Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

More divide & conquer “right-wingery”: National Action illusion; UKIP’s AMW infiltration

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Four people were arrested this week for allegedly being members of National Action – the outfit proscribed as a terrorist group, hence it being a crime to be a member under the post-9/11 terrorism legislation. There was absolutely no surprise in these quarters to learn that all four “terrorists” were also serving members of the armed forces. At FBEL it is suspected that National Action is a creation of the British Government, and is “manned” by its people; there are no more willing servants of the New World Order than people who become mercenaries for the City of London.

When the Forest Hill stabbing incident happened back in December 2016, the author watched it develop in real time through social media. His attention was first drawn to it when it was mentioned on a Twitter trending sidebar under the title “National Action”. The thought occurred that it was going to be blamed on the group who had just come to national attention because of the decision by the government to promote awareness of them by blacklisting them. In the initial reporting of that story, there was no notion of it being an attack targeted at Muslims. As far as could be made out, there was one source on Twitter of the claims that were being made by corporate-media that the incident was racially motivated. Yours truly caught a Sun reporter claiming facts on Twitter without possibly having been able to verify them, and let the lying hag know she had been discovered. Did any of this prevent a psyop to be pinned on National Action? Since then the Forest Hill stabber, Adrian Brown, has had a trial, and has been found innocent on grounds of insanity (this is what would happen if real juries ever got anywhere near any case that the Establishment proposed was terror).

Indeed, the best that the Establishment has been able to do in terms of linking National Action with an actual terror plot or act is letting it be known that in their catalogue of criminality, one of their most appalling deeds was praising the Jo Cox murder, and adopting the slogan that the suspect in the case gave as his name when he first appeared in court: “death to traitors, freedom for Britain”. Now we now that the Jo Cox murder was a false flag (and quite likely a hoax) – see the pages hereabouts on the subject – intended to change the EU Referendum result – and this is where the Establishment wants to place National Action’s solid foundations.

It is the author’s opinion that National Action is a big nothing; a tiny association of university and graduate age school-children with far too much media coverage. It is all too suspicious. If one looks back through the corporate-media archives, it appears that the first mention of National Action was in 2014 (about the same time that the Jo Cox incident was being set up, some do say). A 19 year-old Alex Davies and a 25 year-old Benjamin Reynolds are introduced to the nation by the ever-so-obliging Daily Mirror in June, while in March the Huffington Post ever-so-nicely presents 18 year-old “Tom” – no surname:

Tom, from somewhere in Birmingham, proudly informs he has just got off the phone from the West Midlands counter terrorism police squad who said they were “keeping an eye” on the group.

Funny that, eh? “Tom”, of National Action, has just been on the blower to the counter terrorism squad. Sounds more like an informant. And because we can safely say that National Action emerged out of nowhere because of exposure given to them by the corporate-media, then we can probably take it as more evidence of the group being a government operation. If the corporate-media was really concerned about exposing a threat to the Establishment then it would be trying to interview yours truly, and exposing FBEL to a wider audience. However, it does exactly the opposite as far as this site is concerned because once the truth is set free, it defends itself.

More clues emerge easily when one starts to look. Take the so-called co-founder of National Action, Alex Davies. In 2017 this individual was apparently nominated for something called the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize (please do your own search for this). How do we think that a 22 year old gets very good at public speaking? Because he has been specifically trained to it? That wouldn’t happen at the local comprehensive, would it? Indeed, one has to just look at some of the names involved in this thing to get an idea about where it is coming from. So for instance – and also in 2014 – a fellow named Garron Helm (who is apparently connected to National Action through input he’s had to one website or another), tweeted “anti-Semitic tweets to Wavertree MP Luciana Berger”. This activity appears to have inspired a copy-cat behaviour by the infamous Joshua Bonehill-Paine – he who used to impersonate UKIP accounts on Twitter (we’ll come back to the “far-right” as a means to slur UKIP later). Now, to be fair, Bonehill-Paine is only a “reported” member of National Action – according to the equally dubious Hope Not Hate. Continuing on the same subject, one name in particular made a great impression on the author during his research, and that is the pseudonym used by one Ashley Bell (claimed to be another founder of the group): Tommy Johnson. It’s very close to someone else’s fake name, is it not (hint: Mr Yaxley-Lennon’s)? Are these contrived appellations necessary for man-of-the-people appeal where else there wouldn’t be any, one wonders?

