The Plymouth false-flag was that sort of domestic routine bigger scale psyop for furtherance of government agenda that alternative media won’t touch†

There’s an old saying about looking after the pennies, and then the pounds looking after themselves, and it is broader in its meaning than it appears – or, to put it another way, it can be applied more broadly. When people newly came to this site, in their panic, in the spring of 2020, because they were casting around to find something to help More...

by P W Laurie | Published 4 weeks ago
By P W Laurie On Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

The Plymouth false-flag attack: inspecting the disastrous Parsonage family plank of narrative

What is one to make of it when a person who has relatives involved in the Plymouth shooting incident takes to Facebook to thank people for expressing concern at their welfare, and also to give an update on their More...

By P W Laurie On Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

Noticing and understanding the subtly shifting Plymouth shooting narrative

There’s more truth to be found about what is going on in Afghanistan by looking at the incident that happened in Plymouth on 12th August than there is by diverting an audience into a debate about whether or not More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, August 18th, 2021
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In Plymouth, the Krypteia at the bottom of the garden?

The recent incident in Plymouth involving one Jake Davison was a false flag attack as part of a scheme to promote awareness in a mainstream audience of an aspect of what can be characterised as right-wing terrorism. More...

By P W Laurie On Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

The Times Outs Controlled Alternative Media; Part Two: the project to conflate anti-lockdown with extremism by every measure that UK Government can conceive of

Coming to this article from its preceding part, the reader was asked to recognise patterns of alternative media activity that betrayed the fact of being controlled. This is because it is quite clear that, at the More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, August 6th, 2021

The Times outs controlled alternative media; Part One: a preamble

In 2012, ahead of the London Olympics, the cherry on top of the noisy, verging-on-hysterical chatter in alternative media  about the prospect of a false-flag attack, was a threatened alien arrival (during the closing More...

By P W Laurie On Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Audience numbers and work to come in August and September

It’s time again for a report of FBEL’s viewing numbers and a briefing on what to expect in terms of upcoming material. The only thing that really remains to be done in terms of coverage of the Coronahoax is More...

By P W Laurie On Sunday, August 1st, 2021

The Freemasonic Olympics takes place nine years after 2012, but it’s no moment of triumph for Toontown (the City of London)

Out of the blue, there is going to be an extensive project at FBEL that centres around the Olympic Games – which, of course, are currently ongoing in Japan – and it’s all due to an incidence of serendipity. A More...

By P W Laurie On Friday, June 11th, 2021

Looming disaster for UK Government as dying days of “Covid-19 vaccine” rollout meets high refusal; must be behind threats to maintain vestiges of the economic blockade

As the reader will know, the idea that has been promoted here at FBEL is that whatever UK Government reckons is a restriction in the name of “Covid-19”, it has to be defied when it can be, or else whomever is More...

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