Published On: Fri, Jul 28th, 2017

Conspiracy theory and revisionist history vs Flat Earth and Nibiru, etc

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There is a noticeable increase in garbage conspiracy theory at the moment, so it’s worth setting the FBEL stall out regarding it; first of all, let’s deal with terminology. If you look for it, you will find material on the internet whereby someone is trying to tell you that there is a conspiracy by government to hide the existence of planet Niburu. And so you are being asked to give the same credence to the idea that there is a rogue solar system (that is converging with the one that has the Sun at its centre) as you would to the idea that some element of the US government planted explosive devices in the World Trade Centre building ahead of 9/11. See how it works? To spell it out: the garbage gets called “conspiracy theory” to delegitimize investigation into real government and corporate criminality.

For the sake of writing this article, the author had to sit through a video lecture that used the book of Enoch to translate conjecture about Niburu into supposed truth – how Niburu is going to be the fulfilment of prophesy. Obviously, there is no comparison, in terms of evidence, with measuring the actual freefall rate of descent of WTC7 so as to detect controlled demolition. Indeed, Nibiru is not even there – anywhere – for any person to behold – despite the wasted internet space on Youtube devoted to claims that sun-lit illuminated cloud, or sun dogs, or big-sky sunsets, or reflections off of the camera lens are proof of a second star. We know about Nibiru because some guy said that the government knew about it. 9/11 is a conspiracy theory, Planet Nibiru is batcrap craziness. Furthermore, and this might come as a shock to some people, no human being, whether it be Enoch or Mohammed, in the complete history of the world, was ever taken by an angel – to the Antarctic or any other place – to have secret knowledge revealed to them. This sort of stuff is never about real cases of knowledge-bringing contact with mystical creatures (which is, in fact, Luciferian/Freemasonic mythology), and everything to do with the coded initiation ritual of very earthly, very grubby (definitely not angelic) human beings.

And yet, the corporate-media is giving the “Planet Nibiru conspiracy theory” a lot of room. The Daily Express has pages of the stuff. In fact, what used to be called the tabloid corporate-media also hosts on the internet reams of “copy” about aliens – that other extra-terrestrial fantasy that is, in short, a psyop that’s always being kept warm in the oven for our eventual One World Government supper (aided by the illusion of manned outer space flight– the biggest con in the history of the planet‡). It shouldn’t be a surprise that the corporate-media would want to take ownership of material it can call “conspiracy theory” with impunity. In the old days, people becoming curious about ET would be prone to finding themselves investigating legitimate political conspiracies. The linking of the two was meant to discredit the latter – and it still does do that – but unfortunately for Government, arguably, it drew more people “down the rabbit hole” than might have otherwise become aware. Obviously, when the corporate-media owns the sewer, then it can block the exits to the sunlit uplands.

Naturally, we want to be able to discern the dank dingy underworld from the airy green pastures – and in those terms we should be able to do it. Well, it should be quite easy to have discernment, yes. For instance, if someone tells you that the people ruling the Earth are shape shifting reptiles, then we shouldn’t be interested in anything else from that source. If an “alternative media” big gun is discredited, it is discredited, folks. There is no half-way house. Likewise, we should be able to detect that the Earth is not flat. A good way to do this is to fly on an airplane from the UK to the United States – arriving about the same “time” as you departed, or much earlier in the day than you left if you were on Concorde. This happens because local time is oriented to the moment the Sun is at its zenith in the local sky. Or one can observe a ship coming over the horizon mast first; nothing else quite demonstrates the infinity-by-small-degrees nature (at least as humans perceive it) of the Earth’s form. Flat-earthers have forgotten how big the world is – easy to do in this day and age.

Of course, we should be aware, in the game of intelligence that is the alternative-media, that counter material is going to be set up to drive folly of disinformation and distraction – whatever its topic. What does the reader think, for instance, about an interview conducted by a darling of the alt-Right alt-media, Stefan Molyneux, with a flat-earther, Steven (please look it up on Youtube), in which the former demonstrates his true colours by telling his debating opponent that believing in a flat Earth won’t buy a guy any success with women. Isn’t this exactly the sort of thing designed to trigger an intense emotional response by which the listener will become defensive about the flat-earther (already sounding like Napoleon Dynamite proselytizing about the efforts to save our ally Nessie from Japanese scientists wanting to blast it out of the Loch) and also about his views?

