Published On: Thu, Jan 4th, 2018

Desperate Trump tries and fails in Iran; US’ declining power further demonstrated

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The Trump regime’s clumsy paw fingerprints were all over the New Year’s events in Iran – which still baffle to a certain extent when one tries to read the leaves in the bottom of the corporate-media cup. On Wednesday 3rd January, when one searched for news about anti-government protests, one found that the corporate-media was either lagging by a day or two – meaning that it has had nothing to add – or that it was insisting that the problems for the Iranian government are worse than ever. The deeper one looks for this, the harder it is to present simplified factions as per the usual left-right theatre, but it is evident that corporate-media has not been in lockstep in the execution of this latest attempt at color-revolution by the US Government, et al, as it has in previous escapades. There is a strong whiff of allowing team Trump to hang itself out to dry. On Wednesday 3rd January, some corporate-media also began to signal the idea that the protests in Iran were over, retailing the pronouncements of a General of the Iranian Republican Guard, Mohammad Ali Jafari, who spoke of the “end of sedition”. This brought some more tangible evidence of two sides in the intelligence community: “Iran declares victory against anti-government protesters following week of unrest that left 21 dead”, was the Independent headline, underneath which followed this: “There are concerns that interference by the Trump administration may exacerbate political and economic situations in the future”.

Was any of that sort of concern for Syria on display in 2011? [Of course not]. As we will see, one of the talking points in the US/UK coverage has been the difference in approach to Iran between Obama and Trump (the former being the face of the camp that wants more surreptitiousness, and much more infiltration of the country); and this Independent piece is a reference to it (with the concern expressed being about a toughening of the Iranian stance against the sort of co-operational programmes which would serve as means to infiltrate). It’s further evidence that points to Trump’s administration being a different sort of swamp, not separate from one that was supposed to have been drained. Trumpism is a different faction of the New World Order, which appears to get full support from its brethren when doing what is universally desired, but then faces difficulty pursuing certain elements of its own agenda. A great deal of the corporate-media broke ranks during what was undoubtedly an attempt to destabilise Iran, and acted as a spoiler to what should have been a united presentation to convince a Western audience that whatever the solution that Trump could produce for Iran was the one that was unanimously desirable and required. As it is, Trump appears to have presided over the shoddiest attempt at regime change since the Duke of Northumberland had his son marry Lady Jane Grey, and as a result the US continues to look weak, impotent and desperate. No wonder the shouting match with Kim Jong Un has begun again.

First of all, so that the source of the Iranian trouble is clear, just look at “Trump’s” language as he let loose his freshly wound Twitter train-of-thought (assuming that he writes his own tweets):

Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!


The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime. All of the money that President Obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their “pockets.” The people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. The U.S. is watching!


Iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the Obama Administration. The great Iranian people have been repressed for many years. They are hungry for food & for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted. TIME FOR CHANGE!


Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!


This last one in the sequence was in fact the first in chronological order, tweeted on 31st December. It was sent the day after the “governorate of Loerstan… issued a public statement stating that no bullets were shot at the people by the military, police and security forces and that they were aiming to end the protests without violence but the presence of ‘takfiri and belligerent groups among the protestors who were directed by intelligence services of foreigners’ resulted in two deaths and three injuries.” (Source)

Trump appeared to know so much better, and his talking point about so-called Iranian sponsorship of terrorism was something that corporate-media did coalesce around. It is repeated again in another tweet, so the White House really tried to sell it. Much more on this shortly, because the object for the moment is to notice the definite idea presented in these tweets that the protests were about dealing with the Iranian Government in a fatal and violent fashion. Trump cannot be such an idiot that he doesn’t realise that a protest movement is not an election. Yet he clearly talks about Iranians changing their government. Apparently, according to Sky News, Trump modified the tweet at the top of the stack (published 3rd January):

In a tweet, the US President wrote: “Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!”

