Published On: Sat, Oct 28th, 2017

The real and complete Corbyn delusion

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This site has long been detailing – predicting – how the Tories would deceive about Brexit to produce a mother of all fudges (search in the box at the top of the page for “Fake Brexit”). Labour too will have a big part to play – in fact, the Tories are relying on it. As such, one of the most dangerous men in Britain in relation to its survival as an independent nation state, and indeed anything else related to the protection of individual liberty, is Jeremy Corbyn. There is a very sizeable element of the British electorate that can comprehend the EU as a component of global corporate-government – and they object to it. These people see the evils of corporate-government in any case, with or without reference to the EU, and in recent years they have increasingly become detached from the traditional two-party politics which has been the bulwark of Establishment control for decades. Corbyn has been stationed as Labour leader to frighten some of these voters back to the Tories, and also to funnel other support back into the Labour party. And, we must add, he is ably assisted by a plethora of cheerleading British alternative media – who thus suggest they are shilling for the Establishment, or are very badly mistaken. Either way, they are worthless as leadership. In this article we are going to look at how the origins of socialism, which Corbyn openly advocates, are in the Mystery School for ancient technocrats, and how the Labour party was cut from the same cloth as the Nazi party via a connection with Helena Blavatsky. Ultimately, we will observe that Corbyn is an inevitable agent of the New World Order. We also note which side of the fundamental conflict for the human future his supporters are really on, despite whatever else they profess to be.

The British Government has cottoned on to a movement that becomes visible when one reads most of the alternative media in Britain or in North America. In this journalism, capitalism† is clearly a dirty word. It is seen as the source of all the world’s ills. Enter Jeremy Corbyn; the following is taken from his speech to the Fabian Society in January 2017:

The people who run Britain have been taking our country for a ride. They’ve stitched up our political system to protect the powerful…

The truth is the system simply doesn’t work for the vast majority of people. Labour under my leadership stands for a complete break with this rigged system.

We will hand back wealth and control to people and communities.

We’ll look at Corbyn’s utterances in more detail in another article, but for the time being note that he can’t stop at just returning wealth and control to people; the collectivised unit has to have its share too, meaning that in fact anything “returned” to individuals is meaningless (this will register to the reader as a fact in due course). Obviously, the headline issue that stands out in this extract is the need to deal with corporate-government, which is characterised, in the circles Corbyn’s message appeals to, as a consequence of capitalism. The answer, says Corbyn, is socialism. His support in the “alternative” faction of the body politics would seem to agree, given the disdain there for capitalism. But the big problem and the inconvenient truth for all of these people is the plain fact that ours is not a capitalist system. We are already socialised. We have been slowly and surely socialised for over a hundred years. And yet the solution, apparently, is more of the same.

The real solution to the monopolism that Corbyn appears to set himself against is capitalism. Socialism is the ultimate in monopolism: ownership, or control, by the state. Capitalism involves the diametric opposite: it means competition. Some readers may recognise Ayn Rand in the following: There are only two economic rights, and they are not a right to a council house and a welfare cheque. The two economic rights of man are a right to own property, and the right to free trade – involving the concept of an individual being able to own his produce, or his capital: that which he can trade or invest without any interference from any other party looking to earn off the transaction. Moreover, these economic rights reflect the idea that property is an extension of one’s own person (property is made by the individual, or obtained through the trade of other property).

When a government, whose sole purpose is to protect the rights of man, taxes an individual and makes it compulsory on the pain of imprisonment, then it commits an infringement of the very rights it is supposed to protect. A man has a right to his capital as an extension of his person. Taxes were historically levied by a class that ruled through force to further the interests of that rule. Things haven’t changed even though on the surface, these days, taxes, are to pay for the collectivised welfare state as well as the stuff that connects to that which was historically subsidised like military or the administration of government. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is the socialist mantra which perfectly illustrates the conflict with capitalism. The idea is that in a collectivised system, enough will be produced to satisfy the needs of those who don’t (this is flawed, but it’s subject for a fuller discussion at another time).

Let’s look at this the other way around. If taxes are necessary to sustain a welfare state, then it follows that a welfare state provides a pretext for violating individual rights. When individuals don’t have rights – whether they have had them taken away, or they abdicate them – then they become held a hostage to fortune, and to whatever is deemed to be “good for society”, or for the common good. What the common good equates to is pronounced by the rulers of society. They are now above the moral code that existed by necessity between individuals for exchange of capital; who would knowingly trade with a crook? – and this gets to the bottom of who would be motivated to rule collectivised society: those who could not prosper honestly. What is “good”, then, becomes infringing upon the rights of individuals so that they cannot prosper and they cannot threaten as serious competition. The welfare state, and socialism, is for shoring up the rule of criminals.

