indicates that UK Government does not want any questions asked, because, as the author would posit, Khan has been prosecuted (whether he did what he was accused of or not) as a matter of State Craft.

What should inspire suspicion further is that Wakefield is the perfect sort of seat that is required for Labour to win in the UK Government’s operation to present that party being in the ascendency, because of its “Red Wall” in Tory hands status. Of a Labour win in Wakefield it would be claimed that it indicates in the clearest sort of way that there is a reversal of fortunes. Of course, another occurrence of low turnout, which can be predicted with some confidence, suggesting that Labour are by no means being carried to power on a wave of popularity (and that Kier Starmer is going to be fixed into the office of Prime Minister), would be given little attention. And that’s why this site is producing this series (and, because it’s not UK Government controlled, is the only place on the internet doing it).


† An article is due regarding the refitting of Ukraine’s navy and naval bases – paid for by the British public. Of course, that the British public has no say in being robbed so that UK Government can aggravate Russia on the shores of the Black Sea very much fits into the theme of parliamentary illegitimacy.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Once I saw that Sir Kier Starmer was one of a very select group of British members of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, I knew he had been groomed and was almost guaranteed to be “Tony Blair 2”. And, the public will think “they voted him in to Downing Street”.

    • P W Laurie says:

      UK Government appoints its own puppets. UK Government is the City of London (although I know we’re supposed to look everywhere else but there). City corporations were always governments – London City corporation survives, as has its control over the English national parliament, where legislation is created that affects your life. I don’t know the exact relation any living Rockefeller currently has to the City of London – so, some information along these lines would be more useful to contribute at this site. As for Keir Starmer, he could have been in the Beano fan club too for all the difference I suspect it makes.

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