Published On: Tue, Nov 2nd, 2021

Latest audience, future work – updated

Further to a recent piece of housekeeping (the most important parts of which are retained below), here is a small addendum detailing work to come (which is very useful to me at the risk of the reader finding it dull).

A new chapter of the Christian Mystery School book at is of upper most priority in the next few days, and I really will be remiss if it is not published before Friday 5th.

A long time ago in previous bulletins it was promised that there would also be a section at “” where there would be analysis of film that was useful along the same lines of what is the usual fare at this site, and a preliminary version of an essay on Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse still sits in a to-complete pile. This will be processed eventually, but before that, having taken delivery of a couple of new DVDs this week, the plan is to do pieces on three films by William Friedkin: The French Connection, The Exorcist, and Sorcerer. One would say there is more going on in these films than meets the eye, but in fact it’s all there to see in each one of them. These will be appearing in due course at the site.

The only other thing to add is that the ongoing The Times Outs Controlled Alternative Media series is going to take on the growing coverage in corporate-media of a kind of UK sovereign-man movement, with a stunt pulled on a TV and radio presenter, Jeremy Vine, being a main vehicle through which something that looks as if it is controlled and set up for demonization, is in fact being demonised (with UK Column getting outed again). To be brief about what the problem is, common law writs should only be issued if they can be enforced – which requires, in order to be a real possibility, much more than a bunch of (ex-Army, Mi5 pay-rolled?) clowns going around claiming to be “Common Law Constables”. The potential for provocateuring is huge.

It only remains to lift the links for the articles in the Secret Casualties Of World War II  series up the page from their previous position at the foot in the hope, reader, to bring them more immediately to your attention:

Lessons From Nineteen Eighty Four: A Prelude To A Series On The Deliberate Wartime Shelling Of British Civilians (link)

In 9/11 Season, More On How “Nineteen Eighteen Four” Tells Of UK Government Shelling Its Own Citizens During World War II (link)

Secret Casualties Of World War Two: How UK Government Wanted Civilian Death In German Air Raids (link)

Secret Casualties Of World War II: The Other 9/11 (Or, Shelling Londoners Like Germans On The Somme Could Only Have Been About Killing Them) (link)

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Menace Of Shrapnel (link)

Half A Million Germans Dead By The RAF (And Friend) Is Evidence Of 50,000 Britons Dead By The British Army (Series Finale, Part A) (link)

How UK Government’s Total Disregard For Human Life And Its Excellence In The Ancient Technocratic “Science” Of Deception Makes It A Danger Never To Be Tolerated (Series Finale, Part B) (link)

[First published 16th October, 2021]

It’s time for one of those occasional progress reports with visiting numbers and lists of things to do.

The images at the bottom of the page are the usual diagrams regarding site performance (see a previous bulletin for an explanation – the most recent one is to be found here), which is not bad given that output has been slow. But, it is safe to say, perhaps, that the Covid-19 panic is over, and we have lost any readership that thinks it could catch “Covid-19” and not immediately be admitted to an intensive care ward. We’ve lost the audience that doesn’t want to know about ACE2, because alternative media never talks about it.

Speaking of which, reader, Off-Guardian recently published a so-called “all you need to know” article regarding Covid-19. This was managed with no mention of ACE2.

So, even if I did now publish that long promised article on the history of SARS, and how it is the same thing as Covid-19 [through the unifying fact of interaction with ACE2], who would take any notice?

[Even so,] when I can get to it, there will be an article on how Covid-19 is SARS, and how the disease has been around for twenty years.

What with the killing of David Amess, an article that has been on the to-do list about the forcing of Kim Leadbeater in the Batley and Spen by-election is definitely a must-do, because the Jo Cox incident is so important as a touchstone for future psyops of this nature. And yes, the Amess killing looks like a psyop, because the characteristics of the attack do not fit the attacker (attacks in person on MPs have been set up as “right-wing terror”). Also, this would be the first knife wielding jihadist that wasn’t shot dead in a long time, if not ever. I suspect that police took into custody a guy plucked off British military intelligence’s own Arab Spring battlefields, redeployed to Britain to do a job just like this. If there was ever such thing as a missing patsy, perhaps this psyop involves one. Of course, there will be an article (or two) on this incident. [Done].

But back to material previously promised, I also need to finish a The Times Outs Controlled Alternative Media series, very important if UK Government ever wants to pin a knife attack on an anti-lockdown, anti-vaxxer of whom it can be said had been radicalised by the UK Column and the alternative media it promotes.

On the other hand, with it still being possible to link the David Amess killing to Iran (as the reader will discover for himself with his own research), a previously promised article on the attack on the MT Mercer Street  is another must-do piece.

And not featuring for a long time, but not forgotten, and as promised in the last bulletin, there will be more in the  series’ on the inquest into the Fishmonger Hall “terror” incident, on infamous crime as the work of the Krypteia, and on the connection between Prohibition and Covid-19. Low as a priority is a promised Freemasonic Olympics project.

P W Laurie

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