Published On: Sat, Jan 21st, 2017

Jo Cox incident periphery; Part One: the Fellowship of the “Sting”

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Remember Haroon Rashid Aswat? In 2002 he became a wanted man. The US Government had charges for him to answer related to setting up a terrorist training camp in Oregon. Although he sneaked in and out of Britain for a few days betwixt the end of June and 7th July 2005 (a significant date), he had mostly at that time been living abroad. Hence it was why he was seized in Zambia in 2005 to be shipped to the UK where he was arrested, on arrival, on behalf of the pursuing Americans. Thereafter he remained in custody awaiting extradition proceedings – which were frustrated by his apparently suffering with paranoid schizophrenia to the extent that in 2008 he was incarcerated at Broadmoor. Eventually, the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, moved to have him sent to the US, and in 2014 he was finally in the clutches of the American authorities. During this process, Aswat’s infamy was inflated by allegations that he had made a number of telephone calls to the people who, or so we are told, committed the 7/7 bombings in London. He was labelled the “mastermind” behind the Terror on the Tube.

With that initial briefing over, the reader might well be asking what any of it has got to do with an article that is going to be about the Jo Cox incident of 2016. The answer, dear reader, is that Haroon Rashid shares the same name as Jo Cox’s Office Manager, Fazila. Additionally, he also hails from Batley. This is a very interesting coincidence after you have concluded that the Jo Cox incident was a false flag, and possibly a hoax, and also after you have had it on good authority that Haroon Rashid Aswat was an Mi6 asset. And so Haroon has got something to do with this article, which is about gathering intelligence into one place, and noticing interesting facts and coincidences, in the history and circumstances of some of the players in the Jo Cox incident, that take on a fascinatingly different and less ordinary tone when one has become certain that, with regards said incident, we are dealing with “fake news”.

Let’s begin with Aswat. He was connected with an organisation called Al-Muhajiroun, and a collaborative effort with British intelligence to recruit immigrants in the UK into the jihadist Kosovo Liberation Army at the time of the destabilisation of Yugoslavia. This is the claim of intelligence expert John Loftus. His source appears to be comments made by Sheikh Omar Bakri – also a top man in Al-Muhajiroun. Loftus’ said this:

October 16, 2001, he gave a detailed interview with al-Sharq al-Aswat, an Arabic newspaper in London, describing the relationship between British intelligence and the operations in Kosovo and Al-Muhajiroun. So that’s how we get all these guys connected. It started in Kosovo, Haroon was 31 years old, he came on about 1995.


As mentioned above, Aswat was a Batley man, as evidenced here:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed a British national was in custody in Zambia, but the Aswat family from Batley Carr has not been told if it is Haroon Rashid Aswat, with whom they have had no contact for 10 years.

… and here:

A LINK was found between a Batley man and the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

US authorities revealed details after Haroon Aswat admitted terror charges on Monday.

People owning the same names (not to be repeated here) as Haroon Aswat’s parents  are listed at as living at an address in Batley. A Fazila Aswat (with other names that appear to verify her as the same associated with Jo Cox) is also listed at as living at an address in Batley. However, it must be stressed that these are clearly not the same households, and there appears to be more than two Aswat households in Batley, with no way of telling if any are related to the other. Please note this very important point: it isn’t the objective of this article to establish any link between Fazila and Haroon, nor imply that Fazila Aswat is an operative for any intelligence agencies – as Haroon Rashid Aswat is reported to be.

Fazila Aswat’s father has a different name, indicating that Fazila is an Aswat by marriage. We know Gulham Maniyar is her parent because he spoke for Fazila at the time of the Jo Cox incident, and notably was described as an ex-Labour Party councillor.

Miss Aswat, who had worked for the MP for a year, is too distressed to speak publicly, but the horrifying detail of the attack was given yesterday by her father, former Labour Councillor Ghulam Maniyar, 59.


Now, it came to the author’s attention that a former Councillor by the name of Ghulam Maniyar found himself in a spot of bother back in 2012. He (by then a former politician) and a colleague, a man who was contemporaneously a councillor, were under investigation by Kirkless Council for financial irregularities related to an Islamic burial service that the two men ran.

It has been alleged that the men may have taken up to £1m from families during the 25 years they have leased the private plot near Dewsbury Cemetery.

