Published On: Sat, May 15th, 2021

So–called “surge vaccination” looks like reaction to younger folk refusing allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs dependency sickness

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Data regarding “vaccine” take-up in England to 9th May, released this week, shows that the UK Government’s grand programme of vaccination is indeed hitting a snag as it attempts to ensnare the under 50s into the net of allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs dependency – and before this article gets any older, let us deal with this idea that has here cropped up.

Beware, reader, of alternative media and its doomsday coverage of “Covid-19 vaccine”. The big pharmaceutical companies cannot make big bucks siphoning off tax-payers’ money through its social healthcare partners and client creators (the NHS, in the UK) if everyone is dead. If everyone is only sick, on the other hand, and keeps on being sick, then the demand through social healthcare for pharmaceutical product will be sustained, and the taxpayers’ money, tolerated as part of the social healthcare bill, will keep flowing to the pharmaceutical companies. And then there is the advantages to be had in terms of control by authoritarian government over populations made weak by a kind of vivisection into sub-human degeneracy, a la H G Wells and Aldous Huxley both, by pharmaceutical drugs. Furthermore, the more people in a population who are on an engineered pathway of sickness from birth to grave, the greater the chance that it will exist collectively in a state of dependency on the system, with little mental or physical capacity to stage a fight for its survival.

The model in which sickness is seeded by those who have the opportunity to do it by appearing as healers  was discussed before at FBEL in the article, The Beneficent NHS, Where Corporate-Government Makes A Buck From Population Control. It is an article that focuses on the way that the NHS “finds grist for the mill”, and brings people into a web of pharmaceutical drugs dependency through treatment of obesity – which should be, in the vast majority of cases, an issue entirely related to nutrition.

The “Covid-19 vaccine”, likewise, whoever the manufacturer may be, is a way to bring people into allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs dependency sickness. In fact, the “Covid-19 vaccine” threatens to be a guaranteed way of having the vast majority of a country’s population primed for permanent cash-cow existence. Further to this, the “vaccine passport” would form a spoke in a greater control grid where the overbearing state is interested in exerting control over an individual’s consumption of resources, as per the drive to Masonic Babylon deceptively disguised as the touchy-feely sustainability agenda.

Knowing that Pharaoh requires slaves to build his monuments is why the focus here at FBEL regarding the MHRA Yellow Card adverse reaction reporting has been on “vaccine” victims suffering new illness, rather than on death, and further coverage in this respect is due very soon.

Regarding the separate data released by Public Health England in regard to the raw facts of “vaccine” recipience  – so returning to the main thrust intended for this article – using the figures that Public Health England itself uses, there is a glimmer of good news for those who don’t want the corporate-government social healthcare system to succeed in the ways set out above. There are signs that  indicate a great deal of aversion to the vaccine products in the under 50s, and this reality is perhaps even shaping a new strategy for “vaccine” rollout which uses the pretext of dealing with so-called new variants.

As the reader will know, UK Government has, as a general rule, been making vaccine product [i.e. a medicine termed by its manufacturer to be vaccine] available to groups of people by age group, starting with the oldest, and then gradually to younger people in stages. The key to understanding the future of vaccine product take up with any of these groups has been the percentage increase between the numbers of recipients one week to another.

This week the data shows, in the age group ranging from 45 to 49, percentage increase of vaccine product take-up slowing down to 4.07% from 6.3%. When this has been observed in other age ranges, it tends to indicate that the rate of take-up is about to flat line. Remarkably, in the 45 to 49 age group, this is happening when only 77.9% of the age group has received the first dose. As such, the final percentage for this demographic will probably not climb above 80%. Currently, there are 821,227 people in the category who have not received the vaccine product, and the data is suggesting that the final amount will not be a great deal smaller.

As predicted in previous reports of this ilk here at FBEL, the percentage of the population in the 50 to 54 age group which has been given one dose of vaccine product is still below 90%, at 89.81%, and take-up has flat-lined. As all the age ranges above 50 years old have now flat-lined in terms of percentage increase, it means that very close to 1 million (currently 988 thousand) people in the top end of the population most certainly will not have had a jab.

Although it is still early, only 67.55% of 40-44 year olds have had a single dose of a vaccine product, meaning that 1.1 million are yet to have one. Admittedly, the take-up rate in the under-44s has been slow regularly from 18th April, but a lot of this surely has to do with the narrow availability for this demographic up to this point. But intriguingly, UK Government is talking about “flexing” vaccine product rollout in the name of targeting areas with so-called surges in so-called “Indian variants”, where anyone over 18 will be offered a jab, and this could in fact be a development that betrays a possible 30% of the population in the younger age groups rejecting the vaccine product.

