Observing that the ONS invents data to improve the image of the “Covid-19 vaccine”

This is a piece that is intended to form a point of reference for at least one of a couple of articles that are yet in the works – that is, as far as they are being planned; things might work out so this source won’t be used after all. In any case, the exercise is worth doing in itself. On September 13th, 2021, the Office for National Statistics More...

by P W Laurie | Published 9 months ago
By P W Laurie On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


The reader will find below extracts from that book-within-a-book of Orwell’s (not Goldstein’s) creation in Nineteen Eighty Four. Orwell’s problem with IngSoc, it appears, is that old chestnut: More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, August 6th, 2021

The Times outs controlled alternative media; Part One: a preamble

In 2012, ahead of the London Olympics, the cherry on top of the noisy, verging-on-hysterical chatter in alternative media  about the prospect of a false-flag attack, was a threatened alien arrival (during the closing More...

By P W Laurie On Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Versus controlled opposition/the truth industrial complex* on Twitter

* Actually, the Truther Industrial Complex, as coined by Cips Clips, according to his claim. Unlike your alternative media, FBEL doesn’t have an operative to man the Twitter account associated with the website  More...

By P W Laurie On Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Corporate-media is reporting low “demand ceiling” for “Covid-19 vaccine” in young – you heard it here first

This site has been reporting for quite the while about increasing rates of refusal as the UK Government’s “Covid-19 vaccine” rollout gets deeper down amongst the young (i.e. the under 50s), and now some corporate-media, More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Regulated behaviour to mitigate the spread of “Covid-19”? Who gives a toss when UK Government wants the football propaganda gift – Plus, how far will it go to get it?

One of the ways that “Covid-19” is betrayed as a hoax is the way that regulations which are supposed to be enforced to mitigate the spread of the disease become overlooked in certain circumstances where they More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, May 19th, 2021
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Corporate-media operatives bitch and whine, make empty threats about “vaccine hesitancy”: UK Government must be losing

Further to the previous FBEL article bringing its readership the good news of “Covid-19 vaccine” refusal in good practical numbers (see footnote 1), it now appears that UK Government is indeed perturbed about More...

By P W Laurie On Thursday, May 6th, 2021

More on ACE2: Some truth in a time of frenzied controlled opposition alternative media hysteria-stoking misdirection

The time has come again to convey to the FBEL readership (which is fortunate indeed to have found what could very well be the only creator of “alternative media” that isn’t on the government payroll) some More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Into April, and no sign of promised “vaccine” shortages; perhaps it’s diminishing demand for 1st doses that UK Government foresaw

The NHS is claiming that vast numbers of people have had the first dose of a so-called vaccine for so-called Covid-19. The latest weekly report (at the time of writing) which details all doses dispensed up to 4th More...

By P W Laurie On Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

No UK Government vaccine triumph suggests no culling of the over-80s, actually

The reader may have come across an alternative media talking point that over 80s are being decimated by “Covid-19 vaccinations” (in quotation marks, because nothing about the term is literal). As it happens, More...