Moments earlier, Mr Trump had deleted a tweet with different wording – in which he spoke of his respect for Iranians in their “fight” to take back their “corrupt and poorly run” country.

Are we to take it, then, that by the 3rd day of the new year, the gloves were supposed to have had come off?

The governorate of Loerstan weren’t the only folks to be calling the protests out for what they were; the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said it was a conspiracy against the Iranian Government and people, and was about “destabilizing the region with the aim of controlling it, seizing its resources and national choices”.

The Ayatollah Khamenei, on his official website, was quoted as saying: “In recent days, enemies of Iran used different tools including cash, weapons, politics and intelligence services to create troubles for the Islamic Republic.”

Trump’s ambassador to the UN, the erratic Nikki Haley, found that she had to respond to this in the following way:

“Now the Iranian dictatorship is trying to do what it always does, which is to say that the protests were designed by Iran’s enemies. We all know that’s complete nonsense,” she scoffed [as Breitbart would have her] . “The demonstrations are completely spontaneous. They are virtually in every city in Iran. This is the precise picture of a long-oppressed people rising up against their dictators.”

Another Haley “Baghdad Bob” moment provides evidence that the Iranian protests very much belong as an idea in the world of perception; if they aren’t insisted on then they stop existing. The only way that Haley could really know that any movement to “rise up” was spontaneous was if she had seen the plans, or she was guessing. She wasn’t guessing, because she was gaslighting.

If one takes a map of Iran that shows the country’s ethnic population (the reader will have to find his own one of those), and overlays it upon a map showing the centres for the protests, one begins to see a certain correlation. This dynamic is even captured in corporate-media reporting; the following is from the Guardian, 1st January:

In Kermanshah, a Kurdish town in Iran’s north-west, the protests on Friday were a classic scene of revolt: young men in battered clothes shouting and hurling rocks at the police as a water cannon sprayed an ineffective mist over their heads. In footage on social media, the crowd never appeared to grow larger than a few hundred, but its defiance was palpable.

Anti-central government feeling amongst minorities in Iran might be a natural thing which could lead to organic demonstration of unhappiness. By other accounts, too, the small crowd detailed in the reportage quoted here was not uncommon, and so here may very well be a picture of the true nature of the street politics in Iran coming out of 2017. It would be the ideal thing for US-sponsored agitators to hijack to create a perception of bigger troubles – under the cover of which, death squads comprised of foreign snipers could assemble to shoot at protesters and police from roof tops. Finally, anti-government mercenaries – presumably, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (Iranian Mujahadeen) in this case – could enter the scene to make the struggle their own. US air power to follow later.  This is the playbook that was used in Syria, so the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry should know what it is talking about. In that country, trouble started in Daraa – slap on the border with Jordan, the same border from whence British military would send the future ISIS and/or FSA/SDF mercenaries that they had trained. The playbook calls for the trouble to start on the edges of a country for the sake of logistics. Look again at the map of the protest hotspots; the geography suggests the same game in play. And notice the distinct lack of disturbance in Baluchistan; perhaps the Pakistanis won’t play ball, and hence the animosity towards them from the Trump regime?

As mentioned above, there was a moment in the execution of this attempted color-revolution when the corporate-media was singing from the same hymn sheet; it’s always a trait that points to a big operation. This is from the Guardian:

While the protests may have begun over economic grievances, they soon took on a political dimension. Chants have both called on Khamenei to step down and voiced opposition to Iran’s regional policy, including “Let go of Syria, think about us” and “I give my life for Iran, not Gaza, not Lebanon”. Videos posted on social networks show some protesters chanting nostalgic slogans in support of the deposed monarchy and late shah.

The following is from the BBC:

The demonstrations were initially about the failure of President Hassan Rouhani’s government to revive Iran’s struggling economy, address high unemployment and inflation, and combat alleged corruption.

Protesters also asked why the country was spending a lot of money on conflicts elsewhere in the Middle East when people were suffering at home.

