Published On: Thu, Aug 16th, 2018

The Westminster car crash labelled a terror incident: images

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In advance of an article about the incident that took place in Westminster on 14th August, this page will host images to be referred to in said future article. The intention is to avoid having the text interrupted by reams of media. Click on the images for a closer look.

Fig. 1 The BBC has highlighted the Ford Fiesta so that attention is focused on it. The “mystery van” is ringed for the FBEL audience.

Fig. 2 The ambulance has weaved across the road and is about to pass Khater. The “mystery van” is cutting up the vehicle to its left – which could well be a marked police vehicle of the type we used to call a Paddy Wagon.

Fig.3 The Fiesta crosses the first reservation. The “mystery van” and other vehicles are coming to a halt at the lights. Notice the white van passing the “paddy wagon” and entering the “left-hand” lane.

Fig. 4 The Fiesta makes progress the wrong way on the road for traffic merging into Parliament Square from the south – which has been stopped at lights.

Fig. 5 The Fiesta has crossed the second reservation.

Fig. 6 As the Fiesta enters the slip road to St Stephens entrance to Parliament, the “mystery van” cuts over the reservation.

Fig.7 The Fiesta has crashed. The “mystery van” has to mount the kerb in order to pass the white van that entered the lane ahead of it.

Fig. 8 The “mystery van” comes to a halt close to the crash scene. Notice the “paddy wagon” – ringed red – is stationary although the other vehicle at the lights is moving off. And also note the car ringed yellow. This is the “three-point-turn” car.

Fig.9 The “paddy wagon” is still where it stopped – its companion at the lights is now well on its way.

Fig.10 Within a minute of the crash, an ambulance pokes its nose the wrong way down a one way street.

Fig.11 The “mystery van” after the incident – definitely parked at the scene. Behind it is the white van that got in its way previously; evidently it is trying to get into the queue of traffic heading north now that it can’t go where it had intended (see Fig. 12). The car on is the “three-point-turn” car, presumably.

Fig. 12 The scene after yet more emergency services have arrived. The ambulance that is poking around the bend is presumably the same one that arrived uncannily quickly after the incident. The big question, though, is to do with the police vehicle that is surrounded by the ambulances and the fire rescue vehicles. Is it what we have called the “paddy wagon”?

Fig. 13 The “three-point-turn” car is the one on the very left. The passenger side door is open.

Fig. 14 The door closes.

Fig. 15 A figure rushes from the direction of the “three-point-turn” car. His progress is captured by digital resolution issues of the footage.

Fig. 16 The figure arrives at the reservation.

Fig. 17 Now the figure crosses into the road ahead of the white van, with the “mystery van” behind it.

Fig. 18 The figure can be followed on the footage as it is viewed, but doesn’t show very well in stills for the purpose of demonstrating his progress. However, we do get a good shot of him at the crash scene. He appears to have an arm in the air.

Fig. 19 As the “three-point-turn” car makes its way to the crash scene, the figure stands guard.


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