The case for Britain as engineer and instigator of World War I; an introduction

Writing in the margins of a communiqué that had made the scales fall from his eyes, Kaiser Wilhelm wrote this: England, France, and Russia are in league to wage a war of annihilation against us, taking the Austro-Serbian conflict as pretext. (p310, source named below) The Russians had been mobilising in secret, and the British had been playing dumb More...

by P W Laurie | Published 1 month ago
By P W Laurie On Saturday, October 13th, 2018

No surprises as “Tommy Robinson” turns up at the Old Bailey – and a motorway service station

The Lady Justice that sits on top of the Old Bailey carries a sword in her right hand, and a pair of scales in her left. Unlike other representations, she is not blindfolded. The reader may have heard that this More...

By P W Laurie On Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Praetorian pantomime: inevitably, the likelihood of Salih Khater being the driver becomes an issue of doubt

Since the previous FBEL piece on the car crash in Westminster for which a suspect has now been charged with attempted murder, more evidence has been discovered, examined and found to confirm the findings already More...

By P W Laurie On Thursday, July 19th, 2018

National Action series; Part Two: the Army and the “Midlands” Five

In September 2017, when preparation was being made for this article (and others to follow), Hope Not Hate (who should know), numbered the active membership of so-called terrorist organisation, National Action, at More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, May 18th, 2018
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Establishment and media in Royal Wedding propaganda exercise

The headline is actually from another piece, written in April 2011, that first appeared at the forerunner of this site. As we are on the eve of another procession by which the British are invited to consent to Government More...

By P W Laurie On Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Analysis: “British military” embedded with its proxy forces in Ghouta; now captured by Syrian army?

Yesterday, Fars News reported that a number of British military operatives were in the custody of the Syrian Arab Army after having been captured in Ghouta. A UK Ministry of Defence response appeared on the Sun More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, March 23rd, 2018

The Skripal phony fake show ploughs on – because it must

If you don’t pay your Council Tax, you will probably discover that it is possible for your local government to convene a hearing that appears to be official, but that isn’t really a court, and that this body More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, March 7th, 2018
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The Ghouta chlorine incidents – and Putin’s timely state of the nation address?

Late on Monday 5th March, Twitter started to become active with posters using the hashtagged term “ghouta” to claim that the Syrian Government had struck civilians with chlorine. It looked like it could be the More...

By P W Laurie On Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Perk-seeking dupes wanted; the Keepers of the Great Plan are looking for help

British Freemasonry is recruiting. That’s the only conclusion to make given the flurry of activity in February whereby an organisation that usually likes to remain in the dark scuttled out in to the light of exposure More...

By P W Laurie On Sunday, January 7th, 2018

In all the Fire & Fury rumpus, no one talks about the Trumps & money laundering

Another day passes and still no one refutes the ideas raised, through the Steve Bannon mouthpiece in Wolff’s now infamous book, about the possibility of US federal prosecutors upsetting the White House through More...