Does the adult “child refugee” travesty continue; any connection to Parsons Green?

There has been a development in the Parsons Green so called “bombing” incident since the last article that appeared on the subject at FBEL. It has its own interest as a stand alone item, but it is eminently more intriguing when one simultaneously tangles with two other issues that are also happening right about now. Newly released figures show that More...

by P W Laurie | Published 3 weeks ago
By P W Laurie On Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Priti Patel and the Philosophers of Fire; British Establishment sorcery at its best

When he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne was quite the regular feature at the Bilderberg Group gatherings – and never a peep was heard out of the British corporate-media about how the inevitable More...

By P W Laurie On Thursday, September 28th, 2017

After the ISIS psyop, the Syrian-Kurdish “homeland”; plus the threat of real terrorists on UK streets

There is a fat, multi-year long trail in alternative media output that all adds up to show how the Islamist and other opposition in Syria are ultimately created and controlled by the military industrial contingent More...

By P W Laurie On Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Trump’s Afghanistan “surge”: desperate measures for desperate times

All the good analysts on the internet were wondering where the next war was going to be; they understood that the Western military industrial complex needs conflict, and Western corporations need resources just More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Salman Abedi’s suitcase, and the far more interesting (but hidden) Libyan dimension

There have been developments in the Salman Abedi story – and they are mostly preposterous. The serious news is all in Libya, and we’ll get to that after the farce. First up are the two pictures released by the More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

In Manchester, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group knows its chemicals

At first the British Government announced that it knew who the Manchester Arena bomber was, but wanted official confirmation, and indeed, according to someone linked to Channel 4 the Greater Manchester Police said More...

By P W Laurie On Saturday, April 15th, 2017

US operation to remove Assad’s Russian protection ends in fabulous failure

Amongst the analysts, corporate-media or otherwise, there is still quite a lot of puzzlement about Trump’s attack on Shayrat airbase. Of course the state controlled apparatus is convinced that it was a response More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, April 14th, 2017

MOAB: mother of all betrayals

In Trump’s latest militaristic spasm, the nearest thing to a nuclear bomb that the US military possesses in its arsenal, a Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, or the MOAB, costing a casual 16 million dollars apiece, More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, April 7th, 2017

Trump’s neo-con spasm wasn’t a freak aberration; the old story of oil and gas

In an interview he gave this week on The Liberty Report, Ron Paul chuckled as he talked about the possibility of Bashar al-Assad ordering a chemical weapons strike on Syrian civilians. He chuckled because the idea More...

By P W Laurie On Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Reports: Islamic State’s days are numbered – warmongering US/UK governments still use it as bogeyman

Various reports collectively suggesting the imminent overall defeat of Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIS) and other “Takfiri” mercenaries by Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish forces, are appearing out of the Middle More...