Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2013

Authoritarian thug Cameron repeats “opposition is mental and racist” hoax

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One of the nation’s top public enemies, David Cameron, who is guilty of implementing destructive plans, laid by the gangsters in the British monarchy and the Western banking hegemony, to turn the British people into welfare-dependent slaves, and their country into a balkanised, disunited non-entity administered by a proxy-government in Brussels, appeared on a flagship propaganda outlet of the Establishment yesterday to stimulate a corporate-media campaign to combat growing UKIP opposition.

The traitor Cameron principally used the opportunity to make pledges that he has no intention of keeping regarding the never-ending draining away of sovereignty from British people to offshore government so that foreign powers become administrative and tyrannical rulers by proxy for the Queen and other globalists. Cameron was also offered the opportunity by programme host, Andrew Marr, to restate vile assertions regarding UKIP supporters. Naturally, desirous of a smokescreen to hide the fact that he would not be able to renegotiate powers back from the EU, as various European dignitaries have recently confirmed, Cameron repeated an earlier attempt to stigmatise UKIP by agreeing with his previous comment that the party consisted of and was supported by ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’.

Stigmatisation, of course, is the first step in a process towards deadly persecution, and that Cameron freely wields it as a political weapon should be an indicator of his totalitarian tendencies. Indeed, it seems to be standard for dictatorships to label their opposition as mentally ill so that key resistance can be neutralised with the excuse that certain people need to be treated behind lock and key for non-apparent health issues.

As well as providing worrying evidence that suggests Cameron is drawn to the sort of catastrophic misrule and democide that many patriots feel will eventually warrant Nuremburg-style trials, the new attack on what constitutes the only real free political opposition to the LibLabCon also offers an opportunity to see how the Establishment manages to cling to power by continually running hoaxes through compliant and conspiring corporate-media. Using the metaphor of the fairy-tale, the LibLabCon has for a long time relied on the British people seeing clothes on the Emperor, instead of seeing him naked.

David Cameron has no good intentions regarding the individual liberties of British people, and their right to self-rule. Indeed, the ‘proof-of-the-pudding’ rule (where the evidence suggests the truth) shows that he and the rest of the Establishment recognises that the era of discussing, in an arena of informed debate, whether or not the three main parties in British politics are Statist, collectivist, communitarian, authoritarians who are fundamentally opposed to freedom and self-determination, has well and truly passed. The Establishment also realises that Britons are becoming convinced in greater numbers that their best interests are not served by the current political environment and that there must be some fundamental change. Therefore, the LibLabCon will try to claim ownership of any political revolution so as to ensure that it profits by it. Moreover, this struggle to stay in power means that  Establishment politicians will need to demonise UKIP, and do it by appealing to the conditioned reflexes of the consumers of corporate-media.

Up until very recently, corporate-media has been used by the Establishment to create what is actually fantasy and portray it as reality in order to produce mass-compliance to its dominance. The official weight of corporate-media, which comes from its plush presentation and the intellectual investment that its consumers make in it (as a way of creating a self-image of themselves as being part of the mainstream), then lends credence to the fantasy. So, LibLabCon Establishment rule can be quantified as a series of hoaxes that are given plausibility by a conspiring corporate-media.

A great and recent example of such a hoax was the Lord McAlpine saga when ITV and BBC awarded the alleged paedophile thousands in compensation even though his name had not come up in their various presentations on the matter. McAlpine’s reluctance to sue leading accuser, David Icke, indicated that the surrender of the BBC and ITV was theatre to present to corporate-media consumers in order to inculcate a reflexive rejection of any idea related to bringing the supposed vast number of sexual criminals and perverts in the Establishment to justice.

Likewise, the way that corporate-media has presented this last weekend’s speech by Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, indicates that the Establishment has organised a coordinated hoax to shape perception of it. David Cameron and William Hague described al-Assad as having ‘the most phenomenal amount of blood on his hands’  and wanting to decieve people into believing he was interested in peace – which is really a projection of their own positions. Al-Assad’s insistence that Western governments, including Britain, are aiding al-Qaeda to overthrow his legitimate government has been demonstrable on the ground over again, and resonates with many of the increasingly aware Britons who are finding out from other sources apart from the corporate-media how their government is actually training, arming and coordinating the brutal terrorism committed by Islamists in Syria who have been inserted there by NATO.

However, in terms of the overall population, the number of people who are aware of such reality is relatively small, and the vast numbers who watch corporate-media news coverage as if it is unquestionably authoritative and objective are unable to critically examine the fantasy that the likes of David Cameron presents to them.

So, when Cameron stigmatises UKIP supporters by calling them “odd”, he is playing a hoax through the corporate-media to an unthinking blob of humanity that will respond by having bad feelings about UKIP, and by wanting to exclude UKIP from their considerations for fear of falling out of the mainstream, and for fear of damaging a self-image that is defined by acceptance of corporate-media authority. Because of his knowledge of the power of the hoax-through-corporate-media that the LibLabCon has relied on for so long, Cameron is sure that he can get away with what are actually completely outrageous comments that, in an environment where liberty truly existed, would create universal censure and get him into personal trouble.

Thankfully, the Establishment’s rule-by-hoax is slowly being undone because of the spread of an alternative media, largely staffed by determined individual citizens (although there are notable mini-media empires that are very effective) , which is able to present versions of events that aren’t sanitised or controlled by the Establishment. This has even created a reflexive anti-response to corporate-media and to Establishment politicians so that any output that they produce is automatically adjudged to be deceptive and dishonest. UKIP, being perceived to be something external of the Establishment, obviously benefits by the alienation. The Establishment’s ability to cling to the status quo – rather than make way for a constitutional era where the people are represented by themselves, for themselves – is very much dependent on keeping a corporate-media audience isolated from alternative sources of news and alternative political solutions. Both the growth in UKIP, and the alternative media, suggests that ultimately the Establishment will not be able to maintain its propaganda systems, and the likes of David Cameron will come to regret very dearly making cheap shots to extend his and his ilk’s self-perpetuating, exploitative power.

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