In effect, what the UK Government would be doing in an all-come-all-served approach that disregarded the previously scrupulously observed gradual rolling out by age is finding the demand for the supply so as to maintain the image – the deception – of a continuously high level of dissemination. On the other hand, continuing to systematically go down through the age groups risks the appearance of an operation losing its way at what is perhaps the most crucial moment in its lifetime (young people were less likely than their elders to already be in pharmaceutical drugs dependency sickness). In fact, the “surge” plan to deal with the supposed “Indian variant” of SARS-COV-2 and its invented threat might now be brought in as standard to fudge the end of the vaccine product rollout, and paper over the embarrassment of  high rates of aversion in younger people (and attempt to stymie any backlash by older people who took the vaccine product and will inevitably feel cheated). What this means in terms of actual numbers refusing to be jabbed remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that UK Government appears to be spooked.

Demonstrating once again that there is no science in it, UK Government is also set to throw out its old standard for an intervening period between doses (see footnote†) and offer a second dose at 8 weeks after the first. It is a move that has also been blamed on the nonsense “Indian variant”, but ultimately betrays what has already been going on (and spotted here at FBEL): slower take-up in younger people of the first jab has meant, and continues to mean resources can be reallocated to second doses. There should be no doubt that what is going on in India (whatever it is) is being used as a means to whitewash UK Government failure when Boris Johnson says something like this: “the race between our vaccination programme and the virus may be about to become a great deal tighter”.

Making for interesting reading on the other end of the scale in the battle against full course administration (i.e. the giving of two doses) are the high numbers of 70 years-olds and over who have gone missing for their second dose. What is going on exactly is hard to read from the data, so the best thing to do is to report it at face value.

As at 9th May, in England, 9.85% of the current population of over 80s had not received a second dose, although only 5.07% had not yet received a first dose. The difference, which indicates a possible fall off in take-up from first to second doses, isn’t necessarily explained by second doses pending because of the large amount of people in the demographic who should have received their follow-up jab by 9th May (according to the target set by the number of first shots at 14th February†), but did not. This number was a  remarkable 92,213 people, representing just over 3% of the population of the age range.

The very same missing second dose phenomenon also showed up in the 75 to 79 year-olds classification, and also the 70 to 74 years-olds. In total, across these two groups, there were 36,695 less second doses that should have been administered according to the 14th February targets.

Intriguingly, the data shows that 1,734,014 second doses more than were required (according to the February 14th targets) were administered to all groups under 70. Just by looking at the numbers one can see that these additional doses might have been given the over 70s and made up the deficits. The failure to administer jabs, then, was not related to supply, and the remaining reasons why nearly 129,000 over-70s would have the first dose but not the second are few: 1), they refused, or 2) a medical condition, including death, had arisen in the intervening period between the two doses that had thrown up cause to not continue in the course.

According to ONS figures, about 93,239‡ people over the age of 70 died in England during the 12 week period of our interest. Of course, because the 9th May targets for second doses would be generated from first doses up to 14th February, and not from, there is certainly extra scope for a situation where the vast majority of people over 70 who have missed a second dose did so because they were dead.

This then must raise  yet another point of potential criminality in practitioners in the British death-by-allopathic-medicine industrial complex – as much as could be alleged against them already – of unnecessarily off-loading vaccine product to thousands of people who it could have no benefit for (that is, from the perspective that it would have had any benefit) if they were going to die shortly afterwards. Worse still, the vaccine product may have expedited death in many cases. These unfortunates, then, would be victims of UK Government pushing out vaccine product stock for the sake of the appearances of a successful operation.

Indeed, whether it be finishing off the elderly (which was how the first spike of “Covid-19” was criminally produced), or introducing the young and middle aged to allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs dependency sickness, the malevolence of UK Government is constant across the board, and its hundreds of thousands of minions, even if they be ignorant, are not any less guilty of the great heinous crime that is being committed at this time. Crucially, if a good percentage of young people can move towards nutrition based wellness and self-healing, or health freedom҂, and there is no better place to start this mass movement than in the teeth of a grand operation to enslave, then there is room to be optimistic about the future redundancy (and overthrow) of the NHS temple through which an essential spoke of UK Government’s control grind is manifested (see the FBEL article, Dr Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Sale Of The NHS).


† UK Government has said that the second dose should be given 12 weeks after the first – despite manufacturers specifying that the interval should be much shorter at 21 days (meaning the actual effectiveness of the product – from the point of view of faith in such a thing – would be altered, diminished most likely, to an extent not understood). As such, the total amount of people who had received a second dose by 9th May should be the same, at least, as the number who received a first dose by 14th February.

‡ Because the figures are for England and Wales, the number is found by totalling deaths between the week ending 19th February and the week ending 30th April, subtracting a small percentage representing death in Wales, and then adding an amount – a weekly average – representing death in England in the time to 9th May (or thereabouts).

҂ It should be pointed out that people of all ages can improve their health through nutrition, and mitigate against and even undo the harm done to them by toxic medicine.

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  1. Northern says:

    Interesting side notes:

    Appears a British variant is being pushed upon the populations of Pakistan and Ukraine by their media, make of that what you will.

    I heard a story on the radio yesterday stating UK government was spending £19bn on a study into if a 3rd dose of the vaccine would have any positive effects for the recipients.

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