Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Priti Patel and the Philosophers of Fire; British Establishment sorcery at its best

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When he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne was quite the regular feature at the Bilderberg Group gatherings – and never a peep was heard out of the British corporate-media about how the inevitable meetings with foreign politicians – also present – were not disclosed as per the Ministerial Code. The perennial excuse came courtesy of the universal understanding (that corporate-media wanted to impress upon its imbecilic consumership) that Osborne was merely partaking in “informal discussions” – recognise that phrase, Bilderberg watchers? Said meetings never actually happened, therefore Osborne didn’t have to account for himself. Well, what difference now with Priti Patel and her Israeli government friends, whether it be at the hospital that treats al-Qaeda fighters in the Golan Heights, or on the Thames-side terrace at the Houses of Parliament, or in whatever venue served as a place to chat in New York? The answer should be none, except the British Establishment clearly wants to throw her under the bus. Her meetings were not “set up or reported in a way which accorded with proper procedures”.

Make no mistake, Westminster politics – for all its ability to cast spells of awesome and terrifying illusion – is a storm in a tea cup that doesn’t yet appreciate the scale of the mightier tempest that is rising to sweep into London off of scorched provincial streets. However, sometimes we do need to look at the lie of the leaves – or the planets amongst the signs – so as to learn how the Establishment brews the climate under which the body politic feverishy swelters, and to know which characters in particular are doing the cauldron stirring by which our, and countless daily lives suffer.

The first thing to notice is that what is being portrayed in some quarters as a crisis for the Conservative party in office was started with a coordinated attack through the BBC and the Guardian. Naturally, this presents itself as a left versus right contest – but it isn’t that, and this site never deals in that deception. Basically, the whole palaver is an operation to create favourable conditions in Britain for the purposes of the Establishment. The BBC journalist who appears to be credited for breaking the Priti Patel “scandal” is James Landale. However, his article on the BBC website cites a complementary Guardian story that refers back to his. Both were published on the 3rd November, and they informed this author of a joined-up Establishment operation. Let us notice that James Landale was at Eton. He was also at The Times as Assistant Foreign Editor. He is currently directly contributing to the financial impoverishment of millions of victims of the TV Tax fraud in his role as Diplomatic Correspondent for the BBC. In this author’s book, if he isn’t actually British intelligence, then he is as good as (might just well as be). His initial reportage was clearly designed to work on the well-established right/left divisions over Israel that would trigger the political auto-responses of most of his, and the BBC’s, audience. Additionally, The Times looked to supply fodder to those with a more advanced notion of the world by actually mentioning the consequence of Patel’s suggested aid to Israel in terms of solace to “al-Qaeda militants” in Syria. And so, on a basic level, the coverage of Patel’s misadventure was going to create a perception of Tory government incompetence, with people imagining associated nefariousness as they please.

We have been told that neither the Prime Minister’s Office or the Foreign Office knew in the first instance about Patel’s meetings, but we should suspect that this was not in fact the case. Patel herself, at least as she was quoted in the first Guardian article, appeared adamant that the Foreign Office had some prior warning (see how this introduces doubt about the honesty of any Government denials?). Indeed, this was a trap whose only victim would be Priti Patel. It was sprung with a revelation from the Jewish Chronicle which claimed that Number 10 Downing Street had known about Patel’s clandestine dalliances.

This sent the Westminster bubble into a greater lather – which is evidently what the Establishment requires at this time. The objective is to create the perception of a British government in turmoil. If the reader is sufficiently detached from the insistence by corporate-media and Westminster upon the version of reality that they assert, he or she is able to see that this entire issue is a minor flap that shouldn’t cause the least bit of political movement, let alone fill the sails of the State. It is, what we call in the arena of real intrigue, a psychological operation. What is being presented as instability in the Tory party in office is being driven by pure mechanism of theatre. Notions about behaviour that were long ago installed in the British public are being appealed to; certain politicians are acting and reacting as expected – in defence or on the attack; the media snaps at ankles from the ringside (the referee never sees it when it climbs in to thwack Joe Public over the back with a folded-up deck chair). The Idiocracy is animated, and the people pulling the strings will create a sense of disruption. Disruption is great for causing intense feelings of uncertainty. Uncertainty inspires a reaching for a radical solution – see the adoption of the socialist state in Britain in 1945. In this day and age, the Establishment wants to generate a rejection of Brexit.

But of course, there was another player. Ironically, one story after another in the corporate-media regarding the diplomatic misdeeds of Priti Patel showed tweets – many of them – made at the time of the meetings by various Israeli politicians; their content clearly demonstrating that there had been an encounter with the British MP. The Israelis weren’t hiding anything. Indeed, one has to speculate at the role of Lord Polack, the honorary director of the Conservative Friends of Israel. Arguably he was directing her around the mine field – straight into the mines. The author gets the feeling that he might have been viewed by Patel as accompaniment that negated the need for any of the official kind. He could very well have been set up like Patel was. If he was part of the sting, however, then understand he would have been equally guilty as a Baron of the Realm as he would have being an apparent agent for Israel.

Israel is Britain and the USA’s Outreamer – which is the name of the land conquered in the Lavant by the Crusading European powers. As the usage of the old name suggests, Israel is an independent entity, but the relationship between it and the US and the UK is defined by the mutual purpose of globalist policy makers common to all countries. Israel, and thus the British Establishment, is not happy with the outcome of the Syrian conflict. A war in Lebanon is brewing. So, when the likes of the Guardian, in an article that the author was able to find, asks what was in this Patel business for Israel?, the answer is nothing to do with influencing British politics. Israel is in the DNA of British politics in the first instance as a Masonic concept. This is what anti-Israelis, lots of them unconsciously of the Luciferian “left”, don’t understand. Israel wants what the British Establishment wants – acceptance of the radical solution. The war on Hezbollah, and perhaps Iran, is going to be unprecedented.

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