Published On: Wed, Jan 30th, 2013

Poland’s corporate-types point and laugh at the laughing-stock that is Britain

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The influx of hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans into Britain in recent years is clearly understood, by those who can apprehend the global-fascist hand behind the phenomenon, as a weapon against Britain. The official number of Poles in the UK in 2010 was reckoned to be in the region of 500,000, but this is bound to be a gross underestimation – the real number of Eastern Europeans in total in the UK cannot be reckoned. Furthermore, with the prospect of hundreds and thousands of heinously impoverished Bulgarians and Romanians due to move to the UK in 2014, it might become realistic to talk about immigration from Eastern Europe in terms of millions. Therefore, Britons are undoubtedly faced with a mass invasion of the Biblical sort whereby whole populations moved into foreign territories based on the premise of offering some benefit (therefore without having to resort to armed struggle), and then took over by force of numbers.

However, the invasion into Britain is not for the purposes of enriching those people who make the incursion, but for the purpose of empowering all corporate-types within the Western sphere of influence, not just those in the society of Polish Business Leaders who awarded Tony Blair this week for ‘helping Poland’ by opening British borders to the Polish. The invasion is also for enriching Britain’s own big business leaders and banking giants; both groups move the hand of Anglo-American global fascism with varying degrees of pressure. Britain is a country with historical wealth, a tradition of political self-awareness, and a unified sense of national identity that is an obstacle to full domination by the crony, corrupt, anti-competition corporate-government that ‘business leaders’ require, and so must be totally undone. Britons have already accepted the disastrous social welfare system, and the physical invasion of space now represents a second phase of this total dismemberment – and in the following, (non-exhaustive), ways:

  1. The creation of a balkanised Britain where varied language-speaking groups remain separate from and fight each other. Eastern Europeans are notoriously prejudiced against different ethnic types in Britain whose families originally hail from oversees territories; it’s a good certainty that the globalists want to see ‘race war’ in the UK as much as they do in the USA.
  2. The forcing down of wages and living conditions, and the abolishment of good working conditions by the employment of peoples from ex-Communist countries who are unaware of and unfamiliar with the expression of common law rights.
  3. The implosion of the economy by:
  • The diversion of resources in public services to deal with non-English speakers and people whose families in previous generations did not pay into the pot.
  • The payment of in-work benefits to non-British who displace Britons into unemployment.
  • The payment of out of work benefits to non-British who never paid into the pot.
  • The repatriation to Eastern Europe of huge swathes of economically valuable wages and benefits.

The British Government desires an impoverished, dissolute and divided British people so that it is easier to subjugate them, and the evidence of the truth of this ambition is in full view to anyone who cares to notice: take for instance the fact that Tony Blair’s golden statuette to reward him for his treason was accepted by Robin Barnett, Britain’s serving ambassador in Poland. The message was clear: the invasion is not Blairite; instead it is a conspiracy between British Establishment and politicians past and present to create that which is desirable and beneficial for power-brokers whether they be from home or abroad.

Tony Blair’s award was savaged by Tory MP Philip Hollobone as ‘entirely appropriate’, and made inevitable references to the last time Britain was invaded and conquered:

Tony Blair presided over the biggest wave of immigration this country has seen since the Norman conquest, 2.5million net migrants came in to the UK while he was in charge and Britain will never be the same again.

However, any Tory MP would merely be attempting to score Westminster political points (a worthless currency in the world of real politics) by registering dissatisfaction about Tony Blair’s award, as the Coalition Government is about to become responsible for the grafting of Romania and Bulgaria onto the British economy (with effects that it dare not talk about) – in the same way that Tony Blair first grafted Poland onto it.

The truth of the matter is that all British Governments since the 1970s have been guilty of failing in their prime duty to protect their supposed sovereign masters – the people – from the imposition of bad government, and from foreign invasion to do the same; as such, the British Establishment is riddled with traitors and their facilitators.

Unaware of the plot from above, British people tend to be sympathetic to the invasion force that is displacing them, and ironically even view them as good replacements for their own country-men who, as the corporate-media tells them, are worthless types who don’t want to live in a socially-conducive fashion. These complaining Britons, victims of a vast propaganda campaign as they are, fail to see that everything has been engineered exactly by their criminal politicians: Eastern Europeans and British benefits scroungers are both taking advantage of how the British Government manipulates and steals from the British tax-payer.

Blair’s award should be a good indication to exploited Britons that Poland’s real ruling class – its corporate-types and Anglo-American-corporate-establishment-wannabees – see Britain as easy prey. However, this would be too much of a generalisation to apply to all Eastern Europeans in Britain – except that there is verifiable evidence (link available later) that many Eastern Europeans abandon children to come to the UK, signifying that Britain’s open borders do not attract the most desirable people. Then there is the phenomenon that can be witnessed in any British high street which is Eastern Europeans speaking with their young children, who are assumedly British by birth, in a language that is not English. Even this tell-tale sign suggests that those Eastern Europeans only see Britain as a place to exploit, rather than a place to contribute to.

There is great despair in the UK by those who realise the deep problems being caused by Eastern European immigration, with respect to how those problems can be solved; the answer, however, is simple, and it sails upon the ocean: to wit, a flotilla of ships. When Britain regains control of its borders, Eastern Europeans who aren’t married to Britons, and any foreign national, for that matter, who lives in the country with no real right to, should be given an opportunity to demonstrate a desire to be British, and an opportunity to take British citizenship (while renouncing all others – perhaps), or else be placed on board the convoy sailing from one of England’s major ports. The details are all open for debate, but unless there are some tough decisions made, the trouble stored up for Britain in these days of open treason by the Government will never be smoothed away.

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