Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

Las Vegas: hushed-up peripheral events – and a Mandalay Bay sleight of hand?

The Las Vegas police are doubling down with their official lone shooter narrative, including an interview with the “ad hoc SWAT team” who “stormed” Paddock’s room – ignore the part where events have to be shuffled up and down the time line to fit the purpose, and ignore the fact that communications caught on police scanner tell a different story. Any questions will be deemed disrespectful, and discredited as “conspiracy theories” – as the Independent does here. That being said, the emergence of the Weinstein hoo-ha is probably telling us that the US Government wants to go to the post-mortem phase of the Las Vegas incident without anyone watching. The case file will be consigned to the cabinet with a pretend fit of coughing so that no one hears it being shoved unceremoniously into the folder marked “F” for “false flag”, and also for “failure”. In the meantime, that the identity of a patsy is out in the public consciousness will serve as closure for a lot of people (heck, in Britain a cardboard cut out is enough to overcome the critical thinking abilities of the BBC-consuming sheeple – see Parsons Green).

And that will be an end to it. It won’t matter that there is a White House petition demanding a proper investigation. It won’t matter that audio analysis by Natural News has detected a second shooter at some point on the circumference of a circle ringing the festival area, at a radius of 250 yards. It won’t matter that a retired military surgeon has volunteered an opinion that there isn’t enough trauma in injuries sustained by the surviving victims to support the official narrative. It won’t matter that a number of eye witnesses have spoken about multiple shooters on the ground – one of them, Rocky Palermo, unhappy that authorities are ignoring his testimony (see here and here). It won’t matter that these reports are reinforced by police communications picked up on dispatch scanner (this version covers the entire incident).

And yet, the very fact that all this good data is seen to be discounted by the Establishment provides seriously bad optics for the authorities, and so more people will undoubtedly suspect a cover-up, and then they will suspect nefariousness. This is why a lot of discrediting junk always has to be mixed in with the gold. For instance, there will be claims, without any evidence whatsoever, that Jews did it, or that Muslims working in the Mandalay Bay hotel did it, or it was ISIS, or Antifa, or there will be the usual auto-hoaxers – those who claim that nobody died straight of the bat. The same crowd like to call all of the victims “crisis actors”, and the author suspects this is to marginalise very important witness testimony. Some people on YouTube are saying that “Corrine”, the girl who swears blind that there were shooters on the ground (see the previous article at FBEL), is an actor and has been on an American TV show. The author investigated, and found that, yes, they are talking about someone who does look very similar to her – although the witness speaks in a very different way. When the author was a boy this would have been put down as a case of “spitting image”.  In the olden days (the 70s) it was understood that two people, wholly unconnected, could resemble each other. This is lost on the YouTube generation, and a large part of its “truth” movement – which also claimed that Stephen Paddock was Gene Rosen. To investigate Las Vegas, or any other crisis incident, in a credible fashion, one has to deal with what is evident, and deal with it on face value. Everything else is disruption, and it should be excluded.

So, let’s have another look at that footage of the Las Vegas incident which did most to undermine the official narrative, the taxi driver video (see the previous article for a link) – and let’s do it in conjunction with the police scanner communications – link mentioned above. From this evidence the author has developed a notion that a gunman might have been situated on the roof of the buildings at the foot of the hotel. These buildings might have something to do with the Mandalay Bay parking garages, and if the reader consults a map, the most distinctive of these is a seven or eight sided structure that affords a vantage point over the Las Vegas Boulevard. The taxi driver was beneath this building in her first position, where gunfire sounded as if it was right on top of her. A gun position outside of the hotel would answer the puzzle of how Paddock could secrete such a serious armoury into a security-conscious casino hotel – he didn’t.

The police radio actually serves to reinforce a concept of “Paddock” as a decoy. It reveals that a team of police was suddenly† on the 31st floor while the shooting was still on-going. They arrived on the 32nd floor to report “he’s still firing”‡ (11m 33s). Not long after this, another police officer on the streets was still reporting that he was taking fire from the Mandalay Bay hotel – it could have been the same one who earlier described how officers were “pinned down” on Las Vegas Boulevard by the gunfire. Note – police officers described themselves as being pinned down long after they stopped hearing gunfire; presumably they assumed they were still potential targets while they hadn’t heard that the threat had been dealt with. From the very start, and as the situation went on, other officers continued to relay reports of multiple shooters in the festival grounds, and so we are faced with the distinct possibility that the Mandalay Bay shooter was not targeting concert goers per se, but providing covering fire so that co-conspirators on the ground could avoid being terminated by police – and then make their escape. Meanwhile, other officers were reporting real casualties with gunshot wounds; thus it would have seemed to be imperative that the perpetrator at the Mandalay Bay was taken out. Indeed, one officer is heard demanding it, and asking if his colleagues if they hadn’t yet got “eyes on” the perpetrator. Well, they had. And all the while they sat outside his room, the situation on the ground could not be stabilised.

The Mandalay Hotel as the general source of shooting was identified early on. A bit later a police officer reported that there was a strobe light (but no muzzle flashes) located somewhere on the face of the building, and this might have confused officers trying to locate the source of the gunfire exactly, just as it did people watching YouTube videos. Some officers appeared to think that the gunfire was coming from a floor half way up the hotel. It makes one wonder how the police who reached the 31st knew they had to go all that way up – more of that in a moment. Significantly, an officer from this team, who radioed in from the stairwell of the 32nd floor (pretty much as soon as he arrived on the floor), already knew the room number. There could be a problem with this in terms of the official story – but that is so unstable that we’ll have to wait for it to settle to see exactly how the police scanner account contradicts it. The radio exchanges suggest that a man who shot a hotel security guard cannot necessarily be identified as being connected to Paddock’s suite – for as a police officer reports: “he shot down the hallway and shot a security guard”. After the wake of the official narrative, we are left to assume the culprit was Paddock – but here’s the news: he appears to be shooting outside his suite. The official story claims that Paddock shot this security fellow through the door of his room; that’s how Paddock is attributed as being the assailant. That is how the police were supposed to have known the room number. As mentioned above, the official story actually changed recently – it now has Paddock shooting the security guard before he lets rip on the festival ground concert goers, whereas before he shot the guard after his killing spree. This alteration is perhaps needed to explain how the first responders knew to go all the way up to the 31st floor. Well, it’s pretty confusing. We’ll need to review this in a day or two to see what sense it makes – and what it means.