It wouldn’t be FBEL if the reader didn’t get the following sort of perspective: the narrative we are sold is that Flat Earth restores faith in a Creator, because the Flat Earth model can’t be accidental. As always, these things proceed from abject ignorance. As it happens, the model that we do live in is so precise for life, and its survival, on Earth that it is too unlikely to have happened by accident. Now, we could look into the iron core, the magnetic field, the placement of the Moon in relation to the Earth, the placement of the Earth in relation to the Sun – there are many aspects of the arrangement of Earth in its quite-so fashion whereby any deviation would prove catastrophic – or we could believe that we live on a big plate, and get called a loser, and feel like a loser. What does the reader think that the Godless Government would rather we do? Furthermore, who was it, historically, that lost a lot of power because people started understanding that the Earth span around the Sun? It was the diverse Mystery School priests – the ones of the Catholic Church got very upset – whose religion came down to them from Babylon; a religion in which the destiny of the masses was locked into the motion of the planets around the Earth. To be clear, this is the idea that is disseminated to achieve political control – the ruling class don’t believe in it – and it doesn’t matter if the masses have medieval, ancient or modern minds, or what pantheon of gods or saints overlies their fundamental indoctrination. The fact of a heliocentric universe should make no difference at all to a follower of the god the Greeks called Jesus – in fact, it goes hand in hand with the escape from slavery that the example of Yehoshua – the man – represents.

On the exact opposite of the scale, what is of fabulous value to the human race is the revisionist history movement that is thriving at the moment – there has to be such a movement in the light of the 9/11 reality-check. A big light has flicked on for humanity, and there is a big appetite for reviewing the causes and events of the two world wars of the 20th century – and doing it from a 21st century perspective where knowledge of historical and current activity by shadowy vested interests – globalist players – have been revealed. Part of this, rightfully, is reinvestigating the holocaust. None of this should be sacred territory.

There is more scope for this re-evaluation, and it should be extended to take in some surprising territory: the dinosaur weight issue. The reader can investigate this particular topic at his or her own leisure†; the wider subject is the trustworthiness of Victorian science. Take archaeology, for example. The Victorians established the scheme that is still used today. When obviously brilliant free thinkers like David Rohl challenge it, their careers suffer.

But the ruling Victorian class were basically the same people who, fast forwarding half a century, engineered affairs to sacrifice millions of the profane class – Joe Public en masse – in world wars. The Victorians gave us Marx and the Fabian Society – and the breeding ground for it when people were forced off their land to be factory fodder. They gave us Gothicism rather than Classicism, Empire instead of Republic, moral apathy and subversive sexual deviancy – and in fact the championing of it through larger than life literary figures. Victorian science was operating in that context, and was undoubtedly promoting an agenda – as it still is (see Global Warming). Being kind, it was still a wild west, and good hunting ground for unscrupulous charlatans.

And there is further scope to look back in time. Of personal interest to the author is the machinations by which the Royal parasite was allowed to ascend the throne of a supposedly abolished kingdom after the republican experiment. It should be of great interest to all Britons, because in terms of contemporary impact, it means that very rich commonwealth assets are used to turn profits for individuals instead of being used to benefit the common wealth – reduce taxation, for instance. General Monck lead the last standing, intact, Parliamentarian army in the last days of the Protectorate, and when he marched it on London down from Scotland, people thought that he was going to reinforce the anti-Royalist parliament. When he arrived in the capital, he was entertained by City of London aldermen, and the next morning, essentially, he surprised everyone by coming out in favour of the Restoration. This is as reported by none other than Samuel Pepys, but naturally it is far too telling to be broader knowledge. In fact, the era could be rich in political conspiracy that manifests as “stuff that just happens” – thinking about the Fire of London in particular. In any case, our full history is bound to be strewn with little-noticed crucial defining junctures (from which the reality of things screams out) that never get taught by state controlled media or education and, because Britons are now culturally adverse to reading a book independently, just aren’t known of or understood. What an important task it is, then, to get the unofficial history of the country out there to the people.

‡There is no secret space fleet either.

†The author is new to it himself. It has nothing to do with the idea that the Earth must have had a different sort of gravity to accommodate massive dinosaurs, but rather the creatures were never like what we’ve been led to believe. This is a big subject to deal with in a footnote – but basically, anything bigger than, say, an elephant perhaps should have been confined to water, while horse-sized and much smaller flying reptiles might even have survived into pre-history to furnish the dragon myths (before being hunted out of existence). The big implication for natural history is that there doesn’t need to have been an extraordinary cataclysmic event to have killed these not-so-terrible lizards off.

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