A [Kirklees Council] spokesman said: “The investigation is more than 50 per cent complete. So far there has been no police or tax authority involvement.


Accusations against the men appear to include grossly overcharging for burials, paying scant regard to “environmental regulations about bodies potentially contaminating the water table”, and packing the site beyond capacity with no proper plot records being kept. Abdul Patel, Maniyar’s partner, was also embroiled in accusations of postal vote fraud (from this article, where we discover that Maniyar had been a councillor for Batley East).

At the start of 2015, there was very much a sense of a blind eye being turned to the activities of Maniyar and Patel by Kirkless Council – if a local newspaper article written at the time is anything to go by.

KIRKLEES Council has refused to disclose details of how much public money it lost by failing to collect rent from the Muslim cemetery being run by one of its councillors.

At a meeting with district mosque elders at the time, Coun Patel and Mr Maniyar were understood to be holding profits of more than £300,000, without being constituted either as a company or charity.

Kirklees admitted this week it had no idea of the men’s or the organisation’s legal standing, or whether they had paid any taxes on the revenues.


A report on the outcome of this case couldn’t be found. It appears as if the abovementioned article is, as they say, “your lot”. And it looks like any investigation of Patel and Maniyar stayed very much within the bounds of the Kirklees Council – who seemingly claimed ignorance.

We are going to leave the matter right there, except to quote Danny Lockwood, the publisher of the local newspaper which did a proper job of journalism to investigate what were obviously serious allegations of corruption (the frustration at the idea that justice has not been served is palpable):

By hiding behind the excuse of there being a ‘commercial sensitivity’ to the information, Kirklees merely reinforces the idea that both it and Coun Patel have something to hide.


Next item on the agenda is the charity work of Fazila Aswat and Sandra Major. These ladies were with Jo Cox when she was attacked, and were described as her assistants. Fazila Aswat was supposedly Jo Cox’s Office Manager, and Sandra Major her Senior Case Worker. Someone called Fazila Aswat has also been involved with the Royal Voluntary Service in the West Yorkshire area. We know this through internet articles; this one, of 2013, for example, states that Fazila Aswat was the “Locality Manager for the region”; this one, of 2014, states that Fazila Aswat was the “locality manager for RVS in West Yorkshire”, and this one, of February 2015, states that Fazila Aswat was “the RVS locality manager in Huddersfield” – obviously it’s the same role slightly differently described each time. We know Jo Cox’s Fazila Aswat could be, or have been involved with the RVS because she mentions the charity on her Facebook page, and there is at least one source of data on the internet which links her (through an image in which she is named) to the RVS  – see here. However, this particular article doesn’t mention that Fazila Aswat works for the RVS. Moreover, it’s interesting to discover that there is no mention of any link between Jo Cox and the RVS through Fazila Aswat in a couple of articles on the RVS website (here and here) – which are about recognition of the charity by the official Jo Cox memorial fund (more on this later).

As it says, Fazila Aswat and Sandra Major.

Of course, Fazila Aswat was something of a poster child for some predictable “heroic Muslim woman beating off nasty neo-Nazi with handbag” propaganda. As for Sandra Major, we know what she looks like through some limited appearances on TV (apparently). The author only knows what she looks like because Look North published an image of her (tweeted here). As it happens, a woman of that same name is involved with the Batley Food Bank – in fact this woman helped create it. In an October 21st article, about a GMB Union event raising awareness (and funds, according to the title of the piece) for food banks, Major is described as the “co-founder of Batley Food Bank”. An image embedded in the page (without caption) shows a woman who looks very much like the Sandra Major of the Look North tweet. Furthermore, an article entitled “Donation made to Food Bank in memory of Jo Cox” contains another image (also without caption) in which the same woman is shown receiving the said donation in the form of a cheque – suggesting that she is Sandra Major – described as one of the “project leaders of Batley Food Bank”. We can also very much infer from the article that Sandra Major is still involved in the Batley Food Bank, post Jo Cox. Furthermore, a LinkedIn profile for a Fazila Aswat lists her current situation as “Service co-ordinator at WRVS” – although the WRVS is the old name for the RVS, so this could just be out of date.