Notice the Trump-led talking points about protester umbrage generated by Iranian involvement in foreign wars (never was there a greater and clearer case of projection in the history of PNAC). The reader might wonder where this sort of information is gleaned from on the ground so that the talking points can be remotely justified. Fox News supplies the answer:

“Here is real hell,” a 31-year-old protest leader in Tehran, who Fox News will identify only as Azi, said in a telephone interview during the early hours of Wednesday morning. “This is a real revolution against the mullahs. Iran is uprising. I thank Mr. Trump for his support, but we need more.”

“Obama betrayed the Iranian people. He gave the mullahs are ransom and cooperated with (Supreme Leader) Khamenei, he betrayed the Syrian people too. But Trump did not. So we have real expectations,” said Azi. “We want sanctions against the Iranian regime. They plundered our money. The U.S should not pay the mullahs.”

Here, then, is a protest leader on the phone from Tehran, who won’t be identified with a real name, and who quite conveniently spouts all the Trump talking points regarding what the Iranian protests are about. This is clearly intelligence agency activity straight from the false flag manual: have someone who is supposedly in the midst of it all supplying the desired points of issue. On September 11, 2001, civilians who were also somehow experts on the way buildings collapsed from office fires managed to let their stories of a personal experience of horror run to include instruction on physics as they were interviewed on TV.

The Iranian Government quite quickly shut down social media, which has become a tool for creating on-the-ground storylines that confirm talking points; the swift action shows that it was on to the methodology. The Iranian Government evidently knew what it was up against. As we can see, Fox battled on through that adversity to get the talking-points to the American public, but one telephone call to Fox is not as effective as the astroturfing opinion-forming capability of, in this case, an application called Telegram (hence such articles as this: “Shutdown of Telegram app in Iran a major blow to protest movement”).

It was just as though they knew failure was on the cards when the BBC and the Mail published articles that absolutely skewered any idea of the disturbances – in their escalated forms, at least – being organic:

As protests spread across Iran, there is one man who has been fanning the flames of dissent from overseas using an anonymous messaging app.

Meet Roohollah Zam, an exiled journalist and former government policy adviser who has been using channels on Telegram to plan protests and share videos of unrest.

Zam was sharing the videos through the channel of his news network, AmadNews, before it was shut down by the government.

This Mail article goes on to relate how Zam “fled Iran after being falsely accused [according to Zam] of working with foreign intelligence services”. The BBC, for its turn, told the story behind an iconic image:

One of the most widely shared images is of a woman taking off her white head covering and waving it on a stick in an apparent act of defiance against Islamic rule. Although the image is genuine, it was not taken during the current unrest…

The image of the woman waving the headscarf was first posted on social media one day before the protests began by Masih Alinejad, a US-based Iranian journalist.

Ms Alinejad is also a women’s rights activist and the founder of two social media campaigns, My Stealthy Freedom and White Wednesdays.

This forces our thoughts to return to that Independent article, and the expression of concern about how “the Trump administration may exacerbate political and economic situations in the future”. It looks very much as if the Obama-era assets in Iran have been forced to jump the gun; they have lit up to be detected by the Iranian authorities for no good reason. As a result, the overthrow of the Iranian government is probably further away on this side of New Year’s Eve than it was at Christmas.

Iran isn’t the only place where social media has failed – through the quick action by a guarding intelligence apparatus, of course. Additionally, this Iranian debacle is informing us that social media is useless if it can’t be exploited properly by an attacking one. A Stephen L Miller writes for Fox News, to tell his audience that the Iranian protests are “powerful and real”:

The question that needs to be asked right now is why traditional mainstream media outlets – grandstanding over their importance in this new, bold era of fact-checking and truth-telling – have largely ignored a blossoming revolution…

Anyone on Twitter could click #IranProtests and view videos and eyewitness accounts that contradicted much of Western media’s early reporting about these protests being simply about economic anxiety as was the case with The New York Times and Washington Post.

