Published On: Thu, Jul 8th, 2021

Corporate-media is reporting low “demand ceiling” for “Covid-19 vaccine” in young – you heard it here first

This site has been reporting for quite the while about increasing rates of refusal as the UK Government’s “Covid-19 vaccine” rollout gets deeper down amongst the young (i.e. the under 50s), and now some corporate-media, for whatever purpose it has in doing so, is talking about a good deal of “hesitancy” (as it calls it) particularly in the under-30s. UK Government doesn’t admit failure for no good reason, and no doubt a talking point, or a psychological manipulation upon which this disclosure is based is coming soon.

Be that as it may, what corporate-media has decided not to hide is the same information that has been conveyed in these pages ahead of the game – especially last week when there was some very promising data (from the anti-maim and kill agenda point of view) regarding low uptake percentages particularly in the 30-34 years old age range, with this “bad behaviour” looking to be repeated in the 25-29s. Well, this week’s data shows that the latter group did not indeed buck the trend that was emerging of the younger being less willing to be jabbed, as its percentage increase dropped like a stone.

While total jab recipiency was at its lowest since the third week of the rollout (in January 2021), the number of first doses was down in the sub-one million mark, and closer to the doldrums of April when UK Government blamed a supply shortage when the rollout was clearly first encountering higher rates of refusal. The number of missing second doses has climbed considerably again for the 50-59s – presenting another “once bitten twice shy” story of refusal that starts in the very top-end of the Generation X. It’s a story, of course, that complicates certain corporate-media’s misrepresentations whereby refusal is a characteristic of the young alone, and perhaps that’s why it will be overlooked.

Expect fuller details when this place-holder article is updated in the next 48 hours – as has become per usual for this type of bulletin. The plan this week was to be slightly different because there would be reference also to a sample piece of the corporate-media’s coverage of refusal in the young: a Telegraph article, of which the most pertinent parts are:

The Covid-19 vaccination programme is hitting a “demand ceiling” as the daily numbers of people getting their first jab has almost halved in the last fortnight.

On Thursday, just 87,000 first doses were administered, as the roll-out gets to younger, more hesitant and harder to reach groups.

The seven-day average has dropped by 49 per cent since 20 June, from 205,668 daily doses to 105,781 as of 4 July, according to the latest government data.

John Roberts, from the Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group, which has been tracking the roll-out, said: “Among the over-30s, it feels as though everyone who put their hand up first time has been done.”

He said it was “inevitable” that as the programme reached the end it would be slower….

Vaccinations opened up for all over-18s on 17 June. In the three weeks since then, take-up figures among 18-24 year olds in England has reached just less than 53 per cent, and 56 per cent of 25-29 year olds.

There are no reported supply constraints slowing down the roll-out. Instead, vaccination teams are reporting less demand, with fewer people coming in for jabs, particularly in urban centres.


Update, 12th July:

Unfortunately, there’s not going to be time to update this bulletin this time, but that’s ok because a new one is due in a few days, and the telling of the refusal story (which isn’t likely to change) can be taken up again then.

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