Indeed, it has been asserted that Fazila Aswat worked for Jo Cox up to a year ahead of the incident – it says so in the the extract from the MailOnline further up this page. It uses the word “worked”, not volunteered. It has also been asserted that Sandra Major and Fazila Aswat were Jo Cox’s Senior Caseworker and Office Manager respectively. This information (a pdf file) from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority lists the official role titles of staff that an MP can employ, and the salary attached to the role. Amongst these are Senior Caseworker, and Office Manager. Both roles are salaried. Sandra Major, if she was a Senior Case Worker, and Fazila Aswat, if she were an Office Manager, would be working for Jo Cox. And look at this, which appears to come from a financial statement (found here):

This is the annual account written by Fazila Aswat (Constituency office manager) for late Jo Cox MP for their parliamentary work in the financial year 2015-16.

Fazila Aswat apparently did work for Jo Cox. And the document reveals that Cox employed:

A part time Office Manager, part time Senior Caseworker, Senior Parliamentary Assistant and a part time Parliamentary Assistant based in the constituency.

Back to that Jo Cox Food Bank donation story abovementioned, though, and there is something interesting about it (which we also find in the RVS website articles about Jo Cox – above) in that there is no linkage of the MP to the charity through her staff. For the sake of poignancy, in both cases, here in articles about the commemoration of Jo Cox through good deeds, there would be a great opportunity for a writer to mention that Fazila Aswat, a (current or former?) RVS worker had been Jo Cox’s assistant, and in the Food Bank article, so too had Sandra Major  – but instead there is not a donated-sausage, nor either one that comes in a meal on wheels.

So, the author gets a sense that for some reason we can’t be allowed to appreciate that the Sandra Major and Fazila Aswat connected to Jo Cox had these other lives as charitable workers. No instances can be found in the corporate-media, or on the broader internet, where Jo Cox’s political assistants are identified as also, simultaneously (or formerly), being representative of charities. Of course, this could be just to do with the not being able to find it.

And so, given this apparent schizophrenia, one wonders in what capacity Fazila Aswat and Sandra Major attended the House of Commons when on, 11th May 2016, Jo Cox took a delegation of Batley charity workers to London (source): “The Royal Voluntary Service, Alzheimer’s Society, Batley Food Bank and Community Partnerships were among those who attended the meetings in Parliament.” If the reader looks at the image within the article, Fazila Aswat can be seen, and Sandra Major is also there. Again, not one of them is identified as being of Cox’s staff. In fact, it can be inferred from the article that they represent the charitable organisations.

The Batley delegation.

Whatever was going on in Batley (let’s not get into potential abuse of positions that should be apolitical) here we can see that the women of the Jo Cox incident are linked through a number of strands. One might say that they seem on the surface to be as thick as thieves.

Speaking of which,  the Food Bank, which in the opinion of the author is actually a national phenomenon that is something approaching a racket – see this article on the subject – was something of a hobby horse for Jo Cox. Examine these articles and extracts:

From 26th November 2015 (here)

Jo Cox is backing a local building society in its bid to support Batley Food Bank as it helps people put the basics on their kitchen table this Christmas.

Here she is making a political point in the House of Commons: “Jo Cox challenges PM on priorities” (source).

If you revisit that article about the GMB Food Bank Fundraiser, you’ll find this at its foot:

Special thanks to Batley Bulldogs, Leeds Rhinos, Castleford Tigers, Jo Cox MP for Batley and Spen, Aakash Restaurant  and Tesco for their support.

(Note, the patronage of the Batley Food Bank by its MP didn’t start with Jo Cox. Her predecessor was also involved. Here is a report from 2013; and notice that one of the volunteers is a Suleman Aswat).

So, we have Jo Cox raising the profile of an organisation that, in her constituency, is headed up by someone who apparently works for her. Finally, remember that Fazlia Aswat is associated somehow with the Royal Voluntary Service. When a GoFundMe money raising campaign was started “In celebration and memory of Jo Cox”, proceeds would be “invested in creating the fairer, kinder and more tolerant world Jo fought for”. Three charities were named as recipients, and there seemed to be an odd one out. Two of the causes were the White Helmets, and Hope Not Hate – thoroughly discredited organisations that exist for purely political purposes of the most destructive kind. The third one was the Royal Voluntary Service.  Nearly £2 million has been raised with this campaign, and people are still giving.

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