But the now three-day duration of rallies and protests that have found their way to Tehranhave gone largely unnoticed in America’s corporate media apparatus. The New York Times simply described the protests as economic grievances, the same way Iranian state-run television described them.

Infowars complained too about CNN (its regular fakenews bogeyman) –  which was facing a backlash, apparently (also published December 30th):

CNN’s recent coverage of protests in Iran have (sic) sparked outrage on social media after the liberal news outlet appeared to report only on pro-regime demonstrations.

After virtually no coverage Friday, CNN put out an article Saturday morning originally titled “Iranians Hold Pro-Government Rallies,” which got the attention of conservatives in both media and Congress.

In these two stories we see a rather desperate appeal to the apparent authority of social media – which of course, should never ever be granted to it, because the content of the media can rarely be substantiated. That is why it is potentially such a devastating tool of state craft when it does marry up so-called public opinion with desired State-invented talking points. If it can’t do that, it is redundant. Note well, dear reader, who it is, exactly, that is complaining about its failure to set the corporate-media agenda in this instance.

Of course, Infowars (on the face of it, at least) is the source of that old claptrap that is Trumpian ninth-dimensional chess – truly a shining monument to American gullibility, for it really represents the backstabbing of electoral support and being able to get away with it. Presumably, when Donald played his pawns into Iran to get burnt, Alex Jones would explain it as Kasporovian or Fischeresque. Of course, it wouldn’t have anything to do with plain desperation. Let us not end this piece without noticing how very convenient it is that Iranian people are supposedly protesting Iranian military entanglement in foreign wars, and the cost incurred, just at the very same moment as American and Israeli designs for the Middle East are being confounded – by those self-same Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria. The Iranians, we are told, must pack up and go home even as they set up clear logistics all the way from their own borders to Lebanon and the frontiers of the “Zionist entity”. The desperation isn’t Trump’s alone; others own it. It has been stated before that there was a divergence in dedication to the execution of this failed color-revolution, and it tells us a lot more about who the desperation belongs to.

Here is Breitbart, giving a platform for Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “America’s Rabbi”:

For all the dissatisfaction in the past, the public did not revolt, because they seemed unprepared to fight for independence against the overwhelming force of the brutal Revolutionary Guards. The one time the public did rise up, in 2009, they were ruthlessly suppressed by the guards and abandoned by the international community, most notably by Barack Obama. The former president betrayed not only the Iranian people by his failure to support the uprising, but also betrayed the rest of the world, which has faced an increasingly aggressive Iran ever since…

Trump now has the opportunity to work for regime change without necessarily using military force. He can provide verbal and, more important, material support to the protestors. He can increase sanctions against Iran for brutalizing their people if the Iranians use the Revolutionary Guards to try to suppress the demonstrations.

“Regime change” is the key phrase, no matter how dressed up it is in non-violent methodology. Sanctions are still an act of war, and who wants war on Iran? FBEL doesn’t subscribe to the idea that tiny Israel routinely controls the USA; Israel has been a project of Western Sionist Masons, whether they be Jews or Christians. However, as far as the Trump regime goes by its own merits, it could very well be that those US investigators looking into undue foreign influence are looking in the wrong direction when they stare at Russia. Whatever the source of control, it begins to appear that the US Government, thus the power at the heart of the Globalist project, has a slightly foreign body at its core that the rest of its membership, when there is no common purpose, is otherwise always working to eject, or at least frustrate. Adventures abroad will surely suffer, American global hegemony must surely diminish.

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  1. You anti trumpers are a real hoot. You claim that what is happening in Iran is a failed Trump attempt at something.
    Wrong dickhead.
    The only thing the Trump Admin did was tell the Iranian People that America is with them.
    Get a grip and get over it, Hillary Lost, time to move on and give the President a damn chance.