We were about to ask, what is the driving force? – and we already partly answered the question: criminality. Certainly, this explains ancient potentates – we’ll get to them momentarily. The ailing Victorians who instituted British and American socialism could not compete with a buoyant middle class. Seeing superiority where there is none (in order to rationalise moral, intellectual or physical inferiority as quite the opposite) has to come from a fantasy – and it’s always been the way. The technocrats of ancient civilisations taught religion to the masses to justify their dominance. It was the duty of mankind to continue to beautify the universe as a reflection of the godhood that permeated man and made him a creator and administrator:

The Earth is kept in order
by means of humanity’s knowledge
and application of the arts and sciences
for Atum willed that the universe
should not be complete
until man had played his part

…It is man’s function to complete the work of Atum

…There are some whose name will live on
through the memorials
of their mighty handiwork
but the names of the many
will fade into darkness

…Most are led and driven by the gods
which govern earthly life
using our bodies
of the instruments of destiny.

The Hermitica (“lost ancient Egyptian knowledge – rediscovered by the Greeks”).

In ancient Babylon all this translated into organising the population to build a huge temple (the tower), as it did in Egypt (the great pyramids), as it did in the British Isles (stone henges), but these endeavours are really about constructing a sense of awesomeness about the ruling class. Religion for the masses taught subservience to the political scheme whereby this sort of thing was achieved.  Normal people were controlled by the movements of the planets and constellations such that their destiny was already programmed and they were bound to be collectivised. But there was a class of a few great men who could break free of the cosmic puppet show; their destiny was to direct the beautification effort while it was the duty of the masses to bend their backs and do the work. On top of this, the political scheme on earth mirrored the cosmic one, and if the masses rebelled, the universe would also similarly become unpredictable and chaotic. Religion as taught to the masses was a scam. As for the ruling class, it believed in something “real”.

Luciferianism: the obtaining of knowledge such that the recipient will eventually achieve godhood. In the Hermetic accent, man was able to evolve into oneness with the god in the universe, and is able to do this through his fifth element – that part of him that is free of the influence of the zodiac (as covered to fuller extent in advertising material for the game Mighty Hunters, see here [link temporarily unavailable]).

The knowledge was largely useless as real science, but prehistoric science it was nevertheless, and hidden from the profane. The author is still not clear about how much the initiated at various levels of the Mystery School religion believed that they would physically become gods, or whether that process was always understood as being part and parcel of ruling the masses, but at the heart of the religion was the central deception: in the end there was no secret to becoming a deity except that the entire system was for creating a control structure for power over men. The method survived through the Masonic brotherhoods, and it is the one that the Government of the west employs. Like their ancient predecessors, the modern pharaohs still rely on “magic”, or psychological manipulation and downright deviousness, to rule.

In Britain, the Labour party has been a necessary tool for “magic” for a century. Indeed, we could say it has been a Popular Front movement since its inception – meaning, it has taken on the clothes of other political parties and movements to further the socialist agenda of the Victorian ruling classes that founded it (via the Fabian Society – which has as its emblem a wolf in sheep’s clothing). After decloaking in the 1970s when the British ruling class mistakenly thought that the country was demoralised enough for its purpose, it had to adopt new incarnations. First, under Blair, it pretended to be for the middle classes, and now under Corbyn it pretends to be against corporate-government.

Which brings us back to Corbyn, and a comment he made in the same speech that was referred to at the top of this article – but just before that, a small diversion. When one does a search for the Fabian Society, such prominent names present themselves: George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, and Annie Besant. These names do well enough to tell you all you need to know about the Fabians. Wells’ Luciferian manifesto has been studied here at FBEL (see here), and Shaw will receive the same attention when the author gets around to it. Besant‡ was at one time the President of the Theosophical Society, which has survived into current times, and whose website announces that the society “is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood” – for “brotherhood” always read Masonry. The society was founded by Helena Blavatsky, who was the subject of a lecture by prolific Masonic writer, Manly P Hall. He talks about Blavatsky and what she claimed as a mystical acquisition of knowledge in terms of Masonic mythology: a lost ancient “formula which explains his own existence”. They are both talking about the evolution into godhood. Of course, Blavatsky was the inventor of the Aryan race rubbish; Luciferianism is racist at its heart (as discussed previously at FBEL).

Here is Corbyn’s quote:

The Fabians were famous for their belief that there should be a “slow, gradual transition and expansion of socialism”. I would suggest that today’s demands and challenges require us to go a little bit faster!

What he is referring to in this extract is the “magic”; the tool of Luciferians. British socialists achieved their goals by stealth and deception because no one would have accepted the small incremental changes if they had been proposed in one fell swoop. But at this stage Corbyn wants a rush towards the laying of the cap stone, and of course he does. The challenges he talks about are a people waking up; he should know since he was set up as a gatekeeper for it.


† Capitalism gets confused for Crony Capitalism, or corporate-government (or fascism). Corporations merge with government to own and control means of production. Legislation is produced to disadvantage competition, create and maintain monopolies. Serendipitously, Jon Rappaport has also just published an article along the same lines as this one, and writes

Don’t get caught in the word game which confuses Communism, Socialism, the Corporate State, Fascism, and Crony Capitalism.

When you put all these terms through the wash, they come out looking the same. They mean power at the top, disguised to appear as popular movements.

Read it here.

‡ Besant was a 33rd Degree Co-Freemason (wiki page); she founded the Order of Universal Co-Freemasonry in Great Britain and the British Dependencies.

Bill Cooper talks about Besant (and Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine”) in this episode of Hour of the Time (citing sources):

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