Published On: Sun, Jun 19th, 2022

We need to talk about your being stupid, featuring H G Wells’ “The Country of the Blind”, and Plato’s cave

Being written live, please check back for complete version.

Let it be understood, first of all, that this piece will be useful to regular FBEL readership because it will illustrate the Masonic meaning of another work by he who is quite possibly our favourite revelator of the method, H G Wells, and also – for the first time possibly ever – properly explain Plato’s allegory of the cave. The theme, then, is the experience of a political environment where truth is artificial, and people suffer to live in a paradigm where values, received notions, and scientific furtherance are all consequently skewed – which would be universal in the world beyond the Anglo-globalist empire, according to the designs of its originators and current installers, except for the fact that the Russian Government appears to want to reject it for its people: at a speech at the recent St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin made a remark which can be taken as an indicator of his perspective whereby it was said of people of the Anglo-globalist empire that they must not be able to read or write because they believed the obvious lies of their politicians.

What is clearly meant here is the stupidity introduced in the title of the piece, which will apply to the reader who casually alights upon this article, and then leaves it prematurely, feeling insulted because he has taken the accusation personally, precisely because he “cannot read or write”. And if the reader wants to quibble that he can indeed read and write, we’re not really talking about being able to consume J K Rowling, or communicate in a waste of time and effort in a letter to an MP. Put it this way: the Georgians (18th and early-19th century English speakers) knew how to read and write, you don’t; and the Russians have adopted the continuing of the Renaissance which was British Georgiana, and you don’t even know what it is.

To be continued…

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