To date the most notorious act by National Action was a “mass” May 2016 assembly of 20 to 30 boys (yes, “mass”) outside York Minster to squeeze pimples – sorry, that should be to make Hitler salutes. The author suspects the location was chosen because of the proximity to Catterick, where the university training corps must have been on camp at the time. OK, so everything in the previous sentence appears there to continue a joke. In seriousness, it appears that there was nothing at the incident to identify the group as National Action – all that was done after the fact in tweets. Did any of the spotty oiks there assembled have any idea that they were representing National Action? – this is the question that immediately springs to mind – suggesting manipulation by another hand, and fabrication. The police over-reaction to the incident also just ramped up an undeserved perception of being undesirable. Far better and more apt it would have been to send Nanny round to despatch Cuthbert and Reginald to early bed without tiffin.

The latest National Action incident – namely the arrest of four soldiers – is obviously calculated to offend the sorts of people who like giving their hard earned cash away to Help for Heroes. The idea – and one has to be truly retarded not to see it – is to harden and deepen the battle lines in the race war that the Establishment wants. On one side, people that it can demonise as racists, and on the other side Muslims. This is going to be the upshot of all the terror that the British Government has perpetrated in the name of Islam – and if the reader doesn’t like that statement, it’s probably because he or she just won’t look at the evidence aplenty for it. The fear generated by “Islamic terror” is a chamber in which general distrust of all Muslims is promulgated – the Government presents the Alt-Right to interpret and direct misgivings into hatred of individual Muslims by association with the terror. The “far-right” (which always admits to socialism, nevertheless) are there to catch the reacting public in a wide band that the Government can demonise all at once.

Part of this is the underhand campaign to have Anne Marie Waters elected the leader of UKIP. There is undoubtedly an organised movement of people into the party membership in order to bring this about – therefore there is a campaign, and it is underhanded. The author thinks that it stinks of Government, and thinks that Waters is a sheep-dipped operative (having previously been Labour and very much identifiable with the NWO LGBT anti-family political agenda – see here for previous FBEL analysis), and if she is elected as UKIP leader will present the corporate-media with endless opportunity to demonise that party into complete obscurity. (Follow this link to hear Nick Griffin’s thoughts about Anne Marie Waters – while we don’t endorse his views, these are very important insights. Additionally, a video by JoeOwensTalkingSense is a must see: link). This comes at a time, of course, when Labour have betrayed their anti-EU support – and where is that now supposed to go? To UKIP where it can be demonised, in all its whiteness, without hindrance?

Having said all that, the best thing to happen might be that Anne Marie Waters does become UKIP leader, or indeed its deputy, for all but 2 of UKIP’s MEPs have stated that they will quit the party if this happens – obviously to escape the looming tar brush that Waters will bring down upon it over again until it is ultimately destroyed. The fact that she has been allowed to run suggests to the author that the party is still infiltrated within the NEC. It really will be better for the liberty and truth movement if the UKIP libertarian core (the author amongst it) breaks off to try anew. This would be a great upset for the Establishment, which wants to catch the stinking UKIP fish whole instead of a remnant from which scraps, left in the water, will later feed a bigger animal.

Of course, the inability to see that the Government is both capable and willing to do all of the divide and conquer manipulation  here mentioned is the continual cause of the downfall of the British people – why they are always mostly poor, or bombed out, or factory fodder having been turfed off their land by a Victorian. In modern times, the great social disruption is built around the false flag of immigration; an operation by the Ruling Class as part of a strategy of tension. How many times does the author see a commenter at Breitbart complain about the “Islamification” of Britain. Like an Islamised Britain is going to make any difference? Instead of devoting hours to men in shorts kicking a ball around a field, one might get preached at in a mosque – both are forms of control. What would the anti-Islamification brigade be saving, exactly, if they could stop this “Islamification”? The right of a self-appointed elite to rule? Well done. For the record, and to keep it short, (and this isn’t to disparage the teachings of the Nazarene) both Christianity and Islam are control mechanisms for a ruling class whose religion is Luciferianism, and to understand this the reader need to go spend a few years reading and researching (start with Bill Cooper – link at the top of the page); you won’t be convinced in one paragraph, but you have to begin to understand how deeply mistaken you are.

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  1. Jon A says:

    The headlines on Radio 4’s PM programme on Tuesday 5th September were an intriguing mix. As well as the 4 (then 5) arrests of the soldiers with alleged links to National Action, there was the compensation pay-out to Kate and Wills over the topless photos, and a seemingly random review on the lack of progress on the bizarre Al-Hilli shooting in the French Alps 5 years ago. If you look at Sandra Barr’s TruthSeeker444 blog or you tube channel, you can find a hypothesis on an occult link between the topless photos and the Al-Hilli incident – all very strange. That weirdness aside, Radio 4 managed to keep talking about National Action and linking them to Tommy Mair being a ‘white supremacist’ – although as we all know there is no evidence to that smear at all.

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