Of great interest to the author was the point in the recording where another team that had arrived on the 31st floor was set to join the team who had first reached the 32nd floor. Essentially, these newcomers were told not to ascend to the next floor, and that they’d all await the arrival of the “zebra team for the plan” (48:16). Additionally, the radio exchange between these two teams reveals that the one on the 32nd floor was well manned (“multiple rifles and plenty of officers”). And yet now the corporate-media appears to be telling us that an ad hoc team of 4 policemen stormed Paddock’s room. It’s completely suspicious. Being a cynical devil’s advocate, the author would suggest that Room 135 on the 32nd floor wasn’t the source of the firing, and having been dressed to look like it contained a suicide, it was guarded throughout the incident – by a team who magically first appear on scanner already on the 31st floor – so that real police couldn’t clear it out in an operation to lock down the hotel.

At about 10:13pm – and this is nearing the end of the attack on the festival ground (official time 10:15pm) – the taxi driver was alongside the entrance to the Mandalay Bay hotel (it can be extrapolated from the time on her in-car clock), and the hotel doesn’t appear to be locked down. People are milling about at the entrance. There is no sign of police, and the taxi driver makes a remark about that. It’s a though the hotel doesn’t know it has a gun man on the 32nd floor – which is strange because we should assume that at this time the “31st Floor” team were already on site. The taxi driver is astonished and tells people from her open window that there are “shots fired”. If one synchronises this footage with other films, the tail-end volleys of gun fire that occur out of the Mandalay Bay hotel area at this time seems to knock over a lot of people (or makes them drop for cover) who for some reason are still standing near the stage under its bright light. The arena space has otherwise emptied out. It is very hard to understand what is going on here. Why did those people present themselves as a target like they did?

Leaving the hotel complex, the first police the taxi driver encounters are parked up on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and St Giles’ Street – and they do look like they are hunkered down using their car for shelter; pinned down. Continuing down St Giles’, after picking up some members of the crowd, she encounters a lot of police on the intersection with Reno Avenue – and this is where police had called in reports of shooting victims. Significantly, the Catholic Shrine is located in this vicinity, and it could be a candidate for the position of the second shooter as calculated by Natural News and Mike Adams. Indeed, at one point in the police recordings, an officer tries to summarise what is going on by splitting the incident into two points of focus, or into two crime scenes: the Mandalay Hotel, and the Giles Street and Reno intersection.

But this is not all. As told in their radio conversations, police also started to get reports of a shooter at the front desk of the New York New York hotel and casino. This is much further down the strip. Shots were fired in the casino, and several people were shot. The active shooter was then seen making his way to the Excalibur hotel and casino. Hot on the heels of this was a report of an active shooter at the Tropicana hotel. The police first attending this location wondered if it was a diversion so that their resources were stretched. However paramedics that arrived later reportedly came under fire – and a “strike team” was called. The Tropicana is supposed to be the place from whence some interesting footage emerged of a group of outlandish goons (and a woman whose gun is too big for her) patrolling through the casino pointing weapons at people and ordering them to put their hands up (see the image above). Later on, the police scanner records law enforcement on the ground at New York New York and Tropicana contradict the earlier reports – there were no shootings. At the same time new reports came in of more shootings at Cesar’s (Palace?), the Bellagio and Paris, Las Vegas. Now, the Bellagio hotel and casino already made a name for itself in this incident because of how a woman posted a video to the internet showing patrons in the lobby after the hotel had been locked down. Clearly, something had happened. Apparently, according to the woman’s report, shots had been fired at the front doors (see Jon Rappoport’s written report about this too). Importantly, the woman makes a point of mentioning that the police had pretty much officially declared that nothing had happened – and that was on the night. Clearly, this indicates a cover up; can we assume that incidents at New York New York and Tropicana were similarly treated?

Having heard the police communications, the author is somewhat reminded of the Borough Market incident earlier in 2017. In this event, the perpetrators who were (pretend) gunned down at the end of the night’s disruptions weren’t necessary the same people who had run riot through what should have been, for resturant and pub patrons, a normal night on the town. The climax where the “terrorists” were killed was undoubtedly staged in streets devoid of people – indicating that the police had isolated and cleared the area, and so the theatre was taking place much later than the official time of death. The terror in the Borough Market incident really arose from the police charging into business premises, screaming at them and turfing the punters into the streets; you can read about it all here and here. And this terror was a smokescreen for something else, because there were police actions that night in places where the supposed perpetrators could not have had time to get to according to the official story. What this something else could have been is a mystery, but people were arrested, and there was even a report of a gun battle. If we are to understand if the same play book was being used in Las Vegas – although the terror in itself was obviously intended to be used to grab guns – it would help to know what happened at the other hotels and casinos. Unfortunately, there is little chance of that happening when there is a complete news blackout regarding these peripheral incidents. They didn’t happen, because Stephen Paddock couldn’t have had anything to do with them.


† There appears to be no record in the radio exchanges of this team arriving at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

‡ After a closer listen, it has been discovered that the officer says this: “if he’s still firing we’ll stand